A Long Summer

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A Long Summer

By Eve

Chapter One
The Summer So Far

The humid weather in Little Whinging caused the inhabitants of Privet Drive to leave all of their windows open trying to tempt in a non existent wind. Fortunately, unlike the previous summer, the hose pipe ban was not in action and therefore Mrs Number Seven did not need her husband to stand outside in his pin striped pyjamas in the dead of night to water the dehydrated lawn and dying plants.

This summer Privet Drive was silent no sprinkling of water could be heard at this midnight hour. Through the open windows Privet Drives inhabitants were sleeping. Save for one who was sat on his bed in his small room with the window was closed.

Harry James Potter couldn't sleep, in fact tonight he hadn't even attempted sleep and quite frankly he was bored.

After Moody's words with his Uncle Vernon the decision was made, due to his uncles unhappiness of being spoken to by 'those' people, to hide away his nephews school things in his old room; the cupboard under the stairs.

As a result he now had no wand and no books. He would not be able to complete any assignments given to him when he received his OWL results. Though with any luck Harry would be at The Burrow in the not too distant future.

His fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had been concluded several days ago.

The Dursley's household at number four Privet Drive, where Harry resided with his aunt, uncle and cousin, had changed. The family's relation had become strained whilst Harry had been away at school. Uncle Vernon had begun drinking.

The reason Harry Potter couldn't sleep and didn't want to sleep even if he could was due to the events that had taken place at the end of his fifth year at Hogwarts. Sirius Black, his beloved Godfather had been killed and despite Dumbledore's words he still believed the death was his fault.

Sleep, the little he had managed, for Harry had been plagued with nightmares. Voldemort may not be twisting his dreams and Harry was also no longer having any visions since his possession at The Ministry but his sleeping mind replayed all the devastating events in his life, the flash of green and his parent's deaths, his mothers pleading, the death of Cedric Diggory and now the death of his Godfather.

Harry's stomach rumbled. His uncle's bad mood was the cause of his hunger. His uncle's bad mood was the cause of the majority of changes at number four Privet Drive this summer and it was not aided by his nephews return from school.

This summer Harry had noticed differences at Privet Drive, his aunt and uncle just seemed to go about their own business, Dudley would still be out of the house with his friends but now this was seen by Harry as a way of ignoring his parents and Uncle Vernon started getting home from work much later than the end of his work day. Normally he had been out drinking.

In a way Harry quite liked his 'new' uncle. As his uncle was now out late Harry could sit with Aunt Petunia and Dudley at dinner without hassle but today his uncle had been home for dinner. Harry made dinner and served it only to be sent to room by his uncle.

Harry's stomach rumbled again. He lowered himself down from his bed and opened up the loose floorboard in a desperate attempt to find something to settle his stomach. Not hoping for much as he had only been at the Dursleys for a few days and he clearly remembered emptying the contents into his stomach the previous summer. He was pleasantly surprised to find a wrapped up package.

Upon opening the package Harry was disappointed to find two of Hagrids rock cakes which would have no doubt gone even harder over the last year, no, he wasn't that desperate, not yet.

Uncle Vernon and the other two Dursleys had gone to bed a couple of hours ago. Harry had heard them talking amiably as they went to their respective rooms.

Getting up from the floor Harry decided to get another drink of water, his previous had been finished not long after he had poured it and he hadn't dared to risk another one whilst the Dursleys were awake for if they'd heard, particularly Uncle Vernon, he'd surely not be able to leave his room for the remaining summer weeks. The glass that sat under the light of the bedside tables' dimly lit lamp was taken into the bathroom.

Carefully Harry walked through the dark corridor the only light showing him the way was the moons' cascading through an open window at the end of the corridor. Getting to the closed bathroom door Harry opened it and there was a resounding creak as the bathroom came into view. Stepping inside Harry went to the sink and placed his cup down on the side and let the tap run wanting some cold water rather than the water that had been sat in the pipe.

Once the water had ran cold he bent down slightly over the sink and using his two hands splashed the cold refreshing water onto his face. Looking up to the square mirror above the sink he watched the water drip down from his forehead, nose and chin down onto his large gray worn t-shirt. Seeing his reflection in the mirror startled him, he looked so pale even in the warmth of the air. His scar stood out against his pallid skin and the dark circles under his emerald eyes made his eyes look unnaturally sunken.

Looking back down from his reflection he picked up the glass and placed it under the tap and filled it. The glass was filled to the brim with the cold water.

Whilst the tap was filling with water Harry could have sworn he had heard a noise coming from the dark corridor. Turning off the tap Harry looked back into the corridor through the bathrooms open door. There was nothing.

Harry moved to face the mirror again, the tap now turned off and the full glass of water held in his right hand.

Now the mirror did not only show his reflection but also the livid red faced form of Uncle Vernon.

To Be Continued

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