He was stuck in the desert...nothing to eat...nothing to drink...no where to go...no civilization anywhere near...but he didn't care...because she was with him.


When I decided to write a parody about OOC Percabeth, the first thing I did was list things that bugged me:

1. POVs. A lot of OOC Percabeth stories tend to switch POVs a lot.

2. Too short. Most are way too short. This is fairly short, but not as short as some.

3. Annabeth being girly.

4. Percy being like some full-of-himself hot guy.

5. Romance out of character for Percy and Annabeth.

This is just a lot of Percabeth pet peeves added up together.

P.S. Another thing that bugs me is long Author's Notes, so here you go, an ultra long one.

Weepy, girly, daughter of Aphrodite-like Annabeth in love with stuck up, sex-crazy, hot movie-star-like Percy = OOC Percabeth

The Deep Kiss, a Percabeth parody


Percy's POV

It was a sunny day in Camp Half-Blood. I went to the Athena cabin to see Wisegirl. I thought about bringing a flower, but there weren't any flowers pretty enough for her.

Annabeth's POV

My half-sister, Martha, saw Seaweed Brain coming towards our cabin through the window.

I shrieked.

"Oh no!" I said. "I'm a mess!"

Luckily, Ellen, a daughter of Aphrodite, happened to be in the room.

"Ellen, help me!" I said.

Ellen quickly dressed me up in a lot of make up and lent me one of her favorite hot pink tank tops. I put it on and gazed at myself in the mirror. Then, everyone else hid under the bunks so it would seem like it was only Seaweed Brain and me in the cabin. Ellen said that it would be more romantic.

Percy's POV

I opened the door and Annabeth was standing in the middle of the cabin smiling at me.

"Omigods, Wisegirl!" I exclaimed. "You look beautiful!"

She blushed.

"Thank you!" she said. She was wearing make up. It looked really pretty. Her hair was styled into a few ringlets. She looked a lot like when Circe put make up on her and dressed her up in the Sea of Monsters during my second year of camp.

I put my arm around her lovingly, and suddenly I heard giggles from under the bed. People were hiding watching me. I was so embarrassed!

I was suddenly furious!

"Annabeth!" I yelled. "You did this! You put people under the beds to make a fool out of me!"

Annabeth's POV

Who, me? I would never do something like that to my Seaweed Brain. I started to cry.

"But Percy," I sobbed. "I didn't, honest! They didn't have any time, so they hid!"

I started to cry on his shoulder, but he pushed me away.

"Annabeth," he said. Annabeth, not Wisegirl. He must really be mad. "I'm going to my cabin."

And he stomped away.

My cabin mates and Ellen started hugging me and comforting me, but I didn't care.

Percy was mad at me? I couldn't live. I decided to jump in the creek and drown myself. I ran to the creek. My cabin mates didn't follow me since they didn't know I was going to drown myself. They thought I was going to go somewhere alone to cry.

When I jumped into the icy cold water, I shrieked, but no one heard me. At first, I was only thinking about how much this cursed water was messing up my hair. I had spent two hours in the bathroom with a heavy curling iron for nothing! And that make up! I hoped it was water proof!

Then, I remembered that since I hadn't swum since my mishap in at Siren Island, I had forgotten how to swim! Oh no! I screamed, splashing around in the water. Would I die? But that's what I was there for! But I changed my mind. I wanted to live!

Percy's POV

How could she? I never felt so deceived in my life. She had put her friends there so they could laugh at me. I had been betrayed and almost killed during my first year of camp by Luke Castellan, but even then, I didn't feel so betrayed as then. I was in Cabin 3, sitting on my bunk.

Maybe Annabeth would come in and apologize.

"She can't."

I looked up, and stood up immediately, shocked. It was Aphrodite!

"What," I said. "I mean, what did you say, my lady, ma'am, or goddess..."

"'Aphrodite' will do, Percy," Aphrodite said.

"What did you say?"

"Annabeth was so upset that you two kids got in a fight, that she jumped in the creek and is drowning!"

"Oh no!" I said.

I ran to the creek as fast as I could. I saw her screaming and splashing in the creek. I quickly threw off my shirt and jumped in. I didn't need to throw off my shirt since I was the son of Poseidon, but I looked hotter that way.

I quickly grabbed her and pulled her under water, forming a bubble around us. I held her in my arms while she coughed up water and cried. Eventually, she finished coughing up water and just lay still in my arms.

"Annabeth," I said. "Please wake up."

Nothing happened. It was all my fault. I shouldn't have gotten mad at her. I should have seen though my anger that I loved her.

"Wisegirl," I said. "I'm not mad at you."

She stirred slightly.

A voice spoke in my head. It was Aphrodite's.

Kiss her, she said.

By now, our bubble had gone to the bottom of the creek.

I kissed Annabeth on the head. Nothing happened.

No, silly, the goddess's voice laughed in my head. Her lips, Percy. Oh, you kids are so cute!

I bent down and kissed Annabeth's lips. When she lifted her head up, I was about to put my head back up, but she grabbed my neck and kissed me really hard.

We kissed, making a silent promise to each other that we would never fight again.

We were in a bubble in the deepest part of a creek. It was a deep kiss, and the best one we had ever shared...yet.


Well, people. There's the first chapter of my Percabeth parodies. Yes, parodies. I don't write that horrifically. I'm thinking of just doing a bunch of short OOC Percabeth parody stories like this one. Hope you liked it,