The day had started off as so many other days before. There was a meeting. Most Nations showed up on time, a few showed up late. There were the normal discussions…which quickly gave way to arguing. And, just like every other perfectly normal day, the arguing Nations were dismissed for lunch around noontime.

The cafeteria was just as loud as the meeting room had been, if not a touch louder. Despite the fact that the Nations sat together in groups they themselves made, nearly every table had some sort of argument going, whether it be over something major (such as disputed territory) or something minor (such as a missing fork).

Then there was the Nordic table…the only table where no argument was occurring. Sweden and Finland sat side-by-side, the smaller Nation occasionally trying to start a conversation, only to give up and start chatting quietly with Iceland at his other side. Across the table sat Denmark who kept poking and trying to rile the calm Norway up, only to wind up with a fork stabbing his hand and quiet chuckles from the other Nation. All things considered, it really was just a normal day…until Sweden spoke.

"Can you pass the salt, please, Finland?"

All arguing and all talking ceased, and the only sound came from silverware hitting plates as Nations dropped them in shock. Everyone stared at the Nordic table, wondering if they had heard right.

"England, is it the end of the world already?" America whispered suddenly, breaking the stunned silence. Gradually, the noise level began to rise as everyone began to ask their neighbors if they had heard Sweden actually speak clearly.

Finland had taken to staring at Sweden, and flinched when the other turned his stern expression on him. Smiling, Finland dropped his gaze and said, "Er—Sorry, Sweden. Would you mind repeating your question? I don't think I heard right."

The cafeteria fell silent once more as every Nation waited to hear if Sweden would speak perfectly again.

Sweden, noticing the intensity of the looks he was getting, felt himself blush, but unfortunately for his 'wife,' that only meant his expression became more murderous than usual.

" 'm s'r'y. C'n ya p's t' s'lt?"

Finland let out a breath he (and the rest of the room) hadn't realized he was holding as he reached for the salt.

"Here you go."


With that (and a loud "We aren't dying after all!" from Prussia), things were back to normal. It really was just another regular day for the Nations.