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A/N: one-sided Ignitionshipping.

Light My Fire
by Slash4life (serebii)
aka Ore-kun (FFN)
aka ferricflame (previous FFN username)

Volkner was feeling demotivated yet again. Flint sighed. His best friend tended to go through these stages at times. Usually, he could find a trainer that could reignite his battling spirit, but the road had been closed for maintenance for over a month now and so far, only three extremely weak trainers had challenged him. His Jolteon had completely tore through the first two, and the third forfeited when he saw its Thundershock knock out his precious Wingull in one hit.

Flint had to think of something, fast. Sunnyshore needed Volkner. Volkner was the lifeblood of the city. He was the only thing keeping city revenues up. He was the most powerful Sinnoh Gym Leader, and the man was a technical genius. He single-handedly installed the solar panel walkways and even build the foundations for them, only taking help from Flint. Flint remembered that day fondly.

Volkner and him were working in the mid-afternoon sun, shirtless and sweating profusely. Volkner was completely focused on his work, figuring out how much more concrete was needed to complete the path. Flint was mostly focused, but kept on getting distracted by his friend's sleek, shining upper body.

Remembering brought a smile to his face, but also a pain to his heart. Volkner was his friend, nothing more. Neither in Pokemon nor in love, could Flint light his fire.