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Hush Little Brother

Chapter 5: You're in my arms tonight.

Uh oh little brother
He's lifting his belt
Scream while you can, little brother
Call for help

As the pain of belt, boot, hand and poker strokes filled he's body, he wondered if people would try to help him, or he would end up just like Dean...

Sam sobbed, pleaded, screamed and he was sure his body language only showed pain, because that was the only think he felt. It had been going on like that for an eternity; it felt like that to Sam anyway. Another hit with the poker, which Mick had gotten around ten minutes before, hit Sam straight in the face, and then Mick left Sam.

Sam was lying limp on the floor, closed eyes, and right there he couldn't really feel anything as long as he didn't move. Though he could feel something slowly forming its way down his forehead, his back, and he thought he could feel something on his leg too, but he wasn't sure, and he didn't had the strength right there to look down at it.

He was sure the thing crawling down his body was blood, and that the injuries he had was worse than really pretty bad, he could barely move, and his whole body hurt every time he tried to.

As Sam laid on the floor, he felt like he should just let go, he didn't want to stay in a world were nobody cared, and especially not without his big brother, maybe he would meet Dean if he just died right there, what if he wasn't crazy, and Dean had been there all the time, and when Sam died he would see Dean, Sam didn't get to think more, 'cause Mick was back.

Sam noticed the heavy footsteps, and then he could feel his body being lifted into the air and then he hit something hard and fell back, limp, to the floor. He hadn't opened his eyes while being lifted, and thrown, but he opened them when he was on the floor, he could see where he had been lying before, 'cause there was a pool of blood, and he could see Mick walking away from him and out the door.

Sam tried to get up a couple of times, but he was too weak and hurt, he even tried to yell, hoping somebody might hear him, but he knew his voice was too feeble to even reach out to the other rooms in the house, and he knew nobody would be coming anyway, so he soon gave up.

As he was lying on the floor he got the feeling like somebody was standing over him, talking soothing words, petting his hair, trying to make him okay. He didn't know if it was something you felt when you died, or there actually was someone standing over him.

He didn't give it much thought, though, 'cause the pain was suddenly moving up his leg, up through his stomach, and up to his head, the suddenly attach of painful almost made him faint. But he just closed his eyes tight, hissed, and then everything stood still.

He couldn't feel anything, he couldn't hear anything, he couldn't see, only darkness, and by some reason it felt good. Sam wanted to just give in to the dark and just let go, and that was exactly what he did, and the more he felt like he was leaving, the clearer became the soothing word and the feeling of someone, or something, petting his hair.

Sam didn't know where he was exactly, but there was one word which stuck in his head, and he had to say it, to see if it was true…


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"Nonononono, this can not be happening," Dean told himself as he saw Mick coming back to an already half-dead Sam, lifting him up awkwardly, and throwing him into the wall. It was the exact same thing Mick had done to Dean five years earlier.

Then Mick left, and Sam was lying on the floor, back against the wall, and was breathing heavily. Dean was sure Sam didn't knew himself, because Sam was looking weakly around the room, then closed his eyes, and, was he tugging himself like he was going to sleep or something? Dean didn't know, and he didn't really care, he had failed his brother, and that was all he could think about.

He had tried the best not to let Mick hurt Sam too bad, but he couldn't take all the beatings, he was a freakin' ghost, and he could only protect Sam for a tiny bit of the actual punch. And when Mick had thrown Sam into the wall he didn't know what to do, so he did the only think he could do, throwing himself down beside Sammy, taking his hand in his, and the other hand was petting Sam's hair as he tried to talk soothing words to him.

Then Dean could see Sammy letting go, he suddenly couldn't see Sam's chest raise or fall, he couldn't hear anything from Sammy, and Sam was slowly turning too pale.

"Oh Sammy, I'm so sorry… I… I promised to protect you, and look now, I couldn't keep myself alive, and I think I was too selfish back then, huh? Letting go so you could be his personal punching back, I… I didn't mean to Sammy, I'm so, so sorry." Dean was letting his tears fall down his face as he thought about where Sam might be, maybe he was a better place, or maybe he was trapped a place like Dean, God how scared he would be, Dean thought.

"I was suppose to get you out of here, and then you were suppose to go to school, become a lawyer as you always talk about, even though you only were 8 years old," Dean smiled to himself when he thought about Sammy when he was first told Dean about the lawyer stuff, "You were suppose to get old, have a wife, have children, and some day grandchildren too, and look now, Sammy, where are you?" The last words were more a question to himself than actually to Sammy.

Dean looked at Sam's bruises face one more time, thinking about how many time he had seen it bruised, one bruise one Sammy from every time Dean couldn't protect him. He squeezed Sam's hand, and started to sob harder, he didn't know what to do now when his responsibility was lying there before him, and he couldn't do anything about it.


Dean's head snapped up. It sounded like Sam.

"Dean?" The voice was there again, Dean turned around and saw a perfectly healthy and non-bruised Sam.

Dean didn't believe it, he looked down at the brother he was still holding, and was still right there, and then back at the boy behind him.


The boy through himself down to the floor and into Dean's arms, and Dean knew it was the Sam he was holding there in his arms.

"I knew you didn't leave me Dean, I could feel you all the time, I knew you were there, I love you so much big brother," Sam was sounding like he was crying, but in the good way.

"I was here all the time Sammy, I tried to protect you, but I guess I failed, I'm sorry Sammy, I should've done better."

"No Dean, you did the best you could, Dean, don't blame yourself, ain't you glad to see me?" Sam had pulled away, just enough so he could see into Dean's eyes.

"Of course I am Sammy, I could see you all the time though," Dean tried to joke, "But boy I'm a glad to actually hold you in my arms Sammy, I missed you so much," Sam tugged himself into Dean again, and Dean threw his arms around his baby brother again.

"I missed you too Dean."

"I love you too Sammy," came Dean's, a little late, reply.

As they hugged on the floor, a bright light consumed them, and neither Dean nor Sam knew where they were going, Dean just knew that every other place than the on they had lived in would be better, and as long as Sam was in his arms nothing could ever hurt them again.

Maybe this is what everybody means by Happy Ending, Dean thought, as Sam tugged a little closer, and the light brightened a little more, then Dean saw them. Was it angels? No, they had no wings, could it be, and then Dean could hear a voice which broke Dean's thoughts, yes it was, a voice he barely remembered, but it was there, it was his mothers, there in the light stood his and Sam's mother, and beside her was their father, both smiling at them.

Dean looked down at Sam who, apparently, hadn't seen them yet; and when he caught Sam's eyes he spoke the words he'd never thought he would say.

"Sammy, we're home."

Hush little brother
You don't need to cry
No one can hurt you
You're in my arms tonight.

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