Brotherly Love

Just a little one shot I thought up over the weekend…

Takes place post 7/31/09 ep. In the ep Ethan goes to Jake's and finds Dante/Dominic flirting with Lulu. Lucky shows up (after Ethan calls him). Lucky thinks it's fine for Lulu to flirt with Dominic, until Ethan tells L that Dominic works for Sonny. A fight between the brothers and Dante breaks out… Just my idea of what could eventually result from that… from Dante's POV.

Dante (aka Dominic) knew exactly when everything had gone to Hell. When his carefully laid plans had begun crashing down around him. It was the moment he'd started flirting with Lulu Spencer.

He'd known keeping his identity from Sonny was a risk. And seeing his mother, Olivia, was an even bigger risk. One he knew might blow his cover. He'd never have imagined just flirting with a beautiful girl would be what would end up destroying everything.

He remembered it so clearly. Ethan, had called his cop brother, Lucky. It was somewhat surprising that Lucky had come to Jake's, given that Lucky pretty much hated his con artist brother - something even Dante had learned during his short time in Port Charles. But they both loved Lulu. It was the one thing they had in common. The one thing that could make them work together.

They'd begun fighting him. The fight was soon over, and he'd been arrested for assaulting a police officer. As he sat in his cell he figured he'd get a fine, and maybe probation, and that would be the end of it. He'd just have to stay away from Lulu.

But no, the brothers had gone looking into his past. For two guys who hated each other they made a devastatingly effective team. Lucky worked inside the law, and Ethan worked outside it. Dante doubted either working alone could have found all the pieces and put them together. But working together they had done it. They'd figured everything out, and told Lulu. She'd told Michael, who'd immediately gone to Sonny.

And that had been the end of Dante. Now he, and Olivia, were back in Bensonhurst -where he'd never wanted to return. And all because he'd flirted with a pretty girl. A pretty girl who have two brothers who loved her more than they hated each other.