Chapter Twenty-One: No Sooner Surrender

Author: Duckypantz

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Bren almost dropped the phone in surprise, but put it on speaker so Booth could hear the conversation.

"Pardon?" Bren interrupted him.

"Dr. Brennan! I said, you don't think I would have left you alone without any backup or any mode of communication, do you?" Cullen roared through the phone.

Bren let out a huge sigh of relief. She had honestly thought that the caller had been her stalker, aka the serial killer, but it was Booth's boss.

"Sir, we've been stalked by this crazy guy, I wanted to go off the grid. Why would you have someone hide a phone underneath the passenger seat? We aren't the CIA." Booth gritted out through his teeth.

Cullen barked out a short laugh, as if Booth's CIA comment caught him by surprise. "I couldn't let you be completely without a safety net. Don't worry; I've been monitoring your location and everything off line. No one else but me knows where you all are."

"Unfortunately, that's not true, sir. Between checking in to our room at the hotel and eating dinner, someone, we think it's the killer, left a package in front of our room. We had the room checked by hotel security, but didn't stay there. We're on our way to the Jeffersonian to open the package."

"That's a smart idea. I assume it was Dr. Brennan's," at which Booth scoffed and Cullen responded with a chuckle. "For a former sniper, Booth you are too impatient."

Bren cut in before Booth said something he was going to regret to his boss, "Actually Booth is quiet patient when it comes to almost all of our cases. The reason he is being impatient with this one is because it's personal and the bad guy is attacking Booth's partner and friends."

"True, Dr. Brennan, but this is the time when one should use patience more than any other time. The perp is counting on you being emotional and potentially making mistakes, when it should be the other way around. He is getting bolder and we should be playing the waiting game to see if he makes a big mistake that will lead us to him and end this."

Booth pounded on the steering wheel in obvious frustration. Cullen could hear it through the phone. "He will make a mistake, and he'll do it soon."

"You really are getting to her aren't you?" he asked. "She is about to crack. Even though you really should be punished for altering the plan, it really escalated this case… but you really do need to get punished for deviating from the plan. You could have gotten sloppy or said something that triggered in the good doctor, where she knows you from. You didn't, but you still need to learn the rules."

He stopped talking and bent down to pick up a cat 'o' nines. He tested the weight of the braided leather handle of the whip in his hand before he reached out and punished with it. 5 quick lashes for disobedience, not too deep, but not too soft either; and the screams echoed through the warehouse.

"You will not disobey me again! I have a plan and I expect you to follow it. Now clean yourself up and put some salve on your back, it'll help heal the wounds you inflicted upon yourself!"

"To put her really over the edge you should attack her protector, that arrogant, dumb Agent Booth. He doesn't need to live does he? Clearly someone so insignificant and stupid is not worthy of the presence of Dr. Brennan. He will be fun to torture and kill, no?" The response he got was all the answer he needed, a malevolent laugh.

Angela was looking for a place for lunch. Not the normal, eating at noon kind of lunch, the sweaty, we want to relish in the fact that we are still alive even though a killer is after my best friend kind of lunch with Hodgins. They were trying to take this serious stuff slowly, but they had always had an amazing chemistry sexually. No way would anyone box them off and say in the bedroom. These two would go at it anywhere they could get a little bit of privacy and leverage.

Even though Angela knew she shouldn't be snooping in Bren's office for a good place to rendezvous with a certain bug guy, she just wanted to check. Bren wouldn't mind if I used her bathroom, it's huge and super private. We'd be quick and quiet, all without disturbing anymore artifacts.

Angela was carrying a folder in the guise of dropping it off for Bren later, but she was checking out the layout of her friend's office. Could people see the bathroom from the door? Were there better places in the office to do the deed? I really should be focusing on this case, but gosh do I need a good ten minute break to jump start my drive to find this bastard terrorizing my best friend…

And then she spotted something out of the ordinary. There was something on the door frame; a little blip that should be there. Angela stopped looking at the spot and quickly turned off the lights in Bren's office. I am turning into a conspiracy nut like Jack. I see something abnormal and assume it's a bug or a camera.

She ran her finger lightly over the anomaly in the door frame and was completely puzzled by what she was feeling. She quietly pulled a chair up to the door frame so she could get a better look at the thing that caught her attention, shutting the door so that no light or sound would be picked up by this thing Angela was convincing herself was a camera. Even an up close look at the thing and she had no idea what it was so she peeled it from the door frame and wrapped it in her shirt.

Angela motioned for Jack to come into her office where she turned off the lights and put her index finger to her mouth to indicate that Jack should be quiet. He was getting excited thinking that their rendezvous would be in Angela's office when she unrolled the sleeve of her shirt and showed him what she'd picked off of Bren's office's door frame, using the glow of the monitor as a light.

Hodgins' eyes grew big as he mentally processed what was in front of him. This was the smallest camera he had ever seen! Wait where did she get this from? Was the Jeffersonian wasting money on monitoring every room with expensive equipment like this? Man, that means no lunch breaks that are worth anything!

Angela walked over to her whiteboard and wrote 'I found this thing on the doorframe of Bren's office'. Hodgins responded by grabbing some duct tape off of the water bottle Angela always had on her desk and covered what he assumed was the lense with the tape so that they could turn on the light and look at the back of the camera for any identifiable serial numbers.

Hodgins took the camera and put it under his microscope to see if he could glean any information off the tiny little bug, but didn't see anything. While he was doing that, Angela was in her office trying to see if there were any picture or video packets being sent the Medico-Legal Lab via the wireless internet that wasn't explained by a computer, meaning, in super small packets of information instead of the mammoth packets sent from computer to computer.

Angela checked Dr. Brennan's computer's connection. She knew that the computer shouldn't be sending out any packets, but noticed that it was, but packets that were tiny, definitely not noticeable to anyone who wasn't looking for something of that size. Angela also noticed where the packets were going, they were being sent to a phone number. She ran the number and noticed that the number was registered to Mr. Christian, the Jeffersonian's head of security.

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