Ever since it began in 1985, the Game World amusement park was a huge hit in Cleveland, Ohio. It had such a mother load of rides, games, prizes to win, and even a gigantic steel maze with safety cameras to watch where the children had gone. No child could ever hope for a place like that. It was paradise.

However, in the year 1996, Game World went out of business when it was said that the generator overloaded and caused the amusement park to go aflame. It touched everything in its path, except the half-a-kilometer long maze. Luckily, it was closed and there was not a soul inside. After investigating any search of footprints on the soot around the time the incident happened, it was confirmed by the police that someone had planned the destruction.

Ten years later, in early 2007, no one had ever suspected that Game World was now a hideout for a criminal mastermind. He had quite a reputation that there were rumors to how he became such a mad man: an abusive childhood, alcoholic father, being beaten when a prank had gone wrong, and spending three days in the hospital.

When the mastermind went into crime, there were many aliases to his name. He was even the hit man of the gangster, Salvatore "the Wheezer" Valestra. Eventually, the man got a gang of his own and tried to rob a chemical lab. During that event, he was accidentally knocked into a chemical vat that entirely changed both his image and personality forever.

Inside the abandoned and now criminally upgraded maze, the mastermind began explain his latest scheme to his allies.

"You all know why I invited you here?" he asked politely.

The five rogues did not speak their answer, but simply replied with a nod.

"You do?" asked the mastermind in a pretty much of a humorous way. "Splendid! Now we can spend the whole week together! Now, let's see. Where did I put the lists for our scavenger hunt? Oh! Silly me!"

As he chuckled, he pulled up a draw in his desk and picked up five sheets of paper.

"Oh, Pumpkin Pie," he called into the intercom, "would you please patch up a couple of drinks for our guests?"

"Right away, Puddin'!" replied the high pitched female voice from his lover.

Then, the mastermind passed the sheets separately to the "guests." Each read his or her assignment, while the "owner of the house" began explaining his plan:

"We all have one common enemy, you know. And they've been such a pain in the back that we had to spend our time in prison. But hold your displays of tragedy, everyone. The only way to get rid of them is to unite and collect the items you'll be finding from a few things connected to our new neighbor..."

He paused for a few seconds, smiled widely, and then finished his sentence with a pretty slow and vile tone, "the Kids Next Door…"