The Joker was in a slightly cheerful mood today, of this, Harley and the rest of their colleagues were concerned. He was getting more and more excited as each day would pass, with the absolute certainty that the Teen Titans would be on their way.

On everyone else's mind, they could feel the same confidence.

This would be a chance to get revenge on those who had dared to cross their paths, humiliated them, and put them behind bars. With the Titans out of the way, they could go about with their separate ways and do whatever they pleased.

Mostly separate, anyway. Gizmo and Mammoth often worked together, as did the Joker and Harley. Madame Rouge had once been a part in the Brotherhood of Evil, but after that organization was defeated by the Titans, she, like Mad Mod and Blackfire, now worked alone.

Even if this alliance was only temporary, they began to know each other a bit more, as the weeks went on. This may have been the start of a genuine comradeship. Almost.

To help pass the time, the Joker would watch his favorite comedy TV shows and Harley would sometimes join in. None of the others seemed to mind as they did their daily routines here at the maze. After all, it would all be such a laugh to see the Titans' humiliation for themselves.

The Joker pressed a button on the intercom. "How's the work coming along, Gizmo my boy?" he asked gleefully.

"Just one more to go, your Royal Funniness," Gizmo's replied over the speaker. "This'll take only a few hours."

"Well, aren't you the busy bee today." The Joker sounded more amazed then he meant to. He heard of Gizmo being a genius at electronics, but he didn't expect him to work so fast on such heavy machinery. With an appreciative note, he added "I'm so glad I broke you and Mammoth outta jail."

"No big deal. I've learned this since I sneaked into my dad's workshop at age five."

As the Joker switched off the intercom and resumed to watching his show, he could've sworn her heard Gizmo give a sheepish chuckle.

"Well, my sweet," he said to Harley, "things just keep getting better… and better." He finished that sentence with his terrifying smile, showing his teeth.