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Death has an embrace that's so warm to some yet so cold to others. Its fingers clench around hearts and travel up spines and grasp at the base of a head, slowly wrapping its fingers around delicate throats. Such a frightening thing is feared amongst most, if not all people. That is why people say to treasure each moment as if it were the last.

"It's Haruhi-kun…"

"He looks so unwell…" Haruhi was dressed in male's clothing, a wig on her head in it's usual short style and eyes red. Misuzu had his arm wrapped around her shoulders, supporting her up incase she were to fall. The previous event at the zoo had left her with a fever and she still hadn't recuperated from that but insisted on going. "Haruhi…I got you some flowers…" Haruhi looked up at the girl with hollow eyes, and then looked down at the white flowers. "Thank you…" She took them and wondered about how she'd have to watch them die later on. She looked around at all the limos and crowds of people clad in black, mourning with and for Haruhi. The funds for the funeral were pooled and provided by the members of the host club, so it was, of course, a grand event. "I'm going to check in and speak with a few people…are you okay on your own until your friends get here?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine." She waved him off, turning her head to the side, taking note of all the gravestones lying in the autumn colored fields. A cold breeze blew, people bringing their coats closer to them. Haruhi's eyes drooped as she began to go walk in, a figure stepping into her way. "Haruhi…"

"Kasanoda-san…" She looked up and felt herself being pulled into a hug, feeling tears hit her face. "I didn't know…I'm so sorry…" Haruhi choked back sobs, frowning deeply. He pulled away and wiped his eyes, leaning down to her height. "If you ever need anything, just ask, got it?" She nodded, chuckling a bit. He was always such a forceful person. "Fujioka-san…" She turned to the side to see Kazukiyo, the class president. He was trembling as he held a small arrangement of flowers. "It's for your father…" He lowered his face and held it out to her, tears springing to her eyes as she took it, smiling as best as she could. "Thank you…thank you for coming…" She spoke, feeling more tears fall from her eyes. "I'll be heading inside now…Fujioka-san, I know you've probably heard this a thousand times, but hear it once more, if there's anything I can do…!"

"Thank you." She bowed, Kazukiyo rushing inside to keep from seeming weak. Kasanoda's attention turned up to see another limo pulling up, he hugging her a final time. "I'll be waiting for you inside…there's more people, I think you should get to your seat before you can't walk anymore. Let's go." She nodded, following him inside, wiping her eyes so she looked at least presentable. Then again, it was a funeral. Kasanoda led her to the front row that was reserved for her and Misuzu and other family members, who she said would be for the host club. Walking down the isle, she felt the harsh stare of everyone's eyes at her. She hated it. She turned around to see that they had quickly averted their gaze from her, not wanting to seem rude but wanting to help her somehow. Silently, she continued to her seat and didn't look up once to the casket before her. Misuzu took his seat a few minutes before the service, looking at his soon-to-be-adopted daughter holding everything back. Within a few minutes, the sermon started. All the words went over her head, but when she tuned in for those precious moments, the words, 'honorable,' and 'loving father,' was heard. Misuzu suddenly nudged Haruhi, making her turn up to him with tear filled eyes. "He wants to know if you want to say anything. Now's your chance." Haruhi's eyes widened as she was urged onto the stage, shakily walking up. The spokesman took her hand and safely walked her to the podium, adjusting the microphone to her height. "A few words, please." He said, she looked into the audience to try and find the host club to see them absent. Her mouth grew dry and she was at a loss for words. Swallowing hard, she did the only thing she was avoiding to do all evening—look over at the casket. Her hand flew to her mouth as she saw that it was open, showing her father lying there peacefully. "It's like he's asleep…" She began, holding her forehead and she leaned on the podium, crying. "But he won't wake up…no matter how much I'll beg, he won't wake up…" She heard sniffles and sobs in the crowd, making her more aware of her surroundings. "I need him now more than ever and he's not here…" she croaked, "I love him… and I fought with him before he died…" She made her way away from the podium over to the body she hadn't seen him since the last time they had a fight, Misuzu standing up suddenly. Haruhi stared down into his face, her tears hitting his face. "Why won't you wake up…?" She breathed, covering her eyes. She wanted everything to go back to the way it was—turn back time; but it wasn't possible. Misuzu held onto her shoulders. "Haruhi…"

"I didn't get a chance to say goodbye…" She cried, balling up her fists. "It's okay, Haruhi…let's go sit down." She wanted to scream and shout in protest, but knew that it'd be no good. She leaned forwards and kissed his forehead, being led back to her seat. She closed her eyes and sat down, letting everything pass over her head once again. She let Misuzu make her rest her head against his shoulder, holding in his tears as much as he could. The sermon went on, but all the eyes were laid on Haruhi, not the speaker. The entire time during the session, the host club didn't show up.

Finally, the burial came around. Haruhi had made stern orders that no one from school would be there to see what would happen next, everyone making their way home. "Haruhi, where are your friends?"

"I don't know…" She sounded distant, her voice hollow and eyes dried up as they watched the casket being opened one last time for the family to see. Haruhi walked over to it for a second time and laid her hand on his forehead, swallowing the large bulge in her throat. "Sleep well…" She whispered, kissing his forehead again and hugging his head before letting him go. She stared for a few minutes, thinking about all the possibilities of him being alive. Maybe he was faking it…maybe he'd sit up at the last minute and yell 'surprise!' and it'd be all okay again. However, the strong breeze ruffling his hair made it clear that he wasn't going to wake up. She didn't know why the breeze would seem to make a difference, but she thought it did. His flesh was cold and eyes shut forevermore. He was finally lowered into the grave, dirt being thrown over him. Misuzu was bawling his eyes out now, hugging Haruhi closely. When all was said and done, Haruhi and Misuzu were led away, people offering them words of peace and comfort before sending them off on their way. Still, no signs of the host club.


Sirens were heard as Haruhi sat in her bed, feeling weak. "She needs blood that will match hers soon…" She heard the doctors speak, her eyes staring blankly outside at the busy streets below. There were a few ambulance vehicles making their way up to the side of the building, but she wasn't really paying attention to anything—it was as if she were in a daze. "Haruhi…" She turned her head and saw Misuzu shaking his head as he approached her. "I couldn't locate your friends…"

"It's okay. It's not like I really need them to see me like this."Misuzu sat beside Haruhi and stared at her for a bit. She stared back with her large, chocolate eyes curiously. "Oh Haruhi…"He reached his arms out to her and brought her into a hug, sighing as he rubbed her back, trembling slightly. "How I wish this wouldn't happen to you…"

"Things happen to people."She replied, hugging him back. Misuzu's phone rang, he quitting the room for a minute to answer it. Haruhi looked outside once again, it beginning to hail. There was a gasp heard from Misuzu as he began crying violently, the doctors not questioning him. He spoke quietly but then hung up, dragging his body into the room with a defeated look on his face. "Haruhi…I'm so sorry…"

"What do you mean?"There was a coded warning going off, Haruhi furrowing her eyebrows together. "There was another accident…" All the nurses and doctors raced towards the ER, Haruhi shaking her head. "What happened…?"Misuzu ran off, leaving Haruhi to wonder frantically. She began panicking when no one would tell her what was happening, but the ambulances kept pouring in, one by one until she saw units beginning to back up and eventually people were practically being wheeled in from the sides of the street. She stood up suddenly and began to wobble a bit, but found the strength to walk out to find only the secretary eyeing her sternly. "Where are you going, Fujioka-san?"

"My guardian…he just ran out…what's going on?"

"There's been an accident. An overpass fell…there's a lot of casualties."

"So then why did he…"She didn't have time to finish her statement when she saw a bloodied up Tamaki running down the hall to her. She gasped and took a few steps back, tears welling in her eyes as the rest of the host club were absent. "Tamaki…" He took hold of her wrist and brought her in a hug before passing out on the spot, the secretary bolting up. Haruhi tried holding onto him as best as she could with her meager strength but her world was crashing around her once again. Just how did they become involved? "Haruhi, please get back to your room."

"No."She was stern as the secretary half carried, half dragged him to a bed in the hallway. Haruhi checked over him to see the secretary calling up a nurse. "Tamaki…"

His eyes opened up as he looked up at her, smiling a bit as he reached into his pockets and pulled out a gold locket, holding it up to her. "All...because we wanted to get this for you…"He let out a small chuckle as she opened it, seeing her mother on one half and father on the other half. Tears welled in her eyes as she closed it, looking into his bloodied smile. "Moron! You missed the funeral! All for a trinket! Idiot, idiot, idiot! You should have come sooner and everything could have been avoided!" She yelled, earning another chuckle from Tamaki. He placed his hand on her cheek, thumbing away stray tears. "I'm sorry…" The nurse rushed into the hall and took charge. "Where's the others!?"Haruhi questioned loudly, trying to get past the secretary that now took command over her. Tamaki's smile faded as he rested in the bed. "Tamaki-sempai!"

"They're resting…"He spoke before he was wheeled out. Haruhi's stress deflated a bit but she still wanted to confirm that everything was okay with the others. It didn't take long for the secretary to physically force her back to her bed. "I'll bring you news later."

"I need to know now..! Please!"She pleaded, scrunching up the sheets in her hands. "I'll bring news when it arrives. For now, just rest up. Focus on getting better." The nurse pat her hand and left the room, Haruhi growing frantic but knew that she would be sedated if she did anything reckless. Sighing in defeat, she lay back and tried covering her ears from the wails of the sirens, making everything seem a hundred times worse.


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