A/N: This is a new AU! I know I have about three others to work on. Eh, oh well. XD This story is a retelling of Frontier taking place in a world where the Digital World and Human World aren't separate but are one planet. There will be new bad guys and my own twists but the main idea is still there.

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Digimon Frontier: Game of Spirits


"Hurry!" The angel flew into the woods. She carried two eggs and two Rookie leveled Digimon ran after her. The Rookie Digimon had a look of exhaustion and fear.

"Wait for us!" shouted the white one.

"Whoa!" cried the yellow rabbit. He jumped out of the way as a crackling fireball landed right where he had been.

Behind them, a red dog chased them in the moonlight. "How far are you willing to run from the inevitable?" he asked. "Master Maledimon will have those Spirits! The world is already hers! Just give up and you'll keep your lives!"

"I will not fail my comrades," the angel Digimon shouted over her shoulder. She looked at the yellow creature that was running with her. "Can you create a distraction?" she asked.

"An attraction?" the yellow rabbit asked dumbly.

"No, you nitwit! A distraction!" shouted the white Digimon. "We want him to loose sight of us, not make him chase us more!!"

"Oh!" The yellow rabbit skidded to a stop, took a deep breath, and plugged his nose. From his hind end, a toxic yellow-ish gas cloud rose up and covered the ground behind him. The three kept running until they got to an old cathedral. The angel knew she couldn't let them have the rest of the Spirits or the eggs. The Celestial Digimon placed the eggs on a nearby seat up near the front. She turned to her young companions.

"I need you two to find the humans that will hold these Spirits," she said. "I entrust them to you."

"What about the eggs?" the white Digimon asked as he took the bag she offered them.

"They will be sent somewhere safe," she replied. "The holders of the Spirits will be able to find them and revive Seraphimon and Cherubimon. It shall be your mission to follow through with my request." She stood up straight and looked down at them solemnly. "Bokomon, Neemon, the world's fate rests in your hands."

"And those of the Legendary Warriors," added Bokomon. "Good luck, Ophanimon-sama."

Ophanimon grabbed a small staff from her armor and slashed the air with it. The three began biding their final tearful goodbyes when their chaser crashed head first through the window behind them, landing on Ophanimon.

"Ophanimon-sama!" shrieked the two Digimon.

"GO! Now!!" she cried.

The big red dog looked towards them, a crazed and hungry look in his eyes. He jumped towards them. At the same moment, Bokomon began turning but tripped over his own feet and pulled Neemon by his pants with him into the portal. It shut behind them and the great hound howled in anger. Ophanimon took hold of the chance and made a second portal with the stick. She tossed the eggs into it and the portal shut again.

The dog had seen what she had done just as the portal closed. He lundged at her with a fiery mouth. Ophanimon cried out in pain as the bite sunk into her stomach and she fell face first into the floor. The giant beast put his paw on the angel's head and leaned his muzzle into her ear. "You'll wish you hadn't done that," he growled. He readied a fireball aimed at her face.

"Now, now, Fernomon," said a new voice. "We need her alive and not in digital particles."

"Master Maledimon!" cried Fernomon, turning his head towards the shadows where his master had appeared but kept an eye on his captive, ready to fire a fireball in her face and kill her if she tried anything funny. "The Spirits are gone! They went somewhere else through a portal she created."

Maledimon's voice grew grim. "If those Spirits bond with their Chosen humans, they will come for her. For now, they will find the Spirits."

"You will fall, Maledimon!" shouted Ophanimon with a pained but strong voice. "The five Spirits will destroy you and reclaim the others!" She snapped the stick in her fingers like a twig so it couldn't be used for her to find Bokomon and Neemon or the two eggs.

"We'll see about that," the evil Digimon said with a vindictive smile.


Bokomon and Neemon spun around wildly in the vortex. The two clinged to each other. "I think I'm gonna be sick," Neemon announced.

"Don't do it on me!" Bokomon shouted, letting go of his companion with disgust.

Neemon jerked the bag from Bokomon's hands and opened it. "No, don't!" Bokomon commanded, but it was too late. Ten different colored orbs flew out of the bag and flew away from them. Bokomon wildly grabbed for as many as he could but only ended up grabbing a red orb before the others disappeared. A few seconds later, the two landed on solid ground.

Neemon held up he bag, which was soaking wet, dripping, and smelling foul. "I'm done~!" he sang gleefully. Bokomon snapped his red pants and then banged him on the head with his book.

"You dolt!" he shouted. "We now lost the Spirits! We're doomed, I tell you, doomed!"

"We still have one," Neemon said, picking up the red orb Bokomon dropped when they landed.

"Ah," shrieked Bokomon. He swiped it from Bokomon's grasp and put it in his pink belly warmer. "I'm holding onto the Spirit, since you were the one who lost them in the first place!"

Neemon ignored what he had said and looked around while humming a random tune. He saw something behind him. "Pretty lights," he said with wonder.

Bokomon muttered an insult under his breath as he turned to see large buildings behind them. "We're in a human city. This maybe where we can find the Chosen for this Spirit." Bokomon began walking off then turned back and collected Neemon and then walking back towards the city.


Nine streaks of red, blue, pink, yellow, and green light caught the attention of a young girl. "Oh! Il tiro ha il ruolo principale! Forse posso prendere il mio desiderio concesso!" shouted the girl. She folded her hands together and said, "I wish for real friends that'll understand me."

The bright lights disappeared. The blond haired girl headed inside for bed.


The dark haired boy looked up at the sky from his rooftop. Nine streaks of light caught his eyes. He watched them streak across the sky and then disappear a few minutes later. He had to admit that it was a beautiful sight, but it was probably something he'd never see again.


The young brown haired boy looked out his window at the amazing sight he was seeing. He took a picture of it and made sure to show it to his older brother once he got home. "Oni-san is going to love this!" he declared as he snapped another picture.


The heavy-set brown haired boy watched out his window as he nibbled a chocolate bar. It was a decent hour after when he should have gone to bed, but he didn't regret it. He was able to see the sight of nine shooting stars of varying colors. A hope filled him for something exciting to happen. Maybe get a few friends through the process? he thought.


The brown haired boy looked out the window of his house in awe of what he was seeing. "Oni-san! Let me play the game!" shouted his younger brother. The boy ignored his younger brother until the nine lights disappear. "Come on, Oni-san! Let me play the game!" shouted his brother.

"Fine," said the brown haired boy, turning away from the window and setting up the Gamecube with a game. Whatever higher power there is, please, let me get out of this boring life and do something amazing!! He thought.


Well, that's chapter one of the beginning of a new fic. Updates for this will happen once every month because of my other projects and school and homework that's coming up.

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Please note, I'll throw in a few Japanese words and suffixes and Italian sentences or words. Italian sentences may be wrong, since I don't know Italian. If anyone does know Italian, please feel free to correct me.

"Oh! Il tiro ha il ruolo principale! Forse posso prendere il mio desiderio concesso!" means something along the lines of "Oh! Shooting stars! Maybe I can get my wish granted!" in Italian.

Oni-san means Big Brother in Japanese.

-sama is a suffix used in terms of high respect for the other person.