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Chapter 7: The Two Enemies: Maledimon's Warriors!

"So, Humans have Spirits?" laughed the dwarf. "Don't matter if Humans have Spirits. Grumblemon will crush Humans!"

"You really gloat a lot don't you?" asked Lobomon. He ran towards Grumblemon with his swords at the ready. The hammer was too quick though. It crashed into Lobomon's side and sent him flying into the lake water.

Kazemon and Beetlemon flew at Grumblemon. Beetlemon charged his horn with electricity and picked up his speed. The dwarf Digimon jumped right over him. Kazemon flew higher to land a few kicks in but Grumbelmon swatted her away with his extending right hammer. The fairy Digimon skidded on the ground some way.

Agunimon and Kumamon decided it was their turn to try to get their own licks in. Kumamon sent a Crystal Breeze at him at the same time Agunimon unleashed a flame dragon from his gauntlets on the back of his hands.

Both attacks were accidently dispersed by Kazemon's Hurricane Wave attack. "Hey, what gives?" shouted Agunimon angrily.

"Spiacente!" shouted the Wind Warrior with equal displeasure.

Lobomon groaned and rushed from the lake's shallow water and slashed away at Grumblemon. Grumblemon used his hammers to the best of his ability to block the blades. Neither were able to push the other away.

"Good job!" shouted Agunimon, running towards Grumblemon. Flames spurted from the back of his gloves and wrapped around him, forming a tornado. Beetlemon had turned back around and went in for a second try with his Proton Slam attack.

Grumblemon heard both of them coming and sidestepped enough and shifted his grip on his hammer, making Lobomon loose his balance and fall forward slightly, giving the small dwarf the chance to dive out of the way as thunder and fire collided with the Warrior of Light and each other.

"What the hell were you doing?" shouted Lobomon at the two.

"Trying to finishing off Grumblemon," Agunimon shot back. "You had him locked and I thought I could have finished him."

"Yeah, but did you have to run into me," Beetlemon said to the Flame Warrior.

"It's your fault that you didn't see me coming," he shot back. "It's your fault that he could hear you coming."

"My fault?" Beetlemon said, surprised by his pointing fingers. "It was yours! You had to use such a flashy move!"

"It's both your faults," Lobomon shouted back. "If you two didn't cut into it, I could have defeated him."

"Oh really?" challenged Takuya, frustrated.

"Yeah," agreed JP. "It seemed like you two were at a stand off." The three went into a squabble.

"Hurricane Wave!" shouted Kazemon, creating funnels of wind and unleashing it on Grumblemon. The dwarf covered his eyes as dirt was kicked up by the furious gust.

"Frozen Tundra!" Kumamon went in for a direct attack, turning himself into an icicle and landing on top of Grumblemon, who barely was able to put up his hammers in defense. The white bear jumped back just as Kazemon went in for several kicks.

Grumblemon was sent flying and he passed the three quarreling Warriors. This snapped Agunimon, Lobomon, and Beetlemon from their fight before deciding that it was time to ignore each other and fight their enemy.

Agunimon rushed in first but Lobomon, deciding that it would be brighter to fight out of range of the hammers, fired a laser at the dwarf. It hit him in the arm, just as Grumblemon was reaching for his hammers that had been knocked out of his hands. Agunimon caught up to him and unleashed a blazing uppercut that slammed Grumblemon's face.

The dwarf eyed them. "Me thinks that all you stupid Humans worthless. Grumblemon will be back when Grumblemon has Grumblemon's Beast Spirits," he grumbled. "Grumblemon will be back to take Human's stinking Spirits." With that, he pulled out his hammer that he had concealed when he escaped from Lobomon and dug a tunnel to escape.

"Hey, wait a minute!" shouted Agunimon, running after the dwarf but stopped short when he was gone. "Well, that's just great," muttered the boy as he de-evolved.

"This is why I need to do this on my own," snarled Koji after he de-evolved. "I don't need people getting in my way."

"Me getting in your way? It's more like you got in my way," Takuya shouted back.

"Oh, for crying out loud!" shouted Zoe, shoving her way in between them. "We don't need to fight like this. We're a team, aren't we? Do we have to fight in front of Tommy as well?"

Koji gave her a glance. "What makes you think I care if the kid hears this?" he asked. "He'll hear it anyway. How was he even chosen for his Spirit, anyway?"

Tommy heard this and looked down until the brim of his hat shadowed over his face. The other three kids were appalled by the dark haired boy's words. "He's still a kid," JP argued back.

"That was pretty low, Minomoto," warned Takuya. "The question is why did the Spirit choose you? I barely even know you and I can tell you're an unbelievable jerk!"

"Can we just calm down now!" the blonde cried. The three stopped and looked at the blonde. "We're a team, if we like it or not. We can't fight like this all the time or we're as good as dead!"

"D-dead?" asked Tommy, startled by what Zoe had said.

"Uh," Zoe stopped. "I-I didn't mean it that way, Tommy."

JP was the first one to agree with Izumi. "Izumi-chan is right," he said. "You two can't fight all the time."

"Us two?" Koji and Takuya shouted, surprised that Junpei had forgot that he was in the fighting as well.

"Junpei, don't act so innocent," she scolded boy. "We all need to get along."

"Izumi-han is right," agreed Bokomon as he and Neemon walked over to them. "You can't fight all the time, especially when Grumblemon gets his Beast Spirit. You all will have to be coordinated and ready for him and the rest of the Warriors when they show themselves."

"That's right," Takuya shouted. "He said he didn't have his Beast Spirit! Maybe, if we find ours first, we can defeat him!"

"You do that," Koji said. "I'll do this on my own. Back out now, kid."

"KID?" shouted the goggle-head. "I'm the same age and same height as you! My name isn't kid, anyway, it's Takuya Kanbara."

"Fine, Kanbara," spat the bandana head. "Do what you want." He began walking off.

The irated brunet had half a mind to run after him and keep the Minomoto boy with them but decided against it. "Shall we get going?" he suggested with a heavy sigh.

"Sure but where?" asked Zoe.

Bokomon looked at JP. "Don't you have a pack?" he asked. "We're going to be wanted by the DMO and going to be traveling a lot. We will need to stock up on supplies."

"Look at the pretty stars!" cried Neemon, pointing upwards absently.

Bokomon snapped his waistband and Neemon gave out a shriek. "Don't say anything that has nothing to do with the topic," the white Digimon commanded.

"For supplies, we're going to need money," sighed Junpei. "The nearest bank where I can grab money is back in the city."

"What time is it?" asked Tomoki, yawning. "C-can we do it tomorrow? I'm really tired."

Takuya checked his watch. It was late, nearly one in the morning. They decided it would be best to head into the closest city after they rested up a bit. Takuya pulled out a few cans of dried fruit and offered it to them. JP denied any and took out a bar of chocolate instead. Only a half hour later, they feel asleep.


Koji had rested for the night once he got to the train station and noticed that it was closed after midnight. He was awoken by the sound of the train running past him. The long haired boy looked at the sky and noticed that the sun wasn't too far up.

He got up and began heading towards the train station and noticed that the next one wouldn't be coming in for another half hour. Koji looked at the money in his pocket and at the ticket booth. There were year round passes for the train and Trailmon. He guessed it would be a smart idea to buy one of these since he may be needing to use more money than he normally would for this "adventure".

He bought the pass and went to pass the time. His mind began to drift back to his family. Koji had decided that he might have acted out too much towards his family. He frowned. My family's really screwed up, he thought. Is it as bad for that Koichi Kimura?

With that, he looked at the phone booth and eyed the phonebook. How knew was it? He went to check it out and began flipping through the yellow pages and looked under M for Minomoto. When he didn't find his mother's name, he looked under K for Kimura. Finally he found it: "Kimura, Tomoko". He looked next to it for the number and address. Satisfied, he ripped it out of the phonebook and headed towards the train that had pulled in.

The boy boarded it and it took him to Port Osham, the city where he had lived.


Maledimon looked at two of her three Warriors. Ranamon, a blue humanoid Digimon wearing a blue one piece swimsuit and a helmet and gauntlet like gloves, was sitting on one of the branch of one of the twisted shaped pillars. Mercurymon, a knight-like Digimon with shields on each arm made out of glass, was sitting at the base and was looking at his reflection. Arbormon, a wooden doll Digimon, had gone off somewhere to find the Spirits like Maledimon had instructed him too. Grumblemon, the dwarf-like Digimon, had followed that order too, since he wanted to be the first to get a hold of the other Spirits before the other three.

"Mercurymon. Ranamon," said Maledimon.

"Ah, Master Maledimon," greeted Mercurymon curtly. "Thou hath any luck with changing the Spirit held of Darkness?"

Maledimon, slightly frustrated, shook her head. "I have not," she answered. "No matter how hard I try, the Spirit refuses to change."

"The Spirit of Darkness is the most sensitive to his brethren," advised Mercurymon. "The Spirit would refuse to tangle with his brother."

"Can't you just add more magic to it?" asked Ranamon. "He may be the strongest but even I had no trouble becoming me, did I?"

"Art thou really an imbecile, Ranamon? Making kin fight kin is tricky in it's own right. Why not thou try to twist Darkness with darkness?" suggested Mercurymon. "The Spirit hath not bowed to your power but he shalt fall to his Master."

Maledimon looked towards the Warrior of Steel. "Ranamon, Mercurymon, get me some humans. I'll try to change it with what little power I have from Lucemon's ruins. I have one human I can try it on," she said, walking away.

Mercurymon nodded and left. "Art thou coming, milady?" he asked towards Ranamon.

The water girl stretched. "Maybe, sugar," she answered with her southern accent. "But now, I think I'll relax in a river nearby. Tchao." Mercurymon grunted. He snapped his fingers and disappeared into his shields. The closest city was Port Osham, only being four hundred miles away.


Koji had been sure to duck out of sight several times. His money was running low, so he made sure to go to an empty ATM machine and take out some money from his account. He quickly pocketed it and ran towards the address on the page he had ripped out of the yellow pages.

Finally he came to an apartment building that matched the number on the paper. He looked at the buzzers next to him. Kimura was written on one of the papers next to the buzzer. Koji began to feel nervous. It was unlike him. At the moment he reached for the buzzer, someone pushed open the door.

An older woman looked at the boy and her eyes widened and a small smile crossed her wrinkled face. "Koichi, why are you just standing there?" she asked before taking a double-take at the boy. "When did you grow out your hair? My, my, you look exactly like Koichi."

"I'm Koji," the boy answered. "You know Koichi Kimura?"

The woman nodded. "Why yes," she answered. "I used to watch him back when he was young. His mother works hard."

"Which room is there's?" he asked anxiously.

"They're on the third floor," she answered before pausing. "I believe it was three-twenty or two-thirty, I can't remember to save the life of me. I can't remember what day it even is. What day is it even, Koji?"

"Saturday," he answered, breezing past her.

The woman watched him go. "Nice boy," she said to herself before walking two steps and suddenly stopping. "What was I going to do again? Dang senile brain."

Koji ran up the flights of steps to the third floor. All the rooms were in the two hundreds so he assumed it was two-thirty. With every step he made, he became increasingly nervous. What was wrong with him? What was he to even say? "Hi, I'm your other son. Koichi Kimura came to me and said that you were my brother"? That would fly well.

228, 229, 230. Koji stopped right in front of the door. His heart was pounding in his ears. He had clenched up and he could even bring himself to knock on the door. Finally he brought himself to use the knocker.

"Coming!" shouted a familiar voice. Two seconds later, a boy opened the door. The two both gasped. The boy that stood in front of Koji was the same boy who had stalked him two days before.

"Koichi, who is it?" asked a woman's voice. The two didn't answer the woman. "Koichi?" she asked again, walking over to the door. It opened wider to reveal a woman with long dark hair pulled into a ponytail and sad looking eyes. She wore a pale blouse and dark slacks. Seeing who was at the door, she gasped as well, taken aback.

Koji couldn't help but stare at the woman-his mother, Tomoko Kimura. "H-hi," he said nervously. "I-I'm-."

"Koji!" cried Tomoko, bending down and wrapping her son in a hug. Koichi stood behind her, still dazed. "I thought I'd never see you again!" she said through tears.

Koichi saw the look on his twin's face. It looked like he was on the verge of tears. He wanted to break into a smile but there was a nagging feeling in the back of his head. When the two finally broke off their warm embrace, Koji was invited into the apartment. There was much that they both needed to catch up on.


Takuya, Junpei, Izumi, and Tomoki had made sure to stop at an ATM to check out some money when they came into to Port Osham. Bokomon and Neemon had to keep undercover since a Neemon and Bokomon were both wanted by the DMO.

"So, where are some stores?" Takuya said as he looked around.

"Food, clothing, first aid, blankets," Zoe read off. "I hope we'll be able to shower while on this adventure. I think the closest Wal Mart is not too far from here."

"It'd be best if we split up and get each of the items," Bokomon suggested. "Time is of the essence."

"I'll go with Tommy," Takuya volunteered. "We can go get blankets and food. Can you guys get clothing and first aid?"

"Sure, what size are you?"


"What size are you?" Zoe repeated the question.

"Okay, how about you shop for Tommy and JP, I have plenty of clothes," Takuya said.

Tommy told her the size of his clothing and the six split up into groups once they got to Wal Mart. It was a good hour later, when the two boys were done with their shopping with canned goods, nutrient bars, and the blankets. Takuya tapped his foot impatiently. Their two missing members finally came back with two backpacks and a few plastic bags. JP had hearts in his eyes and a major blush on his cheeks.

Takuya and Tommy saw that and exchanged odd looks. "Hey, Junpei, what's with the blush?" he asked.

"I think I just saw an angel," he sang, as if off in la la land. His response just confused Takuya even more, so he dropped it.

"What took you so long?" asked Takuya. "We've been waiting for twenty minutes."

"Well, sorry, I was having a hard time finding clothes that were cheap enough and fit me was hard. Everything in the legs was always way too long. Finding for JP was even harder," she answered with a frown. At that, JP snapped out of his happy daze and seemed to want to go into a corner and hung his head.

"How about we go and find pack all this up?"


It was later in the day when sudden Digimon attacks alerted the city of Port Osham. An evacuation was on call. Takuya, JP, Tommy, and Zoe couldn't not sit around and run with the crowd. They stole away into an ally and Spirit Evolved into their respective forms and rushed to help evacuate the city.

Koji and Koichi were the ones to first hear the explosions. Tomoko had left for work earlier on the other side of the fence. Koji rushed to the window to see what all the ruckus was; he saw flying Digimon and variants of Chessmon in the city streets and sky. A Coredramon unleashed a blast of energy at a building and the energy left a gaping hole in the building.

"What's going on?" asked Koichi.

"We need to get out of here!" shouted Koji to his older twin. The two ran for it. In the hallways, people had gotten the idea to run for cover. The two pushed against the crowd to get to the roof. Koichi wasn't sure why Koji was going this way but followed just the same. When they came to the roof, people were running down the street behind the building.

"What are we doing up here?" cried the older of the two.

Koji didn't answer as a Garudamon flew down at the two. Koji pushed his twin out of the way before rolling away to escape her grasp. He pulled out his D-Scanner and cried, "Spirit Evolution!"

Lobomon stood ready to fight off Garudamon. When the humanoid bird came flying back down at him, the warrior slashed at her right wing. The Digimon crashed into the roof, giving Lobomon a chance to grab the bewildered dark haired human and jump to the closest building's roof and headed towards the train station.

"Wh-what was that?" Koichi stuttered.

"Long story," answered the Warrior of Light. "Don't worry though, I'll make sure you get out of here."

"What about Mom?" Koichi asked.

Koji didn't answer. "Evacuations are going on. She's farther in the city, she may have time to escape." Suddenly, something collided with his back. Lobomon gave out a sharp cry and he landed on the roof he was jumping to. Koichi was knocked out of the Digimon Hybrid's hands and landed not too far from him.

"Koji!" shouted the boy running towards his brother and bent down to see if he was all right.

Lobomon winced as he tried standing up. His back was sore but it didn't hurt too much. Suddenly, a mirror appeared behind him out of thin air and an arm grabbed for him. Surprised, Koichi cried out as he was pulled backwards into the mirror.

"Koichi!" shouted Lobomon, getting up and running towards the mirror but it clattered to the ground in front of him. "Where-?"

"Art thou looking for thy reflection?" taunted a voice from behind him. Lobomon whirled around ready with his swords. A tall Digimon covered in armor stood on the building across the ally on the roof's edge. The newcomer had a shield made of glass on one arm while the other was bare and smirking red lips on his mirror face.

"Where's my brother?" shouted Lobomon angrily.

"'a is else where," answered the Digimon. "Thou art the Bearer of Light?"

"Yeah, what's it to you?"

The metal Digimon smirked even bigger. "I never thought that I would tangle with thee," he said. "Where art thy allies, the other Spirits? Do they have masters as well?"

"Doesn't matter," answered Koji, flying at the Digimon. Just a second before Lobomon's swords reached the concrete, Mercurymon disappeared. Lobomon flipped onto the roof and looked around bewilderedly. "Where did he go?"

"Hath thou forgotten about my other mirror?" chortled the voice behind him. Lobomon whirled around and saw the Digimon stooping down to retrieve the mirror that had kidnapped his brother.

"Who the hell are you?!" shouted Lobomon to the metal warrior.

"Formality is unneeded but since thou art my enemy, I shall give thee my name. I am Mercurymon, Warrior of Steel," answered the Digimon, bowing slightly with a pride filled smirk. "And thou?"

"Howling Laser!" cried Lobomon, firing the small laser from his blaster on his arm.

Mercurymon made no movement to dodge it but simply put up his shield. The laser went into it and Lobomon gaped. "Generous Mirror," Mercurymon shouted; a laser rushed back at Lobomon with much more speed than it would have had.

Lobomon jumped down into the ally to dodge. With a loud thunk, Mercurymon landed right behind him. Lobomon turned around just in time to throw up his swords in a defensive position as Mercurymon came rushing at him with one shield held in front of him. With Mercurymon's free hand, he punched Lobomon in the face to knock him off his footing.

Lobomon jumped into the street to dodge another blow. Mercurymon came flying at him just as Lobomon leapt out of the way. "Thou fights alone, nay? Why doth thou do such a thing? I have thou surrounded after all," the Warrior of Steel asked the Warrior of Light. "Thy endeavor shalt be the undoing of thee."

Koji looked around. He was now surrounded by giant chess-piece Digimon named RookChessmon. He stood ready with his swords held in front of him just as one came at him. "Crystal Breeze!" shouted a voice from behind the crowd. A freezing breeze blew past them all, creating a small ice coating over the RookChessmon and Lobomon's armor.

"Pyro Tornado!"

"Hurricane Wave!" A gust began to pick up and guided waves of fire towards the Chessmon, melting the small ice coating.

"Lightning Blitz!" A lightning bolt crashed down from the sky and struck the ice coated chess Digimon, jumping from each of them to the other thanks to the melted ice. Kazemon flew into the fray and got on her hands. Spinning like a top, she landed kicks on each of the surprised Digimon.

Kumamon, Agunimon, and Beetlemon joined in with Pyro Punches, Frozen Tundras, and Thunder Fist attacks. "So, how's it been, Koji?" Agunimon chuckled as he went back to back with Lobomon.

Lobomon glowered at the fire demon. "Don't push it, Kanbara," he said.

"Oh, come on," Agunimon said. "We just saved you from getting your butt handed to you. Show a little gratitude!"

"We're not done yet," the unhappy Warrior retorted.

"Ah, come on, buddy!" Agunimon kicked at a RookChessmon that had tried charging at him.

"I'm not your buddy!" Lobomon slashed a RookChessmon in half that had went at him.

There was a snap of fingers. The RookChessmon backed off. The five confused Warriors backed into each other and looked towards the metal Digimon. "Who's that?" asked Kumamon.

"Why'd they stop?" asked Beetlemon as he looked at them. What was left of the black and white chess pieces were waiting intently for something to happen.

"I gave them the call to retire," answered Mercurymon, approaching them.

"And you are?" Kazemon asked.

"The enemy," answered Lobomon hostilely, putting up his sword and ready to attack.

"I have no more quarrel here," Mercurymon said before eyeing Agunimon. "I have come and got what Maledimon was looking for."

"Maledimon?" shouted the Warriors in surprise. "You work for her?"

"Yes, I do," he answered. "Ye art imbeciles?"

Agunimon flared up a flame from his gauntlet. "What does Maledimon want even?" he demanded.

"Milady Maledimon wishes for equality of Digimon," answered Mercurymon. "Sche wishes to bring back Lucemon so he can rule our world."

"Lucemon?" Kumamon gapped.

"No one can be brought back to life," Beetlemon argued. "It's impossible to bring things back to life. And why bring him back to life? Digimon and Humans are already equal."

Mercurymon gave out a laugh. "Thou art imbeciles! Quit this mockery of equality. Ye Humans have placed rules on we Digimon, holding us back. Ye humans fear us and hold us back. Ure freedom is held back while humans work higher, so in order for us to be free of your 'equality', Lord Lucemon has to be back."

"Yeah. You're officially crazy," Agunimon said. "I'm tired of hearing this." He ran at the mirror warrior and tired to land a punch on him but Mercurymon disappeared.

"My, my, thou art spirited," he said from behind him. Agunimon looked over his shoulder in surprise. The other four were startled by his speed as well. Mercurymon smiled smugly and bashed him into the nearest RookChessmon. The chess piece didn't react at all. Agunimon held his throbbing head and glared at Mercurymon through squinted eyes.

Mercurymon smirked again. "Mi job is done here," he said before snapping his fingers and disappearing.

The Chessmon now stopped standing still and decided to begin fighting. Kumamon and Kazemon raced out of the way as a machine guns fired at them from the RookChessmon. Agunimon and Lobomon raced out of the way as they opened fired at them as well. Koji suddenly got an idea.

"Kanbara, follow my lead!" he shouted.

Takuya wanted to object but did as the boy instructed. They ran at each other and jumped into the air. Using each other as leverage, they jumped out of the way. The bullets from the two attacking Digimon fired into each other's faces and went tumbling down like rag dolls.

Beetlemon copied the strategy with Kazemon. The two flew at each other but suddenly curved upwards, having the fire coming at them come into the RookChessmon's faces. Kumamon kept running until he turned around and fired a Crystal Freeze. A good chunk of ice covered his upper chess and built up over his eyes. Now unable to fire anything with accuracy, the Digimon went on a mad, trigger-happy shooting spree. Stray bullets came flying at the others.

"Watch what you're doing!" shouted Lobomon towards Kumamon.

It ran out of bullets only a few minutes later, giving Lobomon a chance to fire a Howling Laser at the RookChessmon's helmet, killing him instantly. With that, the Fractal Code appeared around him and Lobomon scanned it. The others had finished scanning the other RookChessmon's codes and they came to the middle of the street.

"That was amazing!" shouted Bokomon as he came running down the street with Neemon following him.

"Where were you?" asked Takuya, crossing his arms.

"We can't run as fast as you can," Bokomon answered.

"The sky's a pretty red," he said, pointing upwards. The Humans looked up and saw that the sky was tainted red and smoke was fuming into the sky, most likely from the onslaught done by the invading army.

Koji looked at Takuya. "Did my mom get out alive?" he asked him.


"A dark haired woman," he answered.

"Must've," answered Zoe, walking up to him. "The DMO evacuated as much of the city as they could. We should go and help those stuck in the rubble."

"That would be an unwise move," Bokomon piped up.

"Why's that?" JP asked.

"Do we have to be so cold-hearted?" asked Takuya angrily. "People could be dying!"

"We can't stay in one place," Bokomon insisted. "If we stay here too long, than Maledimon will get your Spirits for sure. Besides, if those Digimon Police gets sees you, they wouldn't think twice but try to capture you. It's for the best we get out of here." They all reluctantly agreed and began running out of the city.


It was late at night when a fresh batch of humans were pushed into the prison. The last of the Great Angels stood up suddenly as she heard cries outside her cell of light. For days, she had tried to get out with not much luck. Her reflected attacks had tattered her armor.

Something was off. Why was Maledimon searching for humans? Why did she need more? What had happened to the one that was in the cell next to her? Ophanimon remembered hearing someone struggle and scream when she was dragged away earlier.

It was later that night when a low moan was heard and a gate opened. Someone was pushed in and it was shut. "Are you okay?" someone asked. There was another low moan and someone gave a shout. "Hey, it's the ambassador's daughter!"

Ophanimon grimaced. What was Maledimon doing to the poor human? Was she planing to do the same thing on the other humans as well? She hoped not. Ophanimon had lost all her strength trying to explain everything to them, her five Warriors. She hoped that her Warriors weren't among the captured. All she could do now was try to keep these humans alive with hope filled words, but she wasn't sure if it could survive here when their hearts were now consumed by fear and questions. She'd try, though. She'd try.


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