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"Sometimes, I wish we were different people. You know, ones who wouldn't get judged for going out with each other. Maybe even the types who are expected to be together." I said suddenly as we reached the side of school.

This was the part of the journey where I would get out of his car and walk the last bit. Not because Edward was just mean and kicked me out, but because we didn't want people seeing us.

"Yeah, I know. But we're not, so there's no point dwelling on it. And besides, we are those people; we are expected to be together. They just don't know it yet." Edward smiled his gorgeous smile - which made my heart melt and my stomach do little flips - and stopped the car.

It made me forget my train of thought each time. I think that's why he used it, that way I didn't ask any more akward questions.

"OK, fine. I'll see you in biology." I huffed, jumping out of his car. The anger was rising in me, but i couldn't understand why, his words has sparked a waiting fire.

Edward grabbed my arm, stopping me from exiting his car fully. He used his free hand to turn me towards him, cupping my face. His hand smoothed over my cheek before his lips crashed onto mine. His kisses always made me speechless, half of the time they flushed my cheeks with a deep red colour.

I jumped out of Edward's car and watched him speed off around the corner. Despite the sightings of sun this morning, small droplets of rain landed on my cheeks. The rain poured down then, soaking me through. I ran the rest of the journey to school. It only took a minute but my uncoordinated feet didn't help. I had tripped over at least four times within that minute, creating mud patches on my jeans. Even this, though, did not slow my running. I sprinted into the nearest building to dry off. School didn't officially start for about ten minutes, so I was safe until then.

My first lessons dragged slowly. I didn't have any lessons with Edward except Biology, but that wasn't until after lunch. The lessons were dull and boring, even English. Finally lunch came, and it couldn't have come at a better time. My stomach growled with hunger every two minutes in the queue for food. Everybody turned to stare at me, the growling seamed to grow louder with every stare. I heard a loud echoing laugh bouncing around the cafeteria. Emmett. His laugh was outrageously loud compared to everyone else's. I could see him holding back the words that were about to roll of his tongue. His laughter became muffled as he met my glare. Emmett was probably the only jock and popular kid to actually like me, except for Edward. Edward was laughing with him too, both enjoying my embarrassment way too much.

As soon as I had paid for my food I ran to the nearest table and stuffed my mouth with something. I ate it so quickly; it completely missed my taste buds. I wasn't even sure what type of food I was eating. It seamed to cure my growling stomach though, and so the rest of my food was quite enjoyable. Well just about as enjoyable as school food gets. I had eaten most of my lunch by the time Angela, Ben and Eric had sat down. They always sat with me, they were probably the only people I got on with in the school.

Angela was like my best friend, we got on very well. She was very smart too. Ben was her boyfriend, they were almost completely opposite but they suited each other so well. She kept his head out of the clouds and he kept her down to earth. Eric was the loudest in our small group. He always had something to talk about and had an opinion about everything, and it never went unspoken. He was good to talk to, but sometimes he was too friendly. Friendly I could handle, but his friendliness took it to a whole new level of annoying.

Lunch ended quicker than I had expected, I was grateful though. Not only grateful that I was finally able to see Edward, but also that Eric's rambling had come to an end. I said goodbye to Angela, Ben and Eric and set off walking to Biology. Edward was walking behind me; I could here his and Jessica's laughs. Jessica's annoying, and extremely fake, laugh soon drowned out Edward's as she carried on laughing at every word he spoke.

Jessica Stanley was Edwards newest hit. Well, she wasn't even new, more like used. Before me and Edward got together, him and Jessica were officially 'on'. Well, even that didn't describe what they were doing. He'd give her his full attention here and there, and when she didn't have his attention she was clinging to his arms. He hated her. From what he had told me, he was only with her for his image. Jess was the school's biggest whore and he was expected to be with her. He refused to give me any other details on her. I couldn't help but think that he had some connection with her, even if he had denied it on multiple occasions. He doesn't give her as much attention anymore, in all honesty he doesn't give her any like he used to. She doesn't even get the occasional cheeky snog from him. A part of me wonders if that is because he knows I won't like it, rather than it being a personal choice.

Their, or rather her, laughing didn't subside until we reached the classroom, and the only reason it stopped then was because they separated. Yes, she actually removed herself from his arms. A rare action from her. Edward sat down next to me, completely ignoring me, as I was him. In actual fact I was dying to talk to him. Scrap that, I was dying to kiss him. We never got to talk in biology because we were always constantly watched. Edward was always being stared at by Jessica and Mike was always staring at me with a strange fixation on his face. He never took his eyes off me, even in gym.

Mike was one of Edward's friends. They hardly ever talked, but he was part of the group and so he was classed as a friend. He was a strange boy; he followed you around like a lost puppy. He wasn't overly bad looking but he his facial expressions always looked dark or dirty, making him look uglier. He was mostly seen with Jess, even if she was attached to Edward. It was obvious that they belonged together, even if they couldn't see it themselves. He used to be Eric's friend, but he clicked with one of the jocks, Lewis, and so he ditched Eric. Eric never seamed bothered by it though, he actually looked relieved. Though, I didn't doubt that anyone would be that sad if Mike ditched them.

I was trying to take my focus off of Edward, so instead I listened to the teacher. I knew all this stuff but it was the only way to keep me from literally jumping on him. I was so engrossed in listening to the teacher that I didn't feel Edward pass me a note. He had to nudge me to get my attention. I opened up the note to see what he had put. I laughed at his note quietly; he was so vain at times.

Swan, you geek, you're actually listening to what the teacher is babbling on about instead of staring at you're gorgeous boyfriend?

I was distracting myself; I couldn't risk jumping on you in the middle of class now, could I? Besides, I don't see you staring at me...

I'm that good looking, you couldn't resist jumping on me? Oh, I was looking at you, I'm just very subtle. Plus, Jess is watching me like a hawk.

Yes, very good looking. Are you happy now? Anyway, Mike's got his eyes fixed on me.

Yes, very happy. You're compliments make me extremely happy. Well, as for Mike, he can't have you. He can have Jess, cos' I've got the most gorgeous girl here.

My compliment's make you happy? Well, cherish 'em. You're not getting any more. Aw, you think I'm prettier than Jessica Stanley? You're eyes don't need testing, do they?

He was writing back when the teacher dismissed us. He hid the note in his pencil case and packed the rest of his things up. I went to leave when I caught my foot on the corner of the table. I felt myself falling, but my feet couldn't steady me. I felt familiar strong hands catch me. I was shocked Edward had caught me; he was supposed to let me fall flat on my butt. He quickly let go of me as soon as I had steadied myself and walked on. Of course, me being Bella, I fell anyway when I caught my foot on my bag strap instead. I heard the thud before it came, and it looked like Edward did too. I could see his body turning, ready to help me up. He would do anything to make sure I wasn't hurting, but I wasn't going to allow him to ruin his rep for this. I gave him a subtle smile and dragged myself to my feet, showing that I was OK. Everybody laughed at me as I started speed walking out of the classroom, the blush was colouring my cheeks in very quickly.

I walked to Gym as fast as I could, avoiding Mike Newton. He never talked to me – he'd be ruined if he did – but he was always stalking behind me. It was beginning to get creepy. I got changed into my kit as soon as I entered the changing rooms and ran out into the indoor gym. I hated gym but I hated being stared at by the other girls in the changing rooms.

When all the class was ready and gathered in the gym, we were told to run three laps around the gym and then pick partners. It was like a double punch in the face. The running was disastrous, as always. I was the last to finish, like always, and so everybody watched as I stumbled my way around, tripping over my own feet. Then picking partners came. I never got chose unless Ben was off school. Angela always paired with me, but if Ben was there he snagged her first. The worst part of choosing partners wasn't my partnerless-ness, it was the bit where Mike always made sure he wasn't picked so he was 'forced' to go with me. He always lingered at the back of his group of friends until he was the odd one out.

When we were partnered up the coach wanted us to do a bit of partner work in netball. It just had to be that, didn't it? We were told to do small netball passes to each other and see how many we could get without dropping the ball. Everyone else was doing really well; nobody dropped the ball at all until they reached about twenty passes. I of course dropped it each and every pass, our netball created a loud thud every thirty seconds. I could hear the snickering coming from Jess and her group of friends. Mike wasn't even getting frustrated with me, he seamed infatuated with my clumsiness.

Gym lasted forever; never had a lesson dragged so much before. All of my team were completely annoyed with me, even if I did tell them that I was bad. Each time I dropped or missed the ball they would sigh loudly, exaggerating their annoyance. They never once thought of not passing it me. Surely they were not so clueless they couldn't come up with a simple idea like that? As soon as we were free I ran to the car park. I wanted so badly to see Edward. he was standing by his Volvo with his friends, talking, so I started walking to the corner where he usually picked me up. It always took him ages to get rid of his friends so I walked slowly. Eventually all the cars from the parking lot emptied and Edward came to meet me. The sneeking around and secrecy was beggining to get a little too much for me.

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