Here's a new Full House poem I cooked up. I was watching the episode "The Test" from Season 7, and instantly got an idea for a new poem. This is in DJ's point of view during the episode while she takes her SATs.

Dedicated to my friend Liz (aka LiZ-RoX).

Disclaimer: Genius Jeff Franklin owns Full House. I own the oneshots, stories and poems.

Taking a Test


These SATs are really rough.

I don't know why every year they make them so tough.

I really wish I could relax with what is called Zen.

Instead I have to take a test with either a pencil or a pen.

I'd rather pretend I'm playing a bicycle pump

or make a wish while sitting on a tree stump.

I'd rather be in the hallway watching a catfight

or think of a really good short story or poem to write.

But instead I have to

sit here and take a test

so I can finally move on to college

and put high school to rest.

For now, though, I don't

quite know what to say.

And then I come to

the realization

that this is not my best day.

Well, I hope you like it! I worked really hard on it.