A/N: I haven't been doing author's notes lately, but this needs explanation. On GryffindorGals' profile page, a challenge is posted. It's 25 questions long, involves random (but personalized) pairings, and is the current object of my affection =) My character list is…

Remus Lupin

Luna Lovegood

Hermione Granger

Sirius Black

Lysander Scamander (Luna's son)

George Weasley

Oliver Wood

Percy Weasley

Harry Potter

Fred Weasley

Minerva McGonagall

Angelina Johnson (only because I like writing angsty fics with her and George)

So here, I have a response to question 15: Would anyone you know write 2/4/5? This was as close as I could get…

Luna stands a small distance away from him, a knowing, accepting look on her face. "I knew he wasn't lying."

The man tilts his head. "Who wasn't lying?"

"My father," she answers. She takes a confident step forward, and he looks puzzled. "He said you were innocent. He said someone had framed you for the crime."

He looks down at her. "He knew?"

She shakes her head. "He believed."

A moment of silence passes, and the man realizes she is closer to him than she was the moment before. "Luna…"

She shakes her head again, intending for him to be silent, as she lifts a hand to his unshaven cheeks and pulls his chin closer to her…

Lysander wakes with a start, confused.

"Lysander, up! It's time for breakfast!"

He enters the kitchen, still in his pajamas, with a frown on his face. "Mama," he begins, his eight-year-old voice filled with question. "Who is Sirius Black?"

A faraway look crosses her face, much different from the dreamy countenance she usually maintains. "An old friend," she answers. He wouldn't understand now, she decides, but maybe someday…

"What's for breakfast?"

She smiles at him. "Pancakes, dear."

And she tries desperately to forget.