SUMMARY: Bill and Tom were seperated around the age of seven in Germany; they meet back up at a local fundraising concert but Bill has not idea what Tom is talking about. Can Tom make Bill realize they're related without falling in love with him at the same time?

Okay if this fanfiction does good then I'll continue. if not then, so much for it. but i had the story in my head and decided to write it down. hope its good.

The audience was filled with screaming fans, wet and sweaty from dancing the night away at the Snoop Dogg concert downtown in Austin. Bill's friends persuaded him to go to the concert even though it's not his style of music; as a result, Bill pretty much stood there, kind of awkward. His best friend, whom he knew she he was eleven, Candice, bumped into him and smiled.

"Hey, what's wrong?" She asked. Bill didn't say anything, just shrugged. "Ohh, you moaning because this isn't your type of music? This isn't my type either but that doesn't stop me from having a good time."

Bill shrugged again but then said, "I don't know. I fill weird here." Candice blushed at his German accent though she was a lesbian, but hey-she had her man crushes now and then. "There's something that's tugging at me. I can't put my finger on it."

"Awe, don't worry about it. Just relax."

He felt Candice plant a soft kiss on his cheek, a symbol of their friendship to let each other know every thing's going to be okay. Bill began to let loose; Snoop Dogg surely was not his type of music but the concert was free, school was about to start-back to the university. Bill was looking forward to it. As he danced he thought about the homework and writing essays for his classes, he couldn't wait any longer; he loved school!

Candice was right; all he had to do was enjoy himself but he couldn't help feel the feeling someone or something was close to him, like he met that person or encounter that thing before. Where was it coming from? He stopped dancing and walked about the outside concert, fund raiser against AIDS. He bumped into a couple of people but he would apologize and continue on his way.

Bill noticed a young man, about his age, laying on a blanket that was placed on the ground. Next to him was some preppy looking chick. The young man had black corn rolls in his hair and his skin was fair. His eyes was quite slanted in a way, kind of like Bill's. His bottom lip was pierced and had a loop cage in it. The feeling he had come from the boy who was handsome, who was hot, and who looked soft.

'Okay, think Bill. How are you going to do this?' He thought for a moment. He paced around a little wondering whether the girl next to the young man was his girlfriend. Well, there was only one way to find out. 'Trip over him.'

Bill played it off well; he walked clumsy and tripped over the young boy's leg, and landed next to him and the girl.

"Oh, crap! Are you okay?"

The girl screamed as Bill laid there pretending to be hurt. The young man, or boy leaned over Bill and looked him in the eyes. Bill smiled and sat up, still smiling.

From across the concert, Candice watched, laughing at the way Bill did things to find boys. He was so good at it and he got himself a hottie!

"Yes, I'm okay." They locked eyes for a moment but the young man stepped back ,and scooted next to his girl. "My name is Bill, Bill Kaulitz."

"What?" He said.

"Bill Kaulitz."

The young man just stared at Bill like he had a booger in his nose. Bill wiped his nose, just in case.

The girl spoke up. "You have the same last name as Tom!"

"Tom?" Bill asked.

"Me..." The young man said.


"You have a German accent!" Tom was freaking out; he stood up.

"Yes, I am from Germany but moved to American when I was 9." Bill didn't know what the problem was. So what? They had the same last name. Them having the same last name was no different from Mexicans having the same Martinez, Perez, Rodriguez, last names. "What! What is it? You're freaking me out!" And Tom was freaking Bill out. "I came over here because I'm attracted to you but you seem a bit crazy, so I'm just going to leave now."

Candice met up with Bill just as he was turning to leave but Tom grabbed Bill's arm, and locked onto it. But he quickly pulled back when he realized the implication.

"I mean...I'm not like that." He said. He stared at Bill confused and noticed the similarities they had physically. Did Bill really not noticed how similar they looked? All these questions were swirling in his head; no longer did he think about the sex that was going to happen that night with the chick he was with. Did Bill have a missing twin brother that went away? Did Bill's parents divorce and that's why Bill was taken away? Why did Bill move from Germany? Why did Bill move from Germany!

Tom focused and saw Bill and Bill's friend looking at him like he was stupid, crazy.

"Well, me and Candice have leave here since the concert's ending,"

"Wait!." Tom yelled. "Why did you move from Germany?"

Bill shrugged again. "Parents got divorce. Bye."

He turned and left with Candice close to him. Yeah, he was freaked out; they were both freaked out by Tom's outburst.

Candice and Bill left the concert walking toward their car. "The hot ones are always the crazy ones." Bill nodded his head in agreement to Candice's statement.

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