A/N: Okay, here be my first HP story drabblely...thing. Honestly, one day I was just doing my homework when this idea suddenly came to mind. So yeah... in other words, this is utter crack. Anywho, hope you enjoy!

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If anything at all, Lucius Malfoy prided himself on his lineage. Only generations of the finest pureblood wizards could be found throughout his bloodline, and he despised any that varied from his. However, it was commonly known that even pureblood families could go bad. Take the Weasleys for example. Simply the way that they acted shamed the wizarding world. Then of course, there were the Muggles, tainting the wizarding world as he knew it day by day. No matter how much time passed, his opinion of those useless Muggles would never change.

Sipping his drink lightly, Lucius shook his head to rid himself of thoughts of that family and Muggles alike. It was a beautiful day and he was free to enjoy it, which was more than his past colleagues could say.

Standing from his seat, he walked toward the exit of the snug coffee shop, opening the door for a woman who was also leaving. Just because he detested the Muggle filth, didn't mean that he couldn't enjoy the drinks they made.