The second day fared no better. John stoutly refused to leave his room, not even letting me in. I sent Wheelie in to try and get him out but he came back with no results, saying that Dad had shoved him back up the air duct when he dropped in. I walked into the Autobot hanger, letting out a string of curses so strong they would make a sailor blush. Apparently the Twins had updated their Earth lingo a bit as their jaws travelled downward as I called my father a very rude Spanish name.

"You have got to teach us that." Skidz said.

"Dude, do you even know what she said?" Mudflap responded.

"Does it matter? It sounds so bad."

"It does sound pretty badass."

"I take it that it's not going well." Ratchet chuckled. I growled at him, searching for Ironhide. I finally found him getting a quick rinse off from a soldier with a hose. With a rumble of laughter his passenger door swung open. I stepped inside, gretted by a quick peck from his holoform. Those blue eyes, I could stare at them forever and not get bored. His hand slowly took mine, running his fingers over it slowly.

"Well, what do you want to do about it?" He asked after I had explained the situation to him. Ah, that's why I loved him. He was always willing to help out no matter what.

"I don't know, could you like talk to him or something? In your holoform though, I'm thinking that it might be the size difference that's freaking him out." I requested, batting my eyes. Ironhide smiled, kissed my forehead and disappeared.

"Alisha, how you doin' baby?" Leo asked as I walked back in. I gave him a glare and called him a very nasty word. After about ten minutes a door opened and a very timid John emerged. He cast a look up at Optimus, who was standing and discussing a matter with Lennox on the catwalk.

"Uh, excuse me, Mr. Prime?" He asked, his voice warbling.

"Mr. Grearin." Optimus said, looking down.

"I, uh, you . . . Thanks for what you've been doing for Alisha." He quickly spat out.

"It was no problem." Optimus intoned, blinking once. John came over to me, fiddling with the N.E.S.T shirt he had been given.

"Alisha, I'm gonna go. If that's okay, that is." He babbled, casting a nervous look around the base. Ratchet was engaging one of the medic on a debate between the advantages of certain stiching methods, Optimus was speaking with Lennox again, the Twins were punching each other - there was no doubt this would escalate into a brawl, which Ironhide would have to break up - Jolt was snoring as he recharged and Sideswipe was admiring the light reflecting off of one of his swords. In short, it was just another normal day in the crazy world of my life.

"Yeah, it's fine. Get the soldiers to take you back, just remember Dad, you can't tell anyone." I warned, pointing at a soldier for him to go to. He gave me a hug before leaving.

"Another pest out of your hair?" Ironhide asked, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Get outta here." I laughed, trying to break his hold. This went on for several minutes before the entire base was watching. I felt my cheeks burn as Ironhide kissed the top of my head. He didn't seem to feel any embaressment as several soldiers wolf whistled at us.

"Let them be jealous." He whispered into my ear, trailing a finger down my cheek.

"Shit head." I elbowed him in the gut casuing him to gasp as if I had punched him square in the face. Amid his cries of pain I limped over to Ratchet. My leg had not healed completely and Ratchet was monitoring it about every week.

"So you got rid of the old man." Lennox commented as he walked over while Ratchet, in his holoform, was probing my leg.

"Oh come on, it wasn't even me. It was all Ironhide." I pointed to the large black mech in paticular.

"Since when did you become a mediator?" Lennox joked, smiling.

"I merely told him that he would habve to suffer another day here if he did not decide to disperse quietly." Ironhide shrugged, walking over in his bipedal form. I looked behind his shoulder Trying to sneak through the doors to the base was a large yellow Autobot.

"Oh! Yes! You owe me!" I crowed, having won the bet against him.

"Bee! You couldn't stay away for a week!" Lennox bellowed, walking over to berate the young Autobot. Ironhide, in between his chuckles, lowered his hand, which I climbed into happily. He brought us out into the open air, it was just about sunset.

"I know you enjoy this time of day." He remarked, depositing me on a piece of his armor. We stood there and watched as the sun slowly set, beautiful in the colors that it threw. It was only when the sun had set and I began to shiver due to the cold breeze that began to blow that we stepped back inside.

"Sleep." Ironhide said, lifting me off of his shoulder and back to the floor.

"Is that a request or and order?" I asked, placing my hands on my hips.

"Both." He responded lowering his head. I leaped up, placed a kiss on his facial plating, and went back inside.

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