Takuya had just woken up from his sleep when he realized that he was supposed to meet his friends at the park at 2:00 and it was 1:55. "Dammit" was all takuya could say. "Zoe is never Going to let me live this down" he said as he got out of bed and got dressed. By the time he was at the park it was 2:30. "What took you so long" asked Zoe with a bit of concern I her voice. "I woke up late he responded". They were planning to have a picnic but it was interrupted by a sudden flash of light that was in the sky. Suddenly they were all sucked into a wormhole in the sky, and the next thing they knew was they were all falling from the sky." Man why do I keep falling on my head" said takuya as he winced in pain." Welcome back to the digital world" said a small white digimon carrying is a small book and his yellow friend. "bokomon, neemon" yelled the kids in unison. They all went to hug the small digimon as they had not seen them in 6 months. "I am glad you are here" said bokomon" the digital world is in grave danger. "already" said JP" but it has only been 6 months" "it has been 6 months inn your world but 250 years in our world" replied bokomon.

"man to think we did all that work for nothing" said koichi "you got that right' replied tommy" so do we get our digivices back or what" asked their goggle headed leader. "no' said a familiar voice. It was none other than ophinmon. "you will each get special power that you will have to use to defeat the new evil that has nearly destroyed the digital world and it is up to you to stop them". " Well gang you know what we have to do. You will get your powers back" said ophinmon "bokomon I thought you said we weren't going to get back our spirits" said zoe "he is right said ophinmon you will have all the powers of the legendary warriors and more and you will not have to transform, as long as you train enough and learn how to use your powers wisely you will be unbeatable" "ophinmon who is the real enemy asked koji" "I don't know she replied but his power is unlike anything you have ever faced before. Him and his generals could destroy you and the digital world if we are not careful". She replied. "When do we get our powers" asked takuya. "You have to find them again" replied the celestial digimon. "come on you guys lets go' said takuya. They set off to find their sprit powers that would help them save the world

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