Me-Hey people what's going on I know you missed me so you don't have to cry

Koji-We weren't crying we were partying while you were gone

Me-Yes as you can see Takuya doesn't appear at the beginning of the story anymore

Koji-Good because we didn't need two idiots in the beginning at the same time

Me-I can already tell this isn't going to work out, next is Zoe Orimoto

Zoe-Hey everybody I'm here to replace Koji for the beginning of the story

Koji-Whatever I only tried out for the extra cash, I really don't give a damn

Me-See ya Koj..

Zoe-See ya Koji

Me-I hope you like the chapt…

Zoe-I hope you like the chapter

Me-This isn't going to work out eith…

Zoe-This isn't going to work out either, aw man

"Man I can't believe Alphamon was under his castle the whole time, and his dumb ass didn't know it" said Koji (That's what I said)

"Who is responsible for all this fighting" said Alphamon

"That would be me" said Bakuromon standing up

"Then you must pay with your life" said the digimon pulling out his sword

The army of digimon all moved to the side and got ready to watch as the two most powerful digimon in the digital world got ready to square off.

ALAPHA BLAST said Alphamon aiming at Bakuromon's head

DARK INFERNO said Bakuromon

The attacks collided and caused an explosion that sent all but the strongest digimon flying back and injured or kill many weak digimon, and knocked Zoe and Mikara off the aidrmon.

"Koji throw that rope over" said Takuya as he jumped off

Takuya tied the rope to himself and dove to grab Zoe and Mikara with the rope around his waist until he caught them barley before they hit the ground.

"I got you" said Takuya

"I'm okay but I glad you jumped when you did" said Zoe

"Me too" said Mikara

"Hey you guys can pull us up any time" said Takuya

DARK INFERNO BARAGE said Bakuromon as he fired a barrage of his dark inferno balls.

Alphamon was able to block most of the attacks except one which was aimed right at Takuya, Zoe and Mikara, so he dove right in front of the attack and collapsed.

DARK INFERNO BOMB said Bakuromon as he released an enormous sized Dark inferno bomb strait at them and once again Alphamon dove in front of the attack, but did not get up after that attack.

"Alphamon" yelled all the kids

Bakuromon then absorbed his data and transformed into a more powerful version of himself.

"Man Alphamon couldn't beat him in his normal form I don't think anyone can beat him in his transformed state" said Koji ready to give up

DARK WAVE said Bakuromon as he released a wave of dark energy that wiped out anyone who was on the ground, but Takuya, Zoe, and Mikara were up by then.

Then a hologram of Alphamon appeared in front of them.

"Take the rest of my power and defeat him and save the digital world" said Alphamon as he released a white energy ball.

"Alright you guys lets do this before he destroys the digital world and the human world" said Takuya in a encouraging speech


"So you finally reached full power, but you still can't beat me" said Bakuromon

"Enough talk lets fight" said Susanomon

"If you wish to die this early then it doesn't matter to me" said Bakuromon

DARK WAVE said Bakuromon, but Susanomon was able to dodge it

HEAVEN NIGHTMARE said Susanomon as he called 9 dragons to restrain Bakuromon

'What is this, let me go" demanded Bakuromon

"I thought we were done talking" said Susanomon smiling

"CELESTIAL BLADE said Susanomon cutting Bakuromon in half

"No you can't kill me that easy, stop it" said Bakuromon

The two halves of Bakuromon fell to the ground where he lay there lifeless, and Susanomon turned to the crowd of good digimon and smiled until,

DARK BOMB said Bakuromon who was reassembled and stronger than ever with extra armor.

The kids were back to normal and injured.

"How did you get even stronger than before" asked a weak Koji

"Because I am unbeatable and as long as the nucleus in my brain is still intact I will regenerate and become stronger than my last form" said Bakuromon

"No one is unstoppable, not even us but we will stop you if it is the last this I do" said Takuya

Suddenly he felt a surge of energy and his wounds began to heal.

"I see you got stronger, but all of you combined couldn't beat me so you defiantly can't beat me alone" said Bakuromon

"Don't count me out I'm pretty hard headed so I don't really listen, now watch and learn" said Takuya


"So you think you can beat me by transforming again, well why don't we see" said Bakuromon

"I will destroy your whole body including the nucleus in your brain also" said Takuya

"We will see" said Bakuromon

DARK BOMB said Bakuromon

DRAGON INFERNO said Ancient Greymon firing a crossbow like attack that destroyed Bakuromon's Dark Bomb and kept going.

"How is this possible he is stronger than me" said Bakuromon

"Now you die" said Takuya

DRAGON INFERNO BARRAGE said Takuya as he fired a barrage of his Dragon Inferno's

His entire body was destroyed except for his head which Takuya was aiming for.

"Please no wait I was never really going to kill you I would have let you live I was just testing your strength to see if you were capable of ruling with me" said Bakuromon trying to by time till he regenerated.

Takuya knew this and got ready to attack.

DRAGON INFERNO BOMB said Takuya firing and enormous dragon Inferno that destroyed every cell in Bakuromon's head.

Takuya then transformed back into normal then fell back form tired ness.

Hitaru then walked up to Takuya then and looked down at him.

"So you're going to finish the job your boss couldn't huh" said Takuya trying to defend himself.

"No I already betrayed him, how do you think Mikara got the digivices" explained Hitaru helping Takuya up.

"So are you going back with us to earth" asked Takuya as he went back to his friends

"No I think I will stay in the digital world incase another evil digimon comes" said Hitaru

When they got back to there friends everyone was congratulating Takuya and Zoe kissed him for saving everyone, then another hologram of Alphamon popped up.

"Takuya for saving the digital world I give you the title digimon king" said Alphamon

"Thank you but I will have to turn it down, I am going back to earth with my friends, and my family, but I do recommend someone else" said Takuya

"Who" asked Alphamon

"Hitaru he already told me he was staying behind, so its only fair that he get to be the digimon king" said Takuya

"Very well Hitaru I appoint you the new king of the digital world" said Alphamon

"Yes, this is gonna be so cool" said Hitaru

And with that Alphamon disappeared, and the digimon went back to there habitat.

"So lets go back home you guys I think we deserve a break" said Takuya laughing and the others followed.

"You got that right" said Koji patting his on the back

"Ouch" said Takuya falling and everyone laughed at him

Me-Well you guys that's the end I hope liked it and here's what happened afterwards Takuya went on his date with Mikara and had fun but still went out with Zoe, then Mikara and Koji went out until Koji got to emo for her

Koji-Hey I'm not emo I don't know why all you writers think so

Me-Because you act like it, and by the way Tommy, Koichi, and Jp all had there turns trying to get in the beginning of the story, and I don't know who pick

Takuya-why don't you just hire me again I was doing so good until I pissed you off

Me-You're damn right, I guess you can have the job that is until you pissed me off again, you're fired

Takuya-You got it boss, dumbass

Me-I heard that you're fired again

Me-Anyway thanks to blackandblood, Royal court Jester, Kojilover 4, Ambikenz, and Deepwolf for reviewing, and there might be a sequal in the future but no time soon, so peace to everyone and I will make a new story to fill the void for this one