Disclaimer – I do not own Bleach. This is a collection of one shots based off of the new filler arc for Bleach, episode 230 on. So it will likely contain spoilers and it might not be understood unless you've seen the episode(s). They are going to be rather short, due to it being various weird ideas popping into my head. Not to mention, likely AU.

230a.) Where is Toshiro?
Main Characters: Soifon, Ichigo, Toshiro, Hyorinmaru, Jinta, Ururu
Rating: K

When the zanpaktou were all released into their material forms, the question came about in all the minds of the shingami, substitute included when he eventually found out, how many had gone of their free will and how many might be trusted to be on their side, as they had attachments of some kind or another to their shingami person.

"I don't think any of them are to be trusted," Soifon muttered to the orange haired substitute soul reaper. "I mean, we had Lieutenant Hinamori's go off and start destroying things, not to mention Kuchiki Rukia's. They should have been a few of the ones most likely not to go off."

Ichigo let out a sigh, rubbing his head as he did so, suddenly hearing a clunking sound coming towards him. "What is that sound?"

"Hyorinmaru…" Soifon muttered, drawing her sword. "I noticed that sound when the beast left Hitsugaya Toshiro's side. That zanpaktou is one that I defiantly have to worry about."

"I thought Hyorinmaru was a dragon," Ichigo muttered, scratching his head, as a blue tinged man came into view, a big x crossed across his face. "That is Hyorinmaru…"

"I think some have two forms… you saw Renji's, right," Soifon stated, getting into a stance to draw out her sword.

"No comment… I think I will have nightmares as I remember his looking different too," Ichigo stated, still scratching his head and not bothering to draw his sword.

"If you are looking for Hitsugaya, he is not here," Soifon suddenly commented, glaring at the massive dragon in humanoid form. "But if you wish to battle, then I can be your opponent."

"By the way Soifon… I haven't seen Toshiro…" Ichigo suddenly scratched his chin.

"Moron, this is not the time," Soifon snapped at the substitute shingami.

"Safe…" the manifested zanpaktou commented, his expression not changing.

The orange haired teenager slammed a fist into his palm. "I see."

"See what?" the second division captain suddenly became confused.

However, Ichigo ignored her, his face suddenly becoming stern. "You do realize that Toshiro is not going to be happy with that… you treating him like a child."

Hyorinmaru just shrugged his shoulders and then began to walk off, his feet clumping. Soifon though was livid. "Well, he defiantly isn't on our side!"

"Actually…" Ichigo tried to stifle a chuckle. "I think that Toshiro's zanpaktou captain-napped him and stuck him somewhere safe so he wouldn't get hurt."

Soifon's face suddenly face faltered. "You have got to be kidding me. Now I'm the one asking where he is…"


Meanwhile, in the backroom of Urahara's shop, a young taicho was tied to a chair, fuming at the two younger associates. "Untie me now!"

"Sorry, but I was told by the store keeper not to untie you as you would probably only go and get yourself hurt," Jinta smirked, having the upper hand in the situation.

"I am not a little kid!" Toshiro snapped, glaring at the two standing there. "So stop treating me like one."

"So says the person who got kidnapped by his own zanpaktou," Jinta smirked, then turned to the girl. "Right, Ururu, he looks like a little kid?"

"Uh-huh," the meek girl nodded her head in agreement.

"Hyorinmaru! When I get my hands on you!" Toshiro suddenly yelled, quite livid, only to have the chair fall over on the side on him.

Author's note
- Don't ask how Toshiro got to the living world. That is part of the humor here.
- I had to wonder how many of the zanpaktou really have free will… I mean, I couldn't see some of the older captains having their zanpaktou leave them
- I like picking on Toshiro…
- Also, I tend to mark my one shot compilations complete, even though I might add to them...