252a.) Book
: Angst
Main Characters: Hitsugaya, Hisagi
Rating: T

Hisagi sat at his desk leaning on one arm in frustration. The novel he had written hadn't gone over well and not many people in the Gotei Thirteen had bought into the whole story line. A few novels had in fact sold and thankfully the ninth division didn't make books before they were ordered. One of the letters had been a reprimand from Kuchiki Taicho about the content of the book.

"Sheesh. I actually went and favored his family in this novel." The man glanced up at the ceiling wishing that he could find something that would sell. Nothing really pleased anyone ever since Tousen had left and no one was actually providing material.

"Hisagi?" The young child like voice caused the man to suddenly jump.

The man looked up into a pair of bright teal eyes and found himself smiling slightly. The youngest captain of the Gotei Thirteen stood there with a book in his hands. "You actually read the novel I wrote?"

"You expected me not to? I am a reader you know and books being wordy and having a large vocabulary doesn't bother me. Your book wasn't that wordy and it didn't have that large of a vocabulary though." The boy stated firmly.

"Are you here to criticize my book?" Hisagi let out a deep sigh.

"What ever for?" The boy blinked a couple of times in confusion.

The man let out a deep sigh. "I figured you would be my harshest critic if you ever read this book."

"Why?" Toshiro frowned suddenly. "Have you heard about me saying anything negative about a book series from anyone in the woman's society?"

This caused the fukutaicho to paused for a few seconds. "No. I haven't heard of anything of the sort. I also didn't think you would like how you and your zampaktuo were portrayed in the novel. I mean, for one thing your zampaktuo is stronger then you when the two of you fight."

"That makes sense though. I haven't yet reached my full potential. There were some things that needed work but you got everyone's personality right. " The boy continued to stand there watching Hisagi.

For a few minutes the man looked at the boy before speaking up again. "You do realize the book hasn't sold many copies."

"That may because you marketed as historical fiction when it isn't that."

Hisagi let out a deep sigh. "It is historical fiction."

"The only think historical about it is that the villain comes from the past. Everything else occurs now so it won't be historical fiction for... I don't know... a couple hundred of years." The boy suddenly smirked. "It was a great mystery and horror novel."

A groan came from the fukutaicho of the ninth division. "Hitsugaya Taicho... it wasn't of either one of those genre. It was more along the lines of action and... well... maybe it wasn't historical."

"What exactly is the significance behind asking a writer to sign a book?" Toshiro's question came rather unexpectedly.

"Why do you ask?" The man shook his head with a rather confused look on his face.

"Matsumoto was saying when people get the chance to have a favorite book signed they should take it. Why?" Two teal eyes looked down at the ground suddenly.

"Rangiku wants me to sign a book?" Inwardly Hisagi felt a bit of elation.

"You need to get your head out of the clouds." The child taicho's cheeks suddenly puffed out from frustration. "Matsumoto hasn't read your book."

"I see..." The man folded his arms across his chest. "One of the reasons people get books signed is because that brings up the worth of the book for resale."

"That sounds stupid. Why would she tell me what she did then?" Toshiro let out a deep sigh.

"Because it is different when a person is getting their favorite book signed. Actually, some people just like to be able to collect signatures when they can. But when it comes to favorite books it is part of being able to say you've met a person you admire in some way and in the case of books it is because you admire their writing."

"Admiration is the farthest thing from understanding a person." A frown appeared on the boy's face.

"You can admire people you don't understand and people you do understand." Hisagi paused for a few minutes as he saw that the small taicho was still bothered by something. "Can I ask how you came to have such a thought?"

"I didn't put that into my own head." The small taicho glanced up. "Aizen told me this when he cut Hinamori and I down."

The ninth division taicho let out a deep sigh. "Not everyone a person admires will be around forever. For example there was a captain of the ninth division before Tousen who wrote some very amazing works that are hard to find. I admired him greatly and he's the reason I joined this division. He was gone before I got here and while I have a few books he's signed for others I don't have any of my own."

"Then the reason you get signatures is to help preserve memories?" Toshiro's countenance suddenly brightened up.

"That is considered the best kind of signature to get." Hisagi was confused as to where the conversation was going.

"Because you don't know when the person is going to die?"

The ninth division taicho suddenly found himself chocking. "That is kind of a morbid thought... but yes. Why bring this..."

The man's eyes suddenly saw the small novel being placed on his desk. His eyes glanced up at the next words from the child's mouth. "Please?"

"You want me to sign your book?" The man blinked a couple of times.

"If you don't want to I'll leave." Toshiro's hands darted behind his back as he waited for an answer.

"No. It isn't that." Hisagi picked up the novel and picked up the brush and inc. "I'm just surprised I got asked. Particularly since you don't usually ask for things you want for yourself."

"Is that a bad thing?"

The man glanced up for a few minutes before answering. "Sometimes it can be." Eventually he held out the book. When Toshiro's hand reached for it he pulled the novel up for a bit. "I want you to promise me something."

"What kind of promise." The boy suddenly frowned.

"That you won't look at it before you get back to your division."

"It is just a signature..."

"Promise me? Otherwise I'll wait and give this to Matsumoto Rangiku for you."

"Fine." Toshiro plucked the novel from Hisagi's hand and then headed back to his division.

When he got to the office Rangiku was unfortunately lounging on the couch. She glanced up to look at him. "Did you get his signature taicho?"

"I think..."

The woman suddenly frowned. "What do you mean you think?"

"He told me not to look at it until I got back here. Why would he do that?"

Rangiku patted her hand on the cushion next to the one she was sitting on. The boy walked over and complied. "Sometimes writers put down more then just their signature. Let's read it together."

Toshiro cracked the cover open to read the signature. "To an amazing young captain of the Gotei Thirteen and a wonderful kohai from the academy. Best of wishes to Hitsugaya Toshiro in his future pursuits. ~ Hisagi Shuhei."

"Why would he be nice enough to write something like this?" Two teal eyes gave her a confused look.

"Well... you are a pretty amazing kid. Plus... you probably made his day asking for his signature." Rangiku stood up and walked over to her desk. "I have something for you."

When she came back she handed him a second copy of the novel. The boy looked at it in confusion. "If you wanted me to get you a signed copy you should have asked me earlier. I am sure he would have gladly signed one for you."

"The book isn't for me."

'Why would I need a second copy?"

"Don't you want to protect your signed copy?" The woman let out an amused laugh.

"Oh." There was a pause of silence. "Yes."