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I scrunched up into the smallest ball I could on a makeshift bed of wet leaves and dirt, Edw- HE left me here completely alone and now I am trying too keep my heart from falling apart right here, right now.

'Remember what HE said Bella, remember what He said:' Take care of yourself for Charlie, Imagine what it would do to him.' Thinking of this made me wonder what Charlie would think if he found out what had happened.

I was gazing off into a light sleep when I was awoken by somebody dragging me through the dark bushes and into the continuous darkness that lay ahead like a deep blanket.
I was dazed and I felt weak, Even if I tried I would not be able to move a muscle let alone scream for help. Then I realised that I had nothing covering my mouth so wherever I was been taken too I figured;
1) I would not be heard screaming or
2) If I did scream no one would help me.

As things began to sink in I started to panic and thrash around attempting to get free of the persons hand that had hold of me hard.

"EDWARD!" I screamed, my voice began to become hysterical, as the rip in my heart got bigger until at least half of my heart had being yanked out of me replaced by emptiness where my emotions should be as I realised that he had long gone and he wouldn't be able to hear me no matter how loud I screamed and I soon realised this is what my kidnapper, as I had become to know him as, knew aswell.