Hello to everyone, if you are a newcomer to my fiction then I can tell you that there is a story before this but it isnt necessary to read it before you start this one although there may be a part about Sully in future chapters that could be a little confusing, if you do want to read it its called 'New Apartment, New day, New life?'
For those of you that have followed from that story I hope you enjoy this one and let me know what you think, all constructive critisism welcome :)


"Booth! Booth, come in here quickly." Brennan called.

"What's so urgent?" Booth made his way to the bathroom where he found Brennan sat on the wooden clothes hamper.

Brennan looked at him anxiously "Booth, I took a Pregnancy test to confirm what I am already quite certain of." Handing him the test she closed her eyes.

Booth remained silent taking the test from her unusually, unsteady hands. "I take it you haven't looked yet?"

"No, I must admit I am a little nervous about looking." Opening her eyes she gave a small nod to indicate that she was ready.

Booth turned the test over in his hands to look at the result and sat next to Brennan. Putting his strong arm around her shoulder he hugged her tightly.

Brennan turned to look at him but could not get the answer from his facial expression.

"You are going to make such a fantastic mother Temperance." He couldn't hide the happiness from his face any longer, his wide grin brightening the room instantly.

Brennan felt the tears forming in her eyes and instead of holding her emotions away from him she let the tears fall freely, they were tears of happiness. She had agreed to start a family of their own with her husband 5 weeks ago and already she had a life that they had created together growing in her womb. She pulled him closer to kiss him, this man had changed her in a way she never thought possible and she found it a little scary.

"I love you so much, thank you for giving me all of this." He kissed her lightly on her lips. "I suppose we should make an appointment to see the doctor, see how far along you are." He was still smiling widely; this is all he ever wanted.

"Yes I suppose I should." Pulling back from him she looked at the test window again. "Booth I'm scared. What are we doing bringing a child into this world?"

"Hey, I thought we already talked about this." Booth slid from his seat and knelt in front of his terrified wife. "I know it's scary and I know dealing with death everyday shows us how much bad stuff there is going on out there but we're going to be here to show them how much we love them and how happy we are despite all of that." He took her small hands into his. "You are happy, right?"

"Of course I am Booth. I just worry." She shifted slightly, her mind drifting back to the day Russ told her that her parents weren't coming back. "What if I fail? What if I can't care for a baby? What if we go to work or...or out for dinner one night and don't come back?" letting out a sob the next words were lost.

"Shhh, Bones it's going to be okay I promise."

"Booth stop! Just stop it I don't want to hear your promises because you can't promise me that everything's going to be okay, I'm not okay with this." Putting her head in her hands she spoke quietly. "I'm so scared that I'm going to be a failure, what if I've done the wrong thing getting pregnant."

"You could never be a failure, I see you with Parker and I know how much he loves you and how much you love him, what about the time we had Andy you were great."

"I let him eat a key Booth, what kind of person does that?"

"You didn't know and that's ok because I didn't know stuff when Parker was born either and you know what, I still mess up. That's just the way new parents are, they learn by making mistakes."

Brennan looked into his soft eyes he was trying to help her just like always. "Will you help me?"

"Of course as long as you help me when I don't know what I'm doing?" He smiled.

"Okay, I'm sure I can do that. Maybe we could read some of those pregnancy books, I feel that we should be as prepared as possible?" She wondered what she had done to deserve this wonderful man.

"Err...actually, don't be mad at me...but I already started reading them..."

"Booth I..."

"...I'm sorry I just got so excited when we talked about the time being right to do this and I wanted to know what to expect when you're expecting..."


"...that's the title of the book I started reading actually and it's just I never got to do any of this with Rebecca..."

"Booth!" she said it louder this time, smiling as she saw him take a breath. "It's ok that you started reading pregnancy books" She kissed him "I'm going to need all the help I can get and knowing you understand what my body is going through will reassure me."

They sat staring at the test; a few minutes ago it had given them a result that had brought tears, emotions and reassurances to the Booth household.

They moved to the living room, today had been a long day at work and they needed to relax for a few hours before they went to bed.

"Booth!" She lifted a tea cup from the cabinet above and dropped a camomile tea bag into it.


"We're going to be parents!" She smiled.

"Yeah" He smiled back looking at his beautiful wife. "Yeah we are."