Three Months Later...

"Hi Dr. Bones."

"Hi Parker, are you ready to go to the park?" Brennan finished putting the food into the picnic basket.

"Yeah, daddy says I can bring a football too."

"That's a good idea I'm sure Hodgins would love to play too." She closed the basket and hooked her arm underneath the handle.

"Whoa! Bones let me get that you know you're not supposed to lift heavy things." Booth took the basket from his wife and kissed her cheek.

"Booth I was fine, it's really not that heavy." She put her hands on her hips and let out a sigh. "I'm six months pregnant but that doesn't mean that I need to rely on you for everything."

"I don't want you to get hurt that's all. I know your emotions are running high at the moment but please don't be mad at me for wanting to help my beautiful wife." He tried to calm her with a smile.

She took a deep breath. "I'm sorry it's these damn hormones."

"It's ok" He took her hand and kissed it. "Let's get going I said we would meet Angela and Cam at 12:30 and it's almost that now."

Fifteen minutes later...

"Hey guys, we thought you had changed your mind." Angela hugged Brennan. "How's my Godchild doing today?"

"The baby has really started to kick now, more so when Booth talks." She put her hand to rest naturally on her protruding bump.

"He loves his daddy." Booth smiled.

"Booth, we don't know it's a boy so don't say he."

"I don't like calling the baby 'it'." He squatted in front of Brennan and put his hands on her stomach. "I think you're going to be a boy anyway." The baby kicked hard. "See, he's letting me know I'm right."

"Booth, you know Parker wants a brother, don't get him excited, if it's a girl he will be upset."

"Can I feel, I love it when he kicks." Angela put her hands where Booths were.

"Ange, don't you start calling the baby he too!"

"I'm sorry but Booth is right, calling the baby 'it' just seems wrong. Oh it kicked me again."

This time Angela sat in front of Brennan. "Hey little...."

"Ange! Don't say little guy or boy or anything else that would imply you know the sex."

Angela smiled up at her best friend. "Hey little baby, I'm your Aunt Angela and over there is Uncle Jack, we can't wait to meet you although we do need you to stay in there for as long as possible."

"Hey Angela, Dr. Brennan." Cam came over to where the two women were talking and smiled.

"Hey Cam, where's Peter?" Angela scanned the park for Cam's boyfriend.

"Oh he forgot the wine so he went to the store; he should be back any minute now."

"Cam you should call me Bren or Brennan, Dr. Brennan is so formal."

"I know I'm sorry." She smiled at Brennan. "How is the little guy?"

Angela's eyes went wide, taking a step back behind Brennan she shook her hands violently while mouthing 'call it baby not boy'.

Cam looked at Angela with her brow furrowed; she couldn't understand a word that she was mouthing.

Suddenly Brennan spoke up. "The baby is doing fine thank you for asking."

Angela stopped waving her arms and looked at Brennan, those hormones really do make her moods go up and down.

"Oh look, there's Peter now." Brennan waved him over.

Booth, Hodgins and Parker came running over with him and sat down on one of the picnic blankets Angela had spread out on the grass. Peter kissed Cam on the cheek and handed her the bottle of red wine.

"I'm hungry Dr. Bones can we eat some of the food now?" Parker peered into the basket of food licking his lips.

"Sure Parker let me just get everything out of the basket and then we can eat."

Once the food had been eaten they all sat talking about places they would like to go on holiday when they got a break from solving murders. Booth was leaning against a tree with Brennan sat in between his legs, he was giving her neck a massage, Parker was asleep with his head on Brennans lap and the rest of the guys were laying on the blankets drinking the rest of the juice and wine.
Angela sat up and cleared her throat signalling for everyone's attention.

"I would just like a minute of everyone's time, Jack and I have something we would like to tell you all." Looking at Hodgins she nodded.

He could hardly keep still from the excitement "Angela is three months pregnant."

Everyone congratulated them, the men celebrating with a game of football and Cam and Angela came to sit with Brennan. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, I just wanted to make sure everything was ok and you had just celebrated getting the first trimester."

"Ange, its ok I understand I'm so happy for you both." She felt the baby kicking again. "It feels like the baby is happy too!"

Two and a half months later...

Booth turned over in his sleep and reached out for his very pregnant wife only to find a cold empty space where she should have been sleeping. Getting up he made his way through the house checking the nursery, Parkers bedroom where he was sleeping soundly, the bathroom even her office but she wasn't in there either. Suddenly hearing a noise in the kitchen he knew where she had gone.

"Bones, what are you doing up at this time?"

Brennan jumped a little at the sound of his voice "I'm sorry, I couldn't sleep and I wanted to get some more cleaning done before the baby comes."

"I told you yesterday the house is clean, you don't need to do anything apart from relax." He pulled his wife closer for a hug.

"I know Booth but Anthropologically I'm nesting, it's common for women to want to make the environment safe and clean for the arrival of the baby."

"Come back to bed."

"I just need to clean the coffee machine."

"Come back to bed."

"It won't take long then I promise I will go back to bed."

"Temperance, come back to bed, please."

The use of her name made her take a look around the kitchen and realise that he was right, it was clean and she should just go back to bed. "Okay let's go." She almost got to the top of the stairs when a sharp pain made her double over.

"Bones, are you okay?"

"That one was stronger than the others."

Booths voice was suddenly high pitched "Others, what others?"

"I didn't want to worry you but I couldn't sleep because I kept getting pains." Her waters choose that moment to break and Booth couldn't help but worry.

"Oh god you're in labour" Booth helped Brennan back down the stairs and sat her in the living room. "Stay here I will go and get Parker and the baby bag." He practically ran back up the stairs, threw on some clothes and got the bag from their bedroom then picked Parker up from his bed and carried him downstairs before strapping him in his car seat and coming back for Brennan.

"Booth, slow down I'm fine. "

"You're not fine you're in labour."

3 hours later...

"Bren how are you?" Angela burst into the room with Jack slowly making his way in behind her.

"Ange, you didn't have to come I'm fine."

"I wouldn't miss this for the world, where's Booth?"

"He's getting me some ice chips."

Hodgins smiled "I thought you were going to tell me he had fainted and was in the next room."

Booth came back with the ice chips and greeted Angela and Hodgins.

"Hey I heard that, I'm not going to faint."

Hodgins smiled at Booth and clapped him on the back. "I can't wait till our baby girl gets here, she's going look so much like you Ange I just know it."

Booth smiled at Angela "She? So you know what sex the baby is?"

"Yeah, we were going to wait till the birth but Hodgins..."

Hodgins cut in "Angela wanted to know." They both said the others name at the same time. "Hey, you were the one who couldn't wait you said you wanted to know so you could paint the nursery."

"And you said you wanted to know so you could either buy trucks or dolls."

"Hodgins, you do know that girls can play with trucks too, I played with Russ' toys all the time when I was little."

"See Jack I told you Bren would tell you that."

Booth watched Angela and Hodgins argue over what boys and girls should and shouldn't play with when he felt Brennan squeeze his hand as a contraction started. The contraction stopped and Booth took the chance to leave the room again.

"I just need to go outside and call Rebecca to pick up Parker and then I promise I'm not going to leave your side again."

"We could take care of Parker you know, it's no trouble and I'm sure when he wakes up he would want to be here for when his brother or sister arrives."

Booth looked at Brennan "I think she's right Booth, and I want Parker here he's part of our family too."

"Okay but are you sure you don't mind looking after him." Booth looked over at Parker who slept on a hospital chair through the whole thing.

Brennan took a few deep breaths of the gas and air as another contraction started. Booth held her hand as she squeezed it and held a cold cloth to her forehead. "Where the hell is Dr. Willows anyway?"

"He came by while you were getting the ice." Brennan said between breaths, the contraction was starting to fade now and she sat back in the bed. "I've got a way to go yet Booth so relax; I'm only dilated 5 centimetres."

Eight hours later...

"That one felt a lot stronger than the others and there about two minutes apart now." Brennan looked at Dr. Willows hoping he would tell her it was time to push, she was tired and it hurt but she was determined not to have any pain relief aside from the gas and air.

"Temperance in a moment I'm going to need you to push and don't stop until I tell you to okay?"

Brennan nodded and took Booths hand again.

"Okay Temperance, push."

Fifteen minutes later...

"Congratulations it's a boy."