Title: The Bet

Summary: Draco makes a bet with Hermione – whoever can get 10 dates with 10 different people first can make the loser their personal slave for the week. Laughter, hilarity, and romance shall ensue.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and there is a bit of suggestive material in here so just letting you know. Also, I know Charms is a 7th year course but for the sake of factual info we'll just let this be set anywhere from 5-7th years without all the Dark Lord drama. Don't want Voldy hogging my plot!

Rating: Kt – T for language and a bit of Draco's dirty talk


"I bet I can get ten dates before you do," Draco Malfoy challenges haughtily as he casually slumps into one of the chairs we share in the commons. I roll my eyes, not believing what I am hearing. This is what I get for sharing my love life with my worst enemy and my new roommate thanks to Dumbledore thinking we would be great heads together. I should never have said anything about stupid Philippe standing me up…

"Why do you say that?" I ask, looking up from my Charms book.

"Well because you came in here having yourself a little bit of a fit about some guy standing you up and not meeting you for your date. You went on and on about how stupid guys are and how we are nothing more than immature little newts who wouldn't know the meaning of love if it came up and bit us in the…"

"I remember what I said," I rolled my eyes, annoyed with his play-by-play, "I want to know what prompted this little bet you've just challenged me to."

"Well, your luck with guys hasn't been the best – actually, you don't have any luck at all when it comes to guys – so I just think it would be interesting to see who can get ten dates first."

"That's a stupid idea, Malfoy," I scoff, and it is.

"You're just saying that because you know I can get ten dates before you. I have girls all over Hogwarts who are begging to get in my…"

"Ew," I hold up a hand, "Don't go any further with that statement. Besides, I haven't met a single girl who would even consider going out with you. Most girls prefer to go on dates with people who are not foul, loathsome…"

"Evil little cockroaches, I know, I know. But I happen to have a whole following of girls."

"Invisible friends, Malfoy? I thought you'd matured out of that phase last week."

"Very funny," he lets out a huff and brushed the blonde bangs from his face, "We all know who's going to win. Besides, no guy would dare look twice at you, Granger. But let's make this a bit more interesting?"

"How interesting are we talking about?" I asked, a little concerned. I have never trusted Draco Malfoy and know I never will so the idea of making deals and bets with the guy is a bit unnerving.

"The loser has to be the winners slave for a week."

"Fair enough," I nod, "But as the winner's slave, the loser doesn't have to do anything perverted, sexual, disgusting, creepy, or evil, got it?"

"But that's no fun," Draco pouted, reminding me of a little boy who had just been scolded, "But I can see your point. I mean, if you win – which you won't – you would probably make me do something embarrassing like run into Snape's class naked, right? You'd love to see that, wouldn't you? Most girls would…"

"You are the most pompous moron I know," I said as I slammed my book shut, "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to bed."

"So is it a deal then?" Draco asks and I can't help but sigh, letting out my frustration.

"Fine, it's a deal, happy?"

"Very. Oh, and when I have my dates, you'll probably need to find another place to crash at night," he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, knowing that it would get under my skin, and it did.

"You are a sick pig, Malfoy," I stood up and made my way to my room. Behind the safety of my door, I couldn't help but feel a bit concerned about this bet. I had never been on a date before and tonight would have been my first one if Philippe hadn't decided to not show.

And despite my distaste towards Draco, not all other girls felt the same about him. Some, many actually, really did find the pathetic worm attractive which has not made a bit of sense to me but maybe they are just as desperate as he is. That's the only way to explain it. And now, because of Draco and because of me mouthing off my anger to him, I am stuck in the middle of this bloody bet.

Ten dates the soonest – do I even know ten guys? I know Harry and Ron but I could never date them – they are my best friends! I also know Neville. He's sweet and everything but I don't know if he's dating material – then again, he would be a date.

I mentally slap myself – how could I do this? I was using people just to get the most dates and beat Malfoy! That meant I was as bad, if not worse, than him. I shuttered at the thought. But then again, what technically qualifies as a date? Just dinner, a game of chess, a visit to the cinema? Maybe I should ask…

I sigh with desperation and wish I had a fork to gouge my eyes out with because I would definitely rather be doing that than going back out there to ask Draco my question. I love Dumbledore and I know he's a brilliant man but sometimes I think he's literally insane. What was he thinking putting the two of us together? Here it was October and I was amazed that one of us hadn't ended up dismembered.

I muster up my courage, open the door, and peek out. There's Draco, sitting calmly in the chair, ringing a lock of blonde hair around his finger. I roll my eyes and storm up to him. His eyes widen upon seeing me but he sneers his usual sneer and asks, "I thought you were going to bed. What are you doing here?"

"I want to know what qualifies as a date?"

"Well, usually a bit of action but you won't go for that in a million years so how about just a kiss?"

"On the lips?"

"At least on the cheek. But you could always get creative…"

"Are you always such a snotty perv?" I ask, and get a scoff for a reply.

"Fine, on the cheek, happy?"

"Yes. How late are you going to be up?" I asked before I could stop myself.


"Because we have a test in Charms tomorrow…"

"We do?"

"Yes – hence me memorizing the book for the past two hours," I rolled my eyes and he only bit his lip for a moment, showing a second of concern.

"Oh well, Charms is the simplest class. It should be a first year requirement."

"Well I hope you feel that way even after you fail," I smirk as I return towards my room.

"I won't fail, Granger."

But when I shut the door, I can hear him muttering curse words right and left. I must say, his vocabulary is pretty colorful. I quickly changed into my pajamas and crawled underneath my sheets. My head is filled with thoughts of Draco and his stupid bet. Maybe I could just tell Harry and Ron that I need to go on a date with them for the bet and they'd be happy to because they'd want to beat Draco…

Maybe they can even tell their friends and they'll all agree just to help me show up that stupid little ferret! I am brimming with excitement as I close my eyes and fall peacefully asleep, trying to ignore the pathetic attempts at charming taking place outside my room.