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"Careful with them, you dopes. If there is one bruise on them, they're no good to sell," Someone warned the handlers as they put the merchandise in the right cages.

Gaara was merchandise. He was pushed along a carpeted hallway with the other retail items. He was blindfolded to make sure he didn't know where he was. Gaara's red tail was wrapped around his waist firmly. This was his second time being sold.

The first time had been hell in a hand basket. The redhead hadn't known what was going on and being only 10, he fought back and screamed at anyone. His father had gotten tired of him being alive in his house so he had dropped him off at this same exact building and never looked back, knowing he was never going to be seen again.

He was put in one of the barred square containers and locked in. He knew they were numbered since his old master had brought him here to pick up some new friends and playmates. None of them had been able to stay with him…they all were hurt too much to move.

He sat down on the slim futon, his ears pressed against his untamed red locks. He heard cries from the first timers and felt a pang of sympathy. He was once like that. Gaara had sat in the corner of the cell and trembled considerably, waiting for what seemed like hours, only to be placed with an unforgiving master.

A while later he heard a set of voices. "Here's 51. Get him out for viewing. Gentle with him, he'll bruise. And that will make him unsellable." He heard the lock being undone and the door being opened.

"Get up," he instructed him roughly. The man was standing in front of him, waiting impatiently.

He stood on wobbly legs and remained still until he felt a hand on the small of his back, pushing him forward calmly. "H-how many b-buyers a-are there?" Gaara asked quietly, knowing that the man couldn't inflict punishment on him.

"None of your business, slave. Now shut up." He pushed the redhead harder then turned him abruptly. He was stripped roughly of the paper sheet that hid his privates. "Now stay. Do as they say and you'll have yourself a master. Don't and the punishment is death." He left Gaara then.

Suddenly where ever he was became brightly lit, making him cringe. "Remove the blindfold. Stand perfectly still until I inform you to do otherwise," the room said.

He reached up and slowly untied the cloth, letting it fall from his shackled hands. Gaara saw three panes of glass in front of him. He knew there were people on the other side that could see him but he wasn't able to. He stared blankly ahead, waiting for a command to fulfill.

"Unwrap your tail from your body. Now, keep your hands at your side and don't move them." A minute later the intercom commanded, "Turn slowly around, then drop to your knees in submission form. Await further instruction."

Gaara did as he was told. Looking at the bland floor, he couldn't help but pray for a gentle, loving master. That was all he wanted. He didn't want to be tortured until he passed out from the pain. He wanted pleasure also.

"Lay on your back and spread your legs widely towards the middle glass pane. Do not touch yourself."

So they wanted to see his hole? To see if there was any damage inflicted or if he was permanently stretched? But he hadn't had sex in about three months so there was no way there was any damage or evidence that he had even had intercourse. His old master had refused to pleasure him in anyway, not that he ever did. It was all about his master's happiness and nothing about Gaara's safety.

"Get up and wait for a Handler to assist you back to your holding cell." The lights went out and he stood. A rough hand grabbed his upper arm and pulled him towards the light from an open door. The blindfold was replaced and he was brought back to his cell.

"Who bought me?" the redhead questioned quietly. He wasn't sure if they were allowed to mark him. he had never been this inquisitive either.

"You'll find out soon. For now shut up and wait." The man shoved him violently back into his cage. "Your master will be here shortly. Do not make a noise." The man remained outside his pen.

It wasn't very long at all until he heard the door opening once more. His arm was grabbed suddenly and yanked forward.