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Warnings: Gore, beating, spanking

Rough fingers curled around his arm, bruising Sai's pale skin while dragging him into the house. There was no resistance, just knowing feet stumbling slightly. Sai was already getting into his sub head space, his happy place.

Itachi growled as he pressed the smaller body into the bed, facedown. He grabbed and tore at the clothes Sai was wearing. Once the teen was naked, he dragged his fingernails down the scarred back, raising rosy welts. "You are insufferable and useless." The older raven gripped already bruised hips firmly before shoving Sai farther onto the bed.

Sai didn't move. He had learned to let Itachi do as he pleased and he would whimper and cry about his punishment later. His master didn't like it when he cried, said it made him ugly and nothing like his beloved Otouto.

"A threat of castration didn't motivate you enough to do the job right." Itachi used this teen to fulfill his fantasy. The likeness to his little brother was quite outstanding. Most of the time he didn't touch the teen unless it was during sex or in punishment. To actually follow through with the castration would ruin the fantasy completely.

"Castration, I realize, is quite extreme. I will not go forth with that punishment but with another." Itachi brought his right hand back and slapped the pale ass fiercely and repeatedly.

When the ass was a bright cherry red, Itachi dragged his nails across the sensitive flesh, earning himself a howl. The older raven leaned over to the bedside table and dug for a couple minutes until he found the box he had never opened.

Opening it behind his slave, Itachi made sure that he couldn't see it. The cock ring was very tricky and hazardous. It had a set of sharp teeth on the inside that would catch on the skin if pulled in the wrong direction. Itachi unwrapped the dangerous cock ring and slipped it on to the flaccid cock, letting it scrape against the skin.

Sai jerked as he screamed into the mattress. He hated the pain his master inflicted on him and so Sai usually stayed out of trouble. But it's not every day that his master expects him to touch a man he's never met. The teen knew that this was just the beginning of the pain.

Itachi ran a soothing hand across the buns. He needed the teen to be erect for this. With several gentle, pleasurable touches the older raven had Sai moaning and aching for more. Itachi continued to rub the teen's perineum before moving the cock ring slightly forward.

The younger male bit his bottom lip to hold in the scream that was seconds from bursting out. He pressed his face into the closest pillow and fisted the sheets to channel the excruciating sting in his crotch. The teeth dug into him deeply, drawing ruby red blood that danced along his swollen cock and dripped onto the midnight bedspread.

The Uchiha didn't speak much during the punishment. He saw the teen try to pull himself away and had to restrain his pale hands behind the arched back. Then came the most cruel part. He began fisting the teen's cock, tugging the cock ring along the shaft, loud screams bounced off the walls. It scraped, scratched and maimed while on its journey to the head of the cock. "You are lucky I didn't castrate you. I'll leave you to bleed, you useless piece of shit." Itachi removed the ring but and shoved the teen from his bed.

Sai was barely conscious. His body was drained and he didn't move from where he landed on the floor. He couldn't even curl up into a ball because that jostled his cock too much. A desperate sob escaped his lips and he wished that he could've stayed with Sasuke and the blonde and the kitten.

The fact that his punishment wasn't far from over made him hope he would bleed to death. His master would hold this lowly grudge against him until he did something to prove he was a good pet or fucked up again.

Death would be a wonderful thing. No more aches and pains or bruises. He would be safe in the arms of comforting nothingness.

The small raven's body began to lose color as the ruby red liquid dripped from his mutilated cock. Maybe if it turned out ugly enough Master would just kill him. He hoped so.


Gaara kneeled in front of Sasuke, his eyes trained on the man's knees. "You summoned, Master?"

"Yes." Sasuke lifted the teen's chin and he smiled reassuringly. "I have a role for you tonight at the auction." He saw Gaara shiver so he pet the velvet cat ears. "I want you to service the guests tonight."

The jade eyes widened and Gaara pulled away from his master's touch. This was not something Sasuke had asked of him before. "S-service, Master?"

Sasuke immediately understood what the teen had thought. "Yes, keep their goblets full and remove their empty dishes. I want you to show them how obedient you are." The raven patted his lap. "I want you to listen very carefully to me, Gaara."

The teen swiftly climbed onto his master's lap and curled against his chest. "Yes, Master."

"I will never ask you to sexually service another person other than Naruto. I do not believe in sharing my pets with other men. My pets are mine and they stay that way." Sasuke kissed Gaara's forehead.

Gaara curled closer to his master. "I have never done dinner service before, Master."

"I know. We'll practice before the guests get here." Sasuke pet the teen's hair before saying, "Now go see Naruto. I'm going to my brother's. I'll be back soon."

The teen nodded. "Be safe, Master." Gaara leaned up and pressed his mouth softly to his master's before running out into the backyard.

Gaara climbed happily onto the hammock and wiggled into Naruto's side. As the blanket settled over him, the teen kissed the blonde's shoulder. He had become more affectionate since Sasuke had let him and Naruto have alone time together.

Naruto gently pet the teen's head and looked up at the sky. "I presume that Master has just informed you of your role in tonight's auction?"

The redhead nodded. "I am to service the guests. I thought he meant sexually but he meant dinner service." He looked quizzically at the blonde for a moment. "What is your role?"

"I am to be one the pets to be auctioned off. I'm quite surprised he didn't let you do it. I think he wanted an accurate showing of the general age he is going to be auctioning." The blonde looked at Gaara for a moment, gauging his reaction before continuing. "It's easy. I get to stand in front of people in my underwear."

Suddenly the hammock rocked violently and Gaara was running into the house. He shoved the study door open and flung himself to his knees before begging, "Please don't sell Naruto!"

Sasuke looked at the upset teen for a second before kneeling in front of him. "Pet, do you not trust me?" When the redhead just nodded, he added, "Look at me." Gaara's eyes met his. "I would not sell Naruto without first letting you know. I am not heartless." The raven's tone turned stern. "I will deal with your disobedience later on. Now go spend time with Naruto. When I come back, I will have you practice dinner service."

Gaara nodded and stood slowly. "Master, I am sorry I doubted you. If you wanted to sell Naruto, then I could not stop you. I am sorry." A gentle hand on his cheek startled him into looking up.

"I accept your apology. Now run along. I will be back shortly." Sasuke pressed a soft kiss to his forehead before gathering his belongings and following Gaara out of the room.

The redhead made his way back to the hammock and climbed in. He couldn't believe his foolishness.

As the teen settled in next to him, Naruto said, "There was no reason to run to Master like that. He would've told you. You need to stop thinking that he wants to keep us apart. Master knows this relationship will not work if he does. He needs us both, he just won't say it."

The teen nodded and burrowed closer to Naruto's side. Breathing in the man's scent, Gaara felt himself began to doze off and didn't fight it.


Sasuke strode up to the menacing door and knocked loudly. He was nervous that he would easily give in to his brother just to end the silly fight between them but he could not. He needed to stand up for what he loved and cared about.

A trembling maid opened the door and ushered the raven in. "I-Itachi-sama is busy at the moment. P-please take a seat. I will bring you tea and cookies, Sasuke-sama." She wrapped her arms around herself as she walked away.

Several seconds later, Itachi came into the room looking rumpled with blood stains on his pale neck. "Neeka, I told you not to let anyone in!" he roared. He looked at Sasuke and smiled gently. "Otouto, what are you doing here?" his tone was guarded.

"I came to say that I am tired of fighting with you. You can punish your pets in any way you feel necessary. But I will not stand idly by while you permanently damage a young boy. Is that his blood?" Sasuke pointed to the red smears on his brother.

"What does it matter? You just said that I can punish my pets my way. Do not interfere." Itachi pulled his robe closer around him, trying to hide the blood.

"I want to see him. If he lost his manhood, Nii-san, there will be hell to pay." Sasuke squared his shoulders and made his way to his brother's room. He had been there several times and had spent many hours in there when he was younger.

He shoved the door open with a flourish, scaring the raven inside. Sasuke slammed it closed before his brother could get in and locked it.

Sai plastered himself against the wall, his bruises sliding roughly against the wall. He kept an eye on Sasuke as he continued to come closer to him. Scared, he scooted farther back. Was this man going to hurt him too?

Sasuke was surprised by what he saw. The boy was completely speckled in black and blue head to toe with maroon painting his thighs and lower abdomen. What had his brother done? He slowly extended his hand but the boy just stared at it. "Come with me. I'll keep you safe."

He slunk back into the corner, a pained whine escaped him. "Sorry," he rasped. Sai stared at the smaller Uchiha's knees, unable to bring himself to look at the man's face.

Itachi had been banging on the door but he had stopped. What use was this? If Sasuke took that piece of shit then it was no big deal. He would find another and change him into his Otouto look alike.

The smaller raven looked at the door as the pounding stopped, fear slowly started to dissipate but Sasuke took another step closer, reminding Sai that he wasn't safe just yet.

Seeing the fear in those black eyes, Sasuke backed away. "Sai," he whispered. "If you don't come with me, he will hurt you even more. I can keep you safe from him."

Sai looked at him with wide eyes that were quickly filling with tears. "I can't l-leave. He'll f-find me."

Sasuke shook his head. "He won't." He slowly extended his hand and took a hold of the boy's wrist. "Come with me." The raven tugged him up and dragged him to the window. Sliding it open and shoving the screen out, Sasuke forced the teen through and followed him.

They slowly moved to the front of the house. Sasuke and the teen scrambled to the car and they peeled out before Sai could get his seatbelt on.


Sasuke gently ushered Sai into the house and brought him to the bathroom. He cleaned, bandaged and photographed the teen's wounds and gave him some clothes to wear. Then he got him into a spare bedroom and tucked him in. "Stay in here. You'll be safe here."

The teen shook his head. There was no safe place for him. He curled into himself and covered his face. "He'll come for me."

The older raven nodded. "I'll protect you. He won't hurt you again." Sasuke turned away and went to the bathroom to retrieve a sleeping pill. He handed it to the teen with some water. "Sleep."

Sai nodded and closed his eyes. As soon as he heard the bedroom door close, he began to cry. Sasuke was foolish to think that he can protect him. Itachi will stop at nothing to get him back. And as soon as he was back into that man's clutches…he was dead.


Sasuke found Naruto in the hammock, dozing. He woke him gently as to not wake Gaara. "Come inside. I have something I need to tell you."

Groggily, Naruto followed the raven into the house. "What is it? Are you all right?" He took a step closer and gathered Sasuke's hand in his.

"I went to Nii-san's and I found his pet in a terrible state. I brought him back here and cleaned him up. I will have to take him to the hospital to make sure that he's fine but Nii-san tortured him. His…cock is mutilated." Sasuke gripped Naruto's hand tighter.

Naruto was shocked. He knew that Itachi could be sadistic but the purposely injure your partner or anyone was wrong. "I'm glad you brought him here. I'll look over him when you aren't able to."

"Thank you. Go wake Gaara up. It's time for his punishment." Sasuke wasn't in the mood for anything physical so emotional would do just fine.


The punishment for bursting into his master's study and doubting Sasuke was a hysterical affair. Dressed like a top rate red light district girl, Gaara had a stack of five books on top of his head and a vibrating butt plug snug up inside him as he placed plates, silverware, and stemware on a table. If a book fell, he lost an article of clothing. Whatever was left would be his outfit for the night.

Gaara did surprisingly well. He still had his red trimmed black corset, tight leather shorts, and black tights. Sasuke decided to scrap the shorts. Instead he wore leather panties that barely held him.

This business meeting meant everything to Sasuke. He always wanted to sell pets because he knew that only he would make sure that they went to good homes. He couldn't trust anyone else to do it right.