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Chapter One

After all that he was not going to come. I had to put on a happy face for Father and Heat. As much I love them I really wanted to say goodbye to Alzeid. I know that they don't like him though the answer is still not clear to me why.

"It's time to go Rahzel." Father called from the train car.

"Don't worry I will take good care of him. I will make sure that he writes you."

"If he doesn't I will come and find you two and beat you both up." Heat laughed taking another drag on his cigarette. I have always hated that he smokes but that is the Heat thing to do. "Write me soon. Drag his ass to come and see me Heat."

"You got it Rahzel Chan." My chest was tight. Why wasn't he here? Did our journey mean that little to him? Do I mean that little to him? "Go before your demon father comes out here." Hugging my bear bag tighter I went up the stairs and followed my father to our seats.

"It's good that he didn't come. I fear that bad things would happen if he did." Father said looking out the window at the disappearing station. "Soon we will be home surrounded all your new toys."

"Father I would like you to train me. I want to be able to defeat Alzeid, both of them." Father laughed. I knew that is what he wanted to hear. But the reason was not what he thought that it would be.

'That is my girl. Now tell me about your journey." What was there to say? I saw the darkness of the world that I thought that I had run away from when I got to live with Father.

"It was unremarkable. Nothing happened that I couldn't handle alone. The boys were there to keep me company so that I didn't get too bored." Yeah the stabbing, shooting, drugging, daily molesting, being rescued by Alzeid mean nothing. That is the way that I have to start thinking about things.

Months, well two, rolled by with only a single letter from Heat and Alzeid. More Heat than Alzeid.

How are you? We are on the trail of that woman. Stopped in a town that you wanted to see so I thought that I would write you and send you a souvenir.

In the tiny little box a small red crystal charm. The same color as his eyes. I turned over the letter.

Al boy got the same kind but the color of the sky.

I could fell the tingle in my nose that said that I was going to cry. He once said that my eyes were like the sky.

He has sewn it into his coat. I think he thinks that I don't know that it is there but I saw him grab it. I really think that he misses you. He is sleeping now so I think it is safe to write this. He calls your name in his sleep like he is in pain. Oh he is stirring I am going to send this off to you. We will be here for a month to make money for the next part of the journey. I miss you Rahzel Chan.

Heat and Al.

"Damn that man. If he wanted me to stay he should have said so." I dropped the box and charm to the floor. As it clang to the floor a card came out of the box from under the cushion. In Alzeid's scrolling script it just said simply. "I miss you." That cracked my mask. The water made the ink run. I wanted to write them right away and tell them everything then run out the door to give it to them in person. That would destroy Father though.

So another month went by. I got another letter. This time in Alzeid's hand writing.

Stupid girl,

I found her. It's not what you think. I didn't do it. I remembered that you think that killing for revenge just puts a scar on top of another scar. Instead I just asked her why. You know that she said. "Because I loved him." That is a foolish reason to kill someone. So was my reason. Heat and I are going to travel south now. I think that I have grown accustom to this gypsy life. I like it. Heat can't cook, and his cocoa is too bitter. If we are in town Heat has said that he would like to stop by. It's probably to chase women. I got to go I will write later.


Of course Heat can't cook. He is spoiled by all his women. They might be coming here. That gave me some hope at least. So I wrote back.

Kitty pon

That would be great if you came here. I want to introduce you both to my friends. I have told them so much about you. Father will be happy to get his little brother home for a while. Your little clone has been here a dozen times. He is so cute. I want nothing more than for me to keep him forever. Kiara won't let me have him. When he is around it is like having a little brother. They get me into less trouble than you two did though. As for Heat, you knew he couldn't cook so why do you let him? You and I are always the only ones that could cook anything good. I hope that you will come here soon. Winter is always so pretty here. A perfect place in a shinning white castle for moi. Where ever you go what ever you do I will be right here waiting for you.

Princess Rahzel

I knew that the moment that I mentioned his brother that Alzeid would rush to save me from the little murderer. Alas it was not to be. I only got another two letter a week later. The scribbled one was short and to the point.


If Alzeid Jr is there where is your demon father? It's not safe with those two around. If either of them hurt you then I will be right there to rescue you.


I smiled at the letter it was really what I wanted to hear just not who I wanted to hear it from. Alzeid's letter was longer. I could wait what he had to say. I wanted to hear the words but I can't so knowing what he was thinking was just going to have to do.


We are oceans apart. Heat is driving to crazy. He thinks that we should go rescue you. I know that my brother will not hurt you. I just think that you are going to hurt yourself. I know that you are more of a klutz than most girls your age. That woman has the same color eyes as you and I find Heat calling her your name. It's most annoying. Heat is telling me that I have get you here. He wants you here forever. But how can he say forever with you getting kidnapped all the time. I took for granted all the times that you kept him from harassing me. I hear her laughter and it's not the same without you. Listen to me. I might be going crazy.


Why was the murderer of his father traveling with them? He called me by my name. It was the sweetest sound in the world when he said my name. Having them there every step of the way was the best time of my life. Now I am back to the domestic life that I thought that I wanted. This was not that I wanted. This was the fake me.

"Rahzel you up here?" I hid the letters under the pillow at my father's question. Time to put on the sweet me. This is the me that doesn't miss traveling. This is the me that didn't want to wake up next to them every morning. This is the me that didn't think they were more then friends.

"Yes just doing my homework." Father opened the door. Behind him two of my closet friends from school. Nanette and Anais smiled happily. "Hey guys I've been waiting."

"I will bring you up snacks later." Father smiled and closed the door.

"What is wrong Rahzel?" Nanette asked. I pulled out the letters. "And what do your friends have to say today?" Both girls sat on my bed. I recanted the letters leaving out thing like murderers and the fear that Alzeid Jr. brings up.

"I am slowly going insane waiting for them to come. I want to see them again but I don't want to leave you guys and Father."

"I am sure that you are going to be fine. Tell them you want them here for your 16th. I am sure that they can make it for that." God himself only knew where the boys were. I could write Heat, ask them to be there. I want so badly to see them. I could tell that the girls were looking at each other while I put the letters in the draw of my desk.

"Anyway lets get this homework done."

When they were gone I went back to my desk. A year. It has been almost a year since I saw them last. Bear bag still packed waiting for the day that they would come get me. So I wrote again.

Alzeid and Heat

I will be right here waiting for you. My birthday is coming again. Please if you can, come here.


So I waited.