Okay here's the Wizards of Waverly Place/JONAS crossover I promised. Not as much comedy as its predecessor, Missing Macy, although there will be some. There's no way JONAS can't be funny :) Inspired by the Wizards vs. Vampires saga on Disney Channel right now.

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The day Justin fell in love with Juliet, everything changed in the Russo house. No one noticed it; after all, vampire girlfriends who work at your rival sandwich shop can be rather distracting.

"Justin, did you hear anything I just said?" I asked, annoyed.

"I'm sorry, what?" Justin snapped out of his daydream and looked at me, confused.

I sighed and stood up from where I had been sitting on the couch. The sight of him staring at a picture of Juliet in a heart-shaped frame was starting to creep me out. "Never mind. It wasn't that important," I told him before heading upstairs.

My brother didn't respond. He was already lost in his daydream again.

Of course he wouldn't even care if I told him. He and his girlfriend were doing great, so why would it matter if his little sister and her boyfriend broke up? Why would it matter how much it hurt her, how much she needed a shoulder to cry on besides Harper's, someone who was family?

So maybe I was a little more cynical than usual, but I couldn't help it. Dean was everything to me, and then he goes and rips my heart out. If anyone in my family bothered to look they would see how bloodshot my eyes were or how I wasn't eating that much anymore. That wasn't even the worst of it.

I'd lost my magic.

Or at least, it was malfunctioning. Even simple spells took too much energy, and that scared me. I didn't want to wake up on the floor again.

I sprawled out on my bed and buried my face in my pillow. There had to be something I could do. Everything in the house, the Sub Station, and even Waverly Place reminded me of him, and it felt like a knife in my heart every time. Talking about it apparently wasn't going to work. I considered staying at Harper's for a little while, at least to make a point, until I remembered that she was on vacation with her family for the summer—something about scuba diving in Lake Eerie; I hadn't dared to question further. And then it hit me.

Run away.

It was probably the scariest option, but I wasn't exactly in my right mind at the time. After all, it was something Alex Russo would do. And maybe they'd finally notice if I disappeared. Maybe they'd care then.

I dragged myself off my bed and threw some things into a shoulder bag—just the necessities. I was a little irrational and didn't consider that I might need a bit more than that to survive on my own. Then I tied on my favorite old pair of converse, tucked my wand into my jeans—not that I was sure I would be able to use it but just in case—and climbed out the window via the fire escape.

I wasn't sure where I was going. All I knew was that I had to get out of New York, away from all the memories Dean and I had made there and as far from my house as possible, so no one could find me. It was already getting dark when I left. I used the last of my allowance—not smart I know but I wasn't exactly thinking—on a forty-seven minute bus fare to Wyckoff, New Jersey. It began to sprinkle as soon as I left the bus. I didn't even notice until it started pouring, and then realization came flooding in.

Here I was wandering around an unfamiliar town at the dead of night, completely lost and drenched. What in the world was I doing? Wyckoff was miles away from home, and without money I had no way back besides walking. Even that was no longer an option after I tripped over a rock and twisted my ankle.

Maybe dying was better than having to live with a broken heart. I didn't know what else to do—being half-delirious anyway—so I just lay down on the cold alleyway pavement behind a large, red brick building and watched the dull world fade away.