A Second Future

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Jasper's point of view

I am waiting anxiously in my room for Alice my pixie of a wife. She is my life and my soul. I can't stand to be away from her. She helped me in my darkest of days. Alice is an angel and how I ended up with her I don't know. But I will never take her for granted. Alice loves to shop something I try to avoid but it's kinda hard having a psychic wife. I know shocking right? I got over that a long time ago. She went hunting with our parents and siblings. I didn't go cause I went yesterday. I have nothing to do. I read all my civil war books and genre.

Did I mention I was in the civil war? I didn't well let me explain. I was born in the early 1800's and living in the south. If you guessed I was a confederate then you guessed right. I joined the army when I was seventeen but I lied and said I was twenty. They believed me. And so I was the youngest to move up in the ranks. Well I really don't want to go into my past so I will tell you the basics.

I was changed by Maria so I could be in her newborn army and after my year was up she kept me around so I can train other newborns. I got tired of that life. I met a newborn Peter who became like a brother to me. I helped him escaped from Maria. He took another newborn, Charlotte with him. So long story short he came back for me which I am still grateful for. I didn't stay with them long. I wondered into different places not knowing where I was headed. I wound up in Philadelphia. I stumbled into a bar (I think that was it not sure) and there she was in all her glory. The tiny spiky haired pixie who would change my existence for the better. Okay enough of that.

Oh by the way I'm a empath. I feel and can control other people's emotions.

I heard the front door open with my brother Emmett's booming laugh. He is very strong, stronger then any vampire I know. Rosalie, Emmett's wife is very beautiful. She commands the attention wherever we go. Which causes Emmett to be very jealous. Rosalie reminds him that she will always be his. They are very physical and for the first decade Esme and Carlisle had to put them out of the house. Edward. Edward has always been a loner. He feels he don't need a mate to be completed. His family completes him. (bull). Esme worries about him thinking he was to young when he was change. Edward was missing something in genetic makeup. Oh before I forget Edward reads minds. Yes he's a mind reader. Oh boy. *rolls eyes* That talent of his is real annoying but I do feel sorry for him. He not only got to hear us in our "couple" time but he gets to see us in his minds to.

I hear the front door opening letting me know that they have returned. Emmett was arguing with Edward saying that he had caught the biggest bear. I ran downstairs to hug and kiss my over excitable pixie. She laughed when I put her down.

"Miss me much?" she ask while laughing.

"Yes darling very much." my southern accent coming out.

"Jazz, I know you were bored soooo," she said while rocking on the heals of her feet.

"Yes it wasn't the same without you here." I replied honestly.

"I wanna go shopping." I noticed Edward rolling his eyes while she said this. He went to his piano.

I groaned while she went to go get her keys. We hoped into her car which Rose modify it to go over 200 miles. Alice told me we were going to Port Angles. I couldn't stand shopping but it made her happy. And whatever makes Alice happy makes me happy even shopping. *shopping*

It would've took us an hour to get there but with the way we drive it only took us 30 minutes. What surprise me the most we parked in front of a book store.

"Alice what's this I thought we were going shopping." I asked confused.

"We are," I gave her a funny look. "Book shopping silly boy. I wanted to see if they got any medical journals here for Carlisle. And while I'm doing that see if they got any civil war books." I looked at her and smiled. She knew me to well.

We wondered in and she went to the medical section and I wondered around. They didn't have anything I haven't read so I just continued on. I was turning to go down another Isle when a book caught my attention. It was two hands holding an apple. Twilight was on the cover so that was a name.

I picked it up only in curiosity and flipped it over. I read the back.

About three things I was absolutely positive.

First Edward was a vampire.

What? One of the characters name is Edward and a vampire. I wonder could this book be about Edward. Nah the character falls in love. Maybe whatever the case it's not good.

Second, there was a part of him -

And I didn't know how dominant that part might be -

That thirsted for my blood.

I wonder if Alice knows about this and that's why she brought me here. I wouldn't be surprised. Speak of the devil and she should arrive.

And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

When I read that I started laughing.

"What's so funny Jasper?" she asked me while holding a book with a leaf on it. Another one with a ribbon and the third one with a queen a chess piece on it.

"I found this book and one of the characters is named Edward." I laughed.

"And," she said while looking at me with a eyebrow raised.

"Not only is his name is Edward, he's a vampire and apparently he's in "love" I just started thinking about our Edward. I'm trying to picture him in love. What if the book was about him." I was laughing even harder.

"Jazz," Alice whispered. I looked at her. "that book and the ones I'm holding is about Edward." I just stared at her. "The one with the leaf is called New Moon. The one with the ribbon is called Eclipse. And the last one is called Breaking Dawn."

What the fudge. That's impossible. "Are you sure Alice. I mean can't it just be a coincidence or something." I asked worried.

"I had a vision about us finding these books. There is only one of each. I figured we better picked them up before someone else does."

"Lets buy them and discuss this with everybody else. Okay?" I said. She was bouncing off the walls. I wonder why. Maybe something to do with her vision. "Alice, did your vision showed you what these books were about?" I asked.

"No just me finding them and then everybody sitting in the kitchen table reading them out loud." she answer while going to pay for them. Once she finishes we had to her car and head home. I wonder what everybody will think of our discovery.