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Kagome's time:

It has been five years since the Inutachi had defeated Naraku, saving the entire feudal era and the well had sealed shut.

Unable to remain in a world where she just didn't belong any longer Kagome had returned home, leaving the other world behind after her tearful goodbyes to Miroku and Sango- who had promised to take care of Shippo for her.

She had returned home and studied hard to finish school and even managed to graduate over two years ago. Now she was working full time at her friend Eri's family's restraunt; in order to help her family pay off their mortgage and keep the family shrine.

She had a few regular customers who always left her generous tips, but one particular customer brought up long forgotten secret desires.

She eagerly watched the clock as she continued serving the other customers. Every day at three o clock without fail for the last two years he would walk through the door and order some coffee, waiting patiently until the raven haired woman with deep brown eyes could serve him.

Unbidden sheer excitement grew inside as the twenty three year old Kagome noticed it was five minutes until three now. She smiled and made her way towards the back to refill the coffee, knowing that he would be here soon.

She made a side trip to the employee bathroom and brushed her hair pulling it back up into the high ponytail that she wore for work and applied some lip gloss before returning to the coffee. "Settle down Kagome geesh! You're acting like a school girl with her first crush!" she mentally scolded herself, but that didn't stop the butterflies building in her stomach.

Rolling her eyes she straightened her blouse and skirt before grabbing the coffee pot and exiting into the eating area. She refilled two customer's cups and took an order for two grilled cheeses on rye with a small salad with ranch dressing and went into the back to get the order filled.

The door chimed and in walked a short man of twenty five years of age with his thick black hair tied back into a long tight braid. He reached up wiping his hand over his face and sighed as the air conditioned air greeted him upon opening the door.

He rolled his stiff shoulders trying to loosen them a bit as his sapphire orbs quickly scanned the room. A confident smirk crossed his tanned face as his eyes landed on his favorite waitress. "There she is," his mind purred happily as he watched her bend over to pour a customer some coffee.

His eyes widened a bit at the unexpected glimpse of her firm backside covered with the professional looking skirt, before he closed the door behind him and slowly walked over to his usual table.

He took of his ball cap and pulled his workman's gloves off and then brushed his long thick fingers through his bangs in an attempt to make himself somewhat presentable, before picking up a napkin and running it over his forehead to wipe off the sweat.

His eyes then went to his favorite waitress as he thought, "I love the high ponytail, it lets the tip of her hair just kiss the back of her neck." watching as said ponytail swung side to side as she walked into the back again. He sighed thinking, "Though I have to admit I liked when her hair was down and free to blow in a breeze too."

Smiling he thought happily, "Though it is longer now too." while imagining how it would feel to see her hair down again though spread out around her on his bed sheets. Before he could get wrapped up in the fantasy, he shook his head snapping himself out of his thoughts.

Smirking as his eyes fell to her backside, he watched the door close behind her and frowned slightly frustrated. "Hey! I was enjoying that you stupid door," he thought childishly and tapped his finger on the table.

Sighing he waited for her to emerge again and off handily waved the other waitress away muttering to inform her, "I have a waitress, thanks."

She frowned and then shrugged and walked off muttering, "Suit yourself pal." as she smiled greeting the newer customers who had just walked in.

Kagome came out of the door and smiled as she noticed him sitting there. She mouthed, "Be right there," and turned around to carry out the current orders to the table. Once that was done she walked over smiling and asked, "So anything besides the coffee today?"

He sat back smirking and asked, "What's the special desert today?" staring into her deep brown eyes.

She grinned answering, "Today's is fresh pumpkin pie." Adding with a slight blush, "I made it myself."

He smirked, "Well in that case I'll take two slices, extra whipped cream and a scoop of strawberry and vanilla swirl ice cream." and watched as a stunning smile crossed her beautiful face.

He added, "On one condition," deciding it was time they actually got to spend a little time with each other.

She quirked a brow asking, "Which is?" staring at him cautiously since he had never done this before.

He sent her his most charming smile and answered seriously, "I've had a long day over at the site and today I just want to relax a bit- I can't do that with all the women gawking at me, so I would like you to join me while I eat my pie and drink my coffee."

Her eyes widened and she thought shocked, "Oh wow…" Looking down she thought, "Well… I am about due for a twenty minute break." She smiled answering, "I'll be right back with you pie and ice cream." turning to leave.

He reached out grabbing her elbow and quirked a brow in question at her. She smiled assuring, "I'm due for a break, so give me just a few minutes." He grinned and released her elbow nodding happily.

She walked into the back and said, "Hey Eri, I'm gonna take my break now," as she dished up the pumpkin pie and added a scoop of ice cream to it. She poured herself and iced tea and walked out.

Eri peeked out from the kitchen area and said, "Sure Kags," smiling at her friend.

Kagome smiled and walked back out carrying a plate with the two slices of pie and scoop of ice cream and her tall glass of iced tea. She walked over to him saying, "Here you go," and sliding into the other chair while placing her tea on the table.

He grinned saying, "Thanks, I appreciate this," and picked up his fork as she pushed the plate over in front of him.

She smiled replying, "Well now I can't let my best customer be harassed now can I?" as she leaned over and stirred her tea with a straw before sipping it.

He cut into the pie and lifted it to his mouth saying amused, "I suppose not." Before opening his mouth and eating the pie. As the rich flavor registered he closed his eyes savoring the taste as he rolled it around on his tongue before swallowing.

He opened his eyes staring at her and smirked impressed saying, "Wow this is really good." and eating some more.

She blushed. "Thanks, it's one of the few deserts my mother taught me how to make." She said, before sipping her tea and leaning back in the chair glad to be off her feet.

Her eyes dimmed slowly as she thought, "Sango would have loved it too." As her thoughts registered she wondered, "I wonder what they are doing now? I'll bet Miroku and Sango have at least a few kids by now. They probably have blue eyes too… like Bankotsu did."

Staring at the man's eyes and noticing how much he resembled Bankotsu she thought, "Could this guy be of some relation to him? I can almost picture that silly purple star right on his forehead." Lost in her own thoughts she didn't notice the man smirking t her and watching the emotions crossing her face.

She thought, "Damn even though he was evil, he was also the hottest guy I had ever met." Remembering the way his muscles would flex whenever he swung Banryu she sighed. "I wish I could have kissed him just once, but I was way too shy."

Her eyes dimmed a bit more as she thought sadly, "Besides what would a gorgeous hunk like him have wanted with a shy school girl like me." She sighed as she started twirling her straw around slowly and her eyes lowered to the table.

He looked at her noticing the frown and sadness and frowned himself thinking, "I hate seeing her sad like that." Mentally scoffing, "She's probably thinking about that worthless mutt who continuously broke her heart."

Overcome with curiosity and the need to ease her sadness he asked, "Something on your mind?" staring into her eyes.

She snapped out her thought and sighed mumbling, "It's nothing really." And thought, "Snap out of it girl!"

He reached over slipping his hooked finger under her soft chin and raised her face making her look into his eyes as he said, "It doesn't look like 'nothing' to me." as his calloused palm tenderly cradled her cheek.

She said softly, "You… you kind of remind me of someone I once knew is all." and blushed at his soft touch.

He asked, "A friend?" staring into her eyes.

She smiled answering, "Um something like that. I mean we weren't exactly friends- we just ran across each other from time to time."

He lowered his hand asking, "Oh, so did you two ever talk?" and went back to eating his pie and ice cream.

She nervously sipped her tea before answering, "Well you could say that. See we were from two different groups. Neither of our groups could tolerate each other."

He nodded and motioned for her to continue. She sighed and confessed, "We came across each other one night when we were both out for a walk and after getting over the shock of seeing each other alone… we sat and talked a bit."

Remembering that night vividly, he mentally chuckled before he said, "Sounds interesting." and continued eating.

She smiled answering, "It was…. unexpected." Before confiding, "We found out that the two of us weren't really as different as we thought." remembering how they had opened up that night about their problems.

He smiled saying, "He sounds nice." and sipped his coffee waiting for her to continue.

She smiled adding, "Yeah, he was nicer than my friends had thought. He and I… well whenever things got too stressful from being with our other friends, we would go walking by ourselves and always managed to bump into each other somehow."

He asked curiously, "So how close did you two get?" before sipping some coffee watching her over the rim of his cup.

She smiled answering honestly, "Not as close as I would have liked." Adding sadly, "Unfortunately he was… killed by one of my other friends."

He winced and said, "Ouch, I'm sorry." and placed his half empty coffee cup on the table to polish off his pie.

She smiled sadly saying, "Yea me too." Adding sadly, "Unfortunately all of his group were already killed by then, and he felt like he was alone. I wanted to tell him he wasn't, but he had already charged head first into battle." as sadness dimmed her usually bright eyes.

His own eyes dimmed a little as he thought, "I had gone after that mutt with a vengance after killing the traitor." His fist clenched on his thigh and anger filtered into his eyes, before he quickly blinked it away and schooled his features into a blank face.

Taking a deep breath as she stirred her tea she explained, "After my friends and I finished our duties and 'saved the world' so to speak, that friend then left me and the others to reunite with his first love." and broke off staring at her tea glass with sadness in her eyes.

Whispering, "I loved that friend, but he didn't love me romantically." Taking a deep breath she informed him, "That friend told me that night that he only loved me like a sister, and he was going to reunite with his first love."

Her eyes teared up as she whispered, "He broke my heart." Before wiping her tears and adding confidently, "I'm over it now though, I mean it's all in the past and I have a different life now."

He said softly, "Sounds like you've had it kinda rough." Inside he scowled thinking jealously, "Damn worthless half breed never even knew what a lucky bastard he was."

She wiped her cheeks saying, "Yeah I guess." Before smiling and adding in a happier tone, "But I'm back home now with my mom and brother. Plus if I hadn't been here, I'd have never gotten to say goodbye to my grandpa."

At his confused look she explained, "Grandpa died last year, but he was sick for six months before that."

He nodded and said, "Sorry about your grandfather too." as he finished his coffee.

She smiled saying," Thanks." before finishing her tea and standing up. "Well my break is just about over." She said as she reached for his empty plate and fork asking, "Would you like some more coffee?"

He chuckled slightly amused and said, "No thanks." placing the plate in her hand. Standing up as well he bowed saying, "Thank you for sitting with me so I wouldn't have to eat alone, and sharing your story with me."

She smiled answering, "Thanks for listening; I don't know why I even brought it up." Cocking her head to the side and staring at him a minute she said, "Maybe it's because you just look so much like that guy, it's uncanny."

He smirked before saying regretfully, "It's a shame that the guy had to die. I bet if he were alive, he would still be thinking about you; maybe even looking for you."

She blinked a few times. "We were never actually together." she said somewhat sadly.

He gave her a warm smile and said softly, "I bet he wishes you had been." before shaking his head and giving her a boyish grin.

She smiled saying, "Thanks for saying that." before sighing and saying, "I should get back to work." and she walked off resuming her duties.

He picked up the ticket and went to pay for it. Seeing her walk back out he walked over to the table pulling out a five and dropped it onto the table smirking as he thought happily, "She remembers me." His heart soared at the knowledge that he wasn't just a passing figment she had forgotten.

She walked up to clear the table and stopped as she saw him standing there and pulling something out of his wallet. She was about to turn away and clean off another table, when he reached out grabbing her elbow and spun her around to face him. He leaned over to her ear whispering, "Who knows, maybe someday you two will meet again."

She said happily, "That would be wonderful." pulling back and staring into those deep blue eyes that reminded her so much of the man she had secretly yearned for.

Unable to stop himself, he stared deep into her eyes and lowered his lips pressing them firmly against hers. She was shocked and gasped, he slipped his tongue in kissing her thoroughly and pulled back smirking at her shocked face.

Moving so that his lips almost touched her ear he whispered, "See ya around- miko." He pulled back to see her stunned face and sent her his signature smirk before turning around and walking off; with his braid swinging behind him and a smug expression on his face.

Her hand shakily slid to her lips as the shock of the kiss fully registered. She stood there stunned and watched the man walking away. She couldn't help but wonder who he was.

As his parting words fully registered her eyes went wide as saucers while her heart began to beat frantically against her chest, and she whispered a single name. "Bankotsu."

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