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Koishi- beloved

Aishiteru - I love you.

With Bankotsu:

He walked over to Wac Donald's and got his usual order of a chicken club sandwich with extra tomatoes, french fries, a big mac with no onions, and a chocolate shake. Smirking as he noticed Kagome walking down to the park, he doubled the order and waited for them to fix it.

Once the order was filled he sipped his shake while carrying the food down to the park. Kagome sat under her usual tree and sat there lost deep in her thoughts.

Bankotsu smirked as he walked up asking, "Mind if I sit here?"

She blinked and looked at him wide eyed answering, "Uh no, not at all." Noticing the food she asked confused, "What's all that for?"

He grinned answering, "I didn't feel much like cooking tonight." Adding, "I saw you walking by and figured I'd see if you wanted to join me?"

She smiled, "Sure thanks."

He chuckled, "No problem," and suggested, "Why don't we move over to the picnic table?"

She stood up saying, "Sure," adding, "I didn't feel like cooking tonight either, so I took mom and Souta home a bag of stuff from the restaurant."

He quirked a brow asking, "Souta?" as he placed the bag of food and the shakes on the table.

She replied, "My brother." and sat down across from him, still a little surprised to see him again.

Bankotsu nodded and began setting the food out explaining, "I just doubled my usual order," with a shrug.

She grinned saying happily, "Alright, a chicken club sandwich."

He asked curiously, "I take it you like those huh?" as he opened his own sandwich and bit into it.

She answered, "Absolutely, it's always been my favorite. But I usually have them add ranch dressing to it." as she opened the wrapped and lifted the sandwich to her mouth.

He smirked answering, "You're in luck then. I always have them add ranch dressing and extra tomatoes to mine." before biting into his again.

She grinned declaring, "Perfect, just the way I like it!" and happily took a bite of the unexpected dinner.

He smiled saying, "It seems like we have a lot in common," as he picked up a few fries and popped them into his mouth.

She agreed, "Yeah it does." and followed suit eating some of her fries.

He pushed the second shake over to her saying, "I hope you like chocolate."

Her eyes lit up as she said happily, "It's not a shake unless it's chocolate," earning a chuckle from her dinner companion.

They sat there eating the food and staring at each other, enjoying the companionship. After he polished off both big macs as well she asked, "Seriously, how do you eat so much and still stay in shape?" with a brow raised.

He chuckled and answered seriously, "I have a high metabolism." leaning back and stretching his legs under the table.

She smiled and said, "Um… I've been meaning to ask you something," afraid to finish.

He blinked and said, "By all means ask away." staring at her with his brow raised in question, curious to know what was on her mind.

She blushed before meeting his eyes asking, "Why did you kiss me earlier?" and lifted the shake to her mouth sipping it to hide her nervousness.

He smirked answering bluntly, "Because I've been wanting to do that for a while now."

Her cheeks flushed as she asked, "Why?" still holding his gaze.

Deciding to end their little game of cat and mouse, he sat up and leaned over the table locking their gazes together and said, "You know why- just like you know who I really am," throwing down the verbal gauntlet and waiting to see if she would meet his challenge.

She sucked in a little harder then she intended to and put the cup down choking a bit, before asking, "How? How are you well… here?" gesturing to hall around them- indicating her time.

Bankotsu smirked and informed her, "Same as you are." Watching her eyes widened in shock. He chuckled explaining, "I was reincarnated into a new life."

Relaxing she nodded saying, "Okay that makes sense, but what is your name? And why do you have all of Bankotsu's memories from your past life?"

He smirked answering bluntly, "I am Bankotsu miko." At her raised brow he elaborated, "My mother was absolutely obsessed with myths and legends and went searching into names of the past when she realized she was pregnant with me. She came across a brief mention of a 'Bankotsu' who was a fearsome powerful warrior and felt like the name suited me perfectly." shrugging carelessly.

Grinning he added, "She always said I was a strong and stubborn baby, so she felt like I was once a warrior and the name Bankotsu suited me best." Chuckling as he added, "She had no idea just how right she was."

Kagome blinked a few times and asked, "You keep saying was… did something happen to her?"

He nodded answering sadly, "She died a couple of years ago in a plane crash." before blanking his face to mask his sadness.

Kagome gasped, "Oh I'm so sorry," as she reached out placing a soft hand over his much stronger one meaning to comfort.

He smiled assuring, "It's okay," adding, "At least this time around I got to have a mother." Thinking, "Even if my father ran out on us, at least I had a mother this time and didn't grow up in the streets."

Going back to their previous conversation she asked, "Why wait until now to tell me all of this though?" and picked up her shake sipping it carefully.

He casually shrugged again and said, "I needed to be sure first, that I wasn't just seeing things."

She asked, "So why now then?" staring at him warily.

He answered honestly, "After your story today I knew I had finally found you. After two years of watching you day in and day out, I finally knew the time was right."

She asked, "Right for what?" and placed her empty cup on the table.

He stood up answering, "For me to tell you everything." as they carried the trash over to the trash can and threw it in.

She asked, "Okay so now what?" looking at him and feeling that butterflies in her stomach sensation again.

He smirked at her with the look of a predator moving in for the kill in his eyes and declared firmly, "Now we find out what might have been," as his vise like grip clamped around her waist and pulled her flush against him, before he allowed his mouth to descend on hers in a demanding kiss.

After letting out a squeak of surprise at the unexpected kiss, she immediately opened to him and wrapped her arms around his neck; kissing him back just as fiercely. He slowly backed her up against the tree and continued kissing her hungrily; letting his kiss show her everything he had never been able to put into words.

She moaned and turned her head to the side breaking the kiss in desperate need of oxygen, as long thought buried feelings erupted within her and crashed up to the surface.

Her eyes were closed as the abundant potent waves of desire began flooding through her veins nearly drowning her with their force. Her fingernails bit into the flesh of his powerful arms to try to center herself; fearing that her knees might just collapse out from under her.

Not to be deterred he slowly kissed his way over to her neck and began nibbling on her sensitive neck.

She moaned and panted, "Not here." weakly leaning against his chest.

He lightly nipped her neck again before pulling back and staring into her warm brown eyes. She repeated a bit more firmly, "Not here someone might see."

He chuckled thinking, "I should have guessed she would still be shy." and said, "Fine then, we can go back to my place." waiting for anxiously her answer.

Kagome stared at him in shock and debated for a moment thinking, "Do I… is this really what I want to happen?"

Bankotsu moved his lips over to nibble her ear and whispered seductively, "We have been given a chance Kagome, a chance to find out what we have both been wondering." before nipping her earlobe and pulling back to say seriously, "I'll you have to do is say the word." as he stared searchingly in the beautiful brown eyes he had secretly loved.

Kagome chewed her bottom lip nervously and thought, "What the hell, I've always wondered 'what if' and now we have the chance to actually find out." She smiled at him and answered, "Okay," slipping her delicate hand into his.

Smirking he closed his calloused hand around hers and pulled her into his arms vowing, "You won't ever regret this Kagome- I promise." before he led her back to his place.

She smiled thinking, "I can't believe he is really here- or that I'm going back to his place." feeling both excited and a little anxious.

He wrapped an arm around her waist and informed her, "I have all of my memories from my past life Kagome- including those nights we talked. Even that last night when we gazed at the stars, and the last time that we saw each other that day before Jakotsu was killed."

She sighed leaning into him and said, "I wanted so much to tell you that you weren't alone."

He smiled assuring, "I know." Adding seriously, "And neither are you Kagome." Stopping outside of his door he titled her face so that she was staring into his eyes and affirmed, "We have each other now Kagome and I swear that you will never be made to feel alone or unwanted ever again."

She smiled and said, "Neither will you Bankotsu," as she tenderly cradled his face between her hands. He grinned and opened the door ushering her inside.

As soon as they were both inside he shut the door slamming the lock into place and pulled her into his arms, unable to bear not holding her now that he had the chance to do so.

She smiled and kissed him just as desperate to hold him. His hands went to her waist and he pushed her against the wall pinning her smaller frame with his powerful body.

She kicked off her shoes and said, "I want you to know Bankotsu, that I never forgot you." before pressing her lips to his jaw in a small kiss.

He grinned replying smugly, "Yeah, I know I'm pretty hard to forget." She swatted his chest scolding, "Watch the ego pal," earning a chuckle from the man.

He pushed off the wall and kicked off his boots before asking, "Do you want something to drink?"

She shook her head and answering, "No," before licking her lips adding, "But there is something that I want." grinning at him.

He asked, "And that is?" as he watched her place her wallet and keys on the kitchen counter.

He pulled out his own wallet and keys and raised a brow at her. She slowly walked over to him and answered firmly, "You," before fusing their mouths together in a heated kiss filled with passion, hunger, and love.

He kissed her back moaning and pulled back smirking as his hands grabbed her firm buttocks loving the way she felt in his hands and informed her huskily, "The feeling is definitely mutual babe."

She smirked at him and nipped his earlobe ordering huskily, "Then take me to bed my mighty warrior," and grabbed his ass forcing their lower bodies together.

He grunted at the impact of his clothed hard length against her clothed moist flesh and teased impishly, "Wow Kagome, I never knew you could be so demanding." Adding with a husky growl of approval, "I like it." as he bent down scooping the saucy vixen into his powerful arms.

She laughed, "Good," as she wrapped her arms around his strong neck and began playing with his braid.

He carried her into his bedroom and kicked the door shut before carrying her over to his bed and placing her gently on the bed informing her in his sinful bedroom voice, "You have no idea how many times I have imagined your hair fanning my pillows."

She smiled, "Good, that makes two of us." as she grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him down on top of her while lying back on his bed kissing him passionately.

He kissed her a few minutes before pulling back to lean up on his elbows asking amused, "Impatient are we?" staring at her flushed face and swollen lips.

She sat up informing him seriously, "I have waited over five long years for this," before fusing their mouths together in a hungry kiss.

He smirked into the kiss before drawing her into the raging inferno of his mouth, while working the button and zipper of her jeans down.

She moaned into his mouth, she was a little nervous since this would be her first time; but she knew instinctively that he would never hurt her.

He pulled back sensing her nervousness and stared into her eyes with concerned ones of his own and asked, "Something wrong?"

She said, "No just… um.." and broke off blushing.

He asked seriously, "What's wrong Kagome?" forcing her eyes to his.

She swallowed the lump in her throat and whispered, "It's my first time uh-" and couldn't finish due to embarrassment.

His blue eyes widened slightly as he asked shocked, "Are you… sure you want to do this?" feeling unsure himself. He had never expected his feisty little minx to still be a virgin after all this time.

She locked their eyes together answering honestly, "There is no one else I'd rather be with." adding shyly, "Aishiteru Bankotsu."

His heart soared at her words and he grinned replying ecstatically, "Aishiteru Kagome," and then smiled promising, "I'll make it good for you, I swear." and kissed her again.

Her own heart soared at the knowledge that he loved her back and she nodded wrapping her arms around his neck, laying back down again moaning how good it felt when he pressed the hard planes of his body against the soft curves of hers.

He pulled his mouth away from hers and slowly worked her jeans down her long legs, kissing the skin as he bared it.

Warning: Lemon from here until the next warning!

She fisted her hands in the red silk sheets and moaned as she felt his mouth kissing her now sensitized skin.

He scooted to the end of the bed and slipped her jeans off tossing them onto the floor. He then lifted her feet one by one and rubbed away the pain from being on them all day.

She gasped and then moaned as she felt the tension draining from her feet. Bankotsu smirked and went to retrieve a wash cloth from the bathroom and cleaned her feet and his hands, before he lifted her feet and kissed each individual toe, before slowly kissing his way up her legs.

She laid there thinking, "Damn he has a good mouth," and gasped as she felt his fingers replace his mouth on her thighs, while he slid his body over hers and bent down to kiss her neck.

His hands left her thighs to travel under her t shirt. She gasped as she felt his wide hands span over her full breasts and begin massaging them. She moaned and he slipped his tongue into her mouth kissing her, slowly arousing her virgin body with his ministrations.

Growing frustrated and wanting to feel his skin on hers, she pushed him back and ripped his shirt over his head, before letting her hands find the button of his jeans and sliding the zipper down.

Chuckling he broke the kiss and informed her sternly, "Not this time Koishi, this time we do things my way," as he pushed her back down onto the bed pressing his firm lips against her pouting ones. She grinned and they began kissing again after he freed them from their clothes.

For the rest of the night the only two people in existence were the two of them and the only thing on their minds was showing each other the true depth of their feelings for each other. They expressed with kisses, touches, and caresses, what neither had gotten the guts to say for a very long time.

Warning: End lemon!!!

The next morning:

Kagome woke up feeling deliciously sore and completely fulfilled. Bankotsu felt her stirring and mumbled, "Don't even think about getting up yet, it's too damn early," as his grip tightened around her waist possessively.

Grinning she ran her fingers through his silky ink colored hair teasing, "Bossy thing aren't you?"

He smirked answering sleepily, "You have no idea Koishi, now lay back down. I'm not ready to get up yet," pouting cutely. She chuckled and laid back down thinking, "Finally I know I am where I have always belonged," holding the man who had stolen her heart very close to her naked chest.

Smirking in satisfaction he nuzzled back into the crook of her neck and sighed contently feeling as if everything was right with the world.

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