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Hollows and Homunculi




Karakura Town

Right After School

"Ichigo!" Rukia called out, seeing him, Uryu, and Chad leaving the school grounds. Ichigo turned around, seeing Rukia standing there and waving her arms around like a crazy person.

"Great," Ichigo thought. He turned back to Chad and Uryu. "You guys go on ahead, I'll catch up in a few minutes."

Uryu replied, adjusting his glasses. "Fine. Just don't get mixed up in anything major. You'd never accomplish anything without me around, anyway." Chad simply grunted.

"Oh, shut up, little Mr. Quincy. Don't make me kick your ass again." Ichigo replied, wearing a patented demonic grin. Uryu gave a chuckle as he turned away. "Again? I don't recall a first time." He and Chad walked away, leaving Ichigo fuming.

"Ichigo! Get over here already!" Rukia yelled. As he turned around, he felt the impact of a flying sketchbook against his chest.

Once he had recovered from that, Rukia tossed him the cell phone. "There's a text from the Soul Society. Specifically, Captain Hitsugaya." As Ichigo scrolled through the message, his jaw dropped. A look of horror came over his face. "What... the... hell?!"

"This message has got to be longer than Uryu's book report! How the hell am I supposed to read through this?!"

"Don't bother," Rukia shot back. "The gist of it is this: for a few weeks we've been reassigned to a nearby city that doesn't have any Soul Reapers in the area. There's been some significant Hollow activity around there, and one Arrancar sighting. Not an Espada, thankfully – it was eliminated rather quickly."

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "Great. A Hollow-killing vacation. At least I get out of school. Just two questions."

"First, how the hell does the Soul Society afford texting like this? I'm pretty sure most Soul Reapers don't have human world jobs." He tried to picture Kenpachi or Renji filling out an application, or Ikkaku trying to man a shop. It would probably take ten minutes before someone called him "bald" and guts would be splattered all over the walls. Then, there was Toshiro looking like he was twelve years old, Byakuya in a constant I-will-kill-you glare, and Rangiku... being Rangiku.

Rukia gave him a mischievous grin. "Well, every once in a while, one of those rich, arrogant types – the guys who think they can, and try to, buy their way out of anything – happens to have the ability to see spirits, like you. A Soul Reaper pays them a visit... well, Byakuya makes an especially convincing Grim Reaper."

Ichigo's jaw dropped. "Forget I asked. Okay, second question... what city are we talking about?"

Rukia turned to walk away. "Pack your bags tonight. We'll be going to Ginsei City."

Ginsei City


Bravo's eyes scanned the computer screen in front of him. "I had hoped it was over," he thought, "But it looks like some last vestiges of alchemy's crimes still remain."

He began shutting down the computer. The Alchemist Army report on-screen quickly faded to black. He found his gaze drifting to the small package on his desk; the light glinting dull gray against its contents. How long had it been, he wondered, since he had taken up arms? He glanced toward the imitation Silver Skin in his closet.

At once, it had been far too long and not nearly long enough.

Just then, a loud knock came on his office door. "Come in."

Gouta stepped in. "You called for me, Captain Bravo?"

Bravo stood up. "Perfect timing, Gouta. Please go and bring Kazuki and Tokiko from their classes. Let the teachers know that I sent you. You come back too; this involves you as well."

Gouta sensed the urgency in the Warrior Chief's voice. "Yes, sir." He turned, walking briskly down the hall. Bravo closed the door.

Once more, his eyes focused on the small brown package, arrived just this morning. "Here we go again," He let out a heavy sigh, laden with years of sadness. Images, memories flowed though his head: Tokiko's look of diehard determination in battle; Kazuki's radiant lance; a horde of yellow crescent-moon homunculi; the Sunlight Heart piercing through the Silver Skin; the anguished look on Tokiko's face as Kazuki launched himself and Victor to the silver orb of the full moon; Kazuki's final showdown with Papillon.

"How wrong it is, to drag those children back to this world of battle."

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