Surprisingly Pure- by mypseudonym

Chapter 1- Surprise Guests

AN- This story was inspired because I read a similar story on the web. I didn't like the way that author was tackling it, so I decided to try my hand.

Hermione woke and stretched her limbs happily. She was always an early riser, but there was something comforting about summer mornings when she was able to wake without an alarm clock. The sunlight streamed in from her window, caressing her face with its warmth. She sighed, so happy.

Hermione had just finished her sixth year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was exceedingly bright and had a thirst for knowledge that was rare in a teenager. As a result, she had the top marks in her year, though Malfoy was close behind. She was the brain of the 'Golden Trio'- the other two members being her friends Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. She felt like more of the conscience of the group though. The boys were always getting themselves into trouble, very often serious trouble. Hermione preferred never to be in trouble. Detentions interfered with her study schedules.

She padded down the stairs wearing her pajamas- a pair of boxer shorts and a loose T-shirt. Her parents were already in the kitchen eating breakfast.

"Good morning, Mum, Dad." she said, walking over to the refrigerator.

"Morning, dear." they answered, her father distracted by the newspaper and her mother by her laptop computer. Hermione grabbed a yogurt and some fresh strawberries. She combined that with some granola to make a lovely breakfast. At her place at the kitchen table was a fresh copy of The Daily Prophet. She had started receiving the paper a few years ago in order to keep informed of issues in her other home- the Wizarding world.

The Wizarding world was a wonderous community of witches and wizards all over the world. It was fantastic and terrifying at the same time to remember that this entire world existed without non-Magical people, commonly referred to as Muggles, even being aware. Hermione belonged to the group known as Muggleborn witches and wizards, meaning she was a witch born to two Muggle parents. She stood with a foot in both worlds, living during the school year in the wizarding world but spending her summers as a Muggle.

It was becoming increasingly frustrating to spend her summer isolated from the wizarding world though. She knew how to Apparate- to disappear from one spot and reappear somewhere else, but she was forbidden from doing such things in front of Muggles. Even though she was technically no longer an underage witch, having turned 17 in the fall, she was still enrolled at school for another year. She couldn't perform any sort of magic around Muggles, as that was a crime in the wizarding world that could easily be traced. That meant no wand, no Potions, no Floo connection and no Apparating. Hermione was finding life without magic to be rather mundane.

She ate breakfast and headed upstairs to get dressed for the day. She braided her uncontrollable frizzy curly hair. It was the only way to keep some semblance of control in this humidity. She put on a tank top and shorts before heading back downstairs. At the top of the stairs, Hermione heard the commotion that was going on downstairs. She raced back up to grab her wand. Magic for self-defense was a horse of a different color.

Hermione snuck down the stairs, hoping to maintain the element of surprise. She was able to hear the invaders talking to her parents.

"Where is she? Where is my daughter?" one demanded.

"You cannot have her." her father responded.

"She's my daughter you horrible thief. You had better not have hurt her in any way, you miserable excuse for a wizard."

"We don't live in your world anymore, Lucius. She may, but we weren't able to stop her. She will never go with you willingly. She thinks we're her family." her mother snarled.

"You bitch. You have stolen my daughter from me, and I will have her returned." Lucius Malfoy growled. He was pointing his wand wildly, alternating between her mother and father. Behind him, Snape was standing calmly. It was the Potions professor who noticed her. He nodded almost imperceptibly, meeting her gaze.

"Lucius, old friend, perhaps your efforts would be better spent explaining all of this to your daughter. She's on the stairs you know. Come down here, Miss Granger. I assure you that you will come to no harm. No one is injuring anyone today." the Potions Master said. Hermione crept warily into the room. Lucius Malfoy was looking at her and smiling, while her parents looked unhappy.

"Professor, what's going on?" she asked, moving closer to Snape.

"We have a rather elaborate history to recount to you Miss Granger. Perhaps we should all sit down," the dark man suggested. They all moved to sit at the table. "Lucius, I think you should put your wand away."

"Miss Granger, I have brought with me ample stock of Veritaserum. I ask that you allow each of the players in our story to take a dose to ensure an accurate tale." Snape said, pulling three clear vials from his robe. Hermione nodded. Snape passed one to Malfoy who drank it without thought. Snape then moved to hand one to Hermione's father.

"You're insane if you think I'm going to drink your silly little potion." the man snarled.

"Dad, please. It won't hurt you. All it does is make you tell the truth." Hermione pleaded.

"I won't take it, I tell y-." he strangled. Snape had poured the potion into his mouth while he was talking. He had then pinched her father's nose hard and clamped a hand over his mouth, forcing the man to swallow. Snape then held a bottle in front of Hermione's mother.

"Do I need to force this down your throat as well?" he asked.

"N-No. It's time the truth came out." Hermione's mother said. She took the bottle and drank it all. Soon all three of them sat before Hermione with matching glazed expressions.

"Alright, Miss Granger. Sit back and try to digest what you can of my little interview." Snape said. He put a hand on Lucius' head. "What is your name?"

"Lucius Malfoy."

"What is your name?" he asked of Hermione's father. The man appeared for a few seconds to be struggling the impulse of answering.

"Merton Grunch, though I've been mascarading for the last 16 years as Martin Granger, a Muggle dentist."

Hermione looked shocked.

"And finally, what is your name?" Severus asked her mother.

"Calliope Grunch. I've been living for the last 16 years as Clarissa Granger, a Muggle dentist." she responded.

"Lucius, tell me about your family." Severus requested, now that all of the players were known.

"I am married to Narcissa Malfoy, born of the house of Black. I have two children. My oldest, a daughter, is named Brenna Honoria Malfoy. My son's name is Draco Abraxas Malfoy. They are 11 months apart in age." the wizard responded. Hermione was intrigued. She didn't know that Draco had an older sister.

"Interesting. Tell us about your daughter." Snape said.

"My daughter, Brenna Honoria, was born on the 19th of September 1979. She was a gorgeous baby, always smiling. My wife and I loved her dearly. On December 7th of that year, my daughter was kidnapped by her nanny and the witch's husband. It has taken me nearly 17 years to find her." Lucius said.

"Tell us about your daughter, Mrs. Grunch."

"I have no children." Hermione's mother answered.

"Hmmm, let me phrase that differently. Tell us about Hermione Granger."

"Hermione Jean Granger is the name we decided to give the baby my husband and I kidnapped from my former employers. We cast extensive glamour charms on the baby before destroying our wands so that it would be more difficult for parents to find her."

"What was the baby's original name?" Snape asked.

"Brenna Honoria Malfoy." she responded.

"Why did you take the baby, Calliope?" he asked.

"She was so pretty, and I wanted a baby so badly. Merton and I aren't able to have children of our own. I held that baby at least once every day while her mother rested. One day, I just left the house with her. Merton knew I'd be sent to Azkaban for kidnapping if he took the baby back, so we ran away to hide in the Muggle world."

"I've heard enough." Hermione said. "I'd like to go home now- my real home. Is there an antidote for Veritaserum, professor?"

"Yes there is. Why don't you go and pack anything you wish to take with you while I administer the antidote." Snape said. Hermione obediently went back upstairs.

'Brenna Honoria Malfoy. I'm a Malfoy.' she thought to herself. This was a lot to wrap her mind around. What she did know was that her 'parents' had stolen her from her real family out of jealousy. She wasn't sure about leaving with the Malfoy's, as Harry and Ron were convinced that Draco was evil.

Hermione, no, Brenna looked at herself in the bedroom mirror. What was she even supposed to look like? It's hard to believe anyone had actually intended for her to have hair like this. She looked about her room. These were all Hermione's things. She had no desire to be the person her kidnappers had imposed upon her any longer. She took a small bag and put inside of it a couple of photographs and her diary, her school supplies and her completed homework. She held her wand in her hand. Crookshanks had passed earlier in the summer or she would have brought him along. She had no desire to bring Hermione's clothes, though she did shrink down most of her books. She could scratch out the name inside. She would not bring Hermione's monogrammed trunk. It was rather fortunate she belonged to a rather wealthy family that could replace anything she needed. Brenna fingered the edge of a Hogwarts robe absent-mindedly. Was Brenna Malfoy even a Gryffindor? She didn't think any Malfoy had ever been anything other than a Slytherin.

In the end she decided to leave the robes. They no longer fit so well anyway, and she would have been buying new ones in the fall. She looked inside the bag. She had pitifully little to take from this life into her next. Perhaps this was how Brenna operated- moving through the world with no apologies and no baggage. She closed the bag and went downstairs once again, to where her father and the professor were waiting.

Hermione stopped in front of Lucius. The tall wizard smiled down on her.

"I'm afraid I didn't pack much. There weren't many of Hermione's things that I wanted." she said quietly.

"That's fine, my girl. My beautiful daughter will have all kinds of nice things." Lucius said, pulling her towards him. He embraced Brenna. There was something about his scent that was familiar and relaxing.

"What do I call you?" she asked.

"You may call me whatever you are comfortable calling me. Draco calls me Father, but you may call me Lucius if that makes you more comfortable." he said.

"Please take me home, Father." she said, trying out the name. It seemed right somehow. She had called Merton and Calliope Dad and Mum, so it didn't even feel like the same word.

"Right away, my girl." her father replied. He invited Hermione to grasp his arm so that they could Apparate away. Before leaving, they bade farewell to the professor who promised he would visit in a few days time.