Kira's Revenge

Summary: An old enemy strikes and the boys don't stand a chance. Takes place S4 after Monster Movie. Sequel to Heart's Desire. You need to read the first story for this story to make much sense.

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Chapter One

Things were tense between the boys. Secrets had been spilled and the fact that they were truly trapped in a battle between good and evil wore heavy on them.

They had been making the most of a brief respite from Lilith and the other demons with no leads on what she might be up to. Dean was still struggling to adapt to his life after Hell and this led Sam to the conclusion that a little normal might do them some good.

Well normal for the Winchesters which meant a hunt. Sam felt he had found the perfect hunt. A haunted abandoned warehouse.

The rumble of the Impala with Dean behind the wheel, that was how life was supposed to be. On a hunt, saving people, in Sam's book this was how life should be. It was nice taking a break from saving the world from demons and dealing with overzealous angels.

Sam was brought out of his musing by his brother's voice.

"So Sammy, what exactly makes you think this is a haunting and not just bums dying in an abandoned warehouse?"

Sam sat up and cleared his throat. "Well, it started out as bums being found dead. But, two months ago some maintenance people went in to check on the building and reported cold spots and what appeared to be the apparition of a female ghost, who told them to go away."

"First off, maintenance for an abandoned warehouse? Huh, and are we sure the two maintenance guys weren't drunk?" Dean turned and smirked at Sam.

Sam grinned, it was good to have his wise-cracking brother back for the moment. His brother's return had been such a blessing but it had also come with lots of brotherly tension. With them both being more open with each other, things had gotten a bit easier over the last few days.

"Yeah, I know very weird on the maintenance end, and my first thought was that the owner was maintaining it to sell but that's not the case. The building still has heating and air conditioning along with running water but hasn't been in use for over a year, so that part is a bit weird. As for the maintenance guys, I didn't check them out but something else has happened to give credence to their story." Sam paused to see if Dean was still with him.

"So I'm waiting for the big reveal Sammy, the geek boy. What did you find?" Dean laughed as Sam snorted in reply.

"Dean, I paused to give you time to soak up the details..."

"Uh huh, whatever, just tell me, because after that build up the suspense is killing me." Dean's tone was sarcastic.

Sam gave Dean a frustrated sigh and continued. "So, the local teens heard about the ghost story and decided to check it out. Five of them went in, and only four came out alive. Steve Barnes the kid that didn't make it was found the next morning. They couldn't find a cause of death, his heart had just stopped. He was sixteen and in great shape. The other teens reported seeing a female ghost and they fled the building thinking that Steve was with them."

"Huh, well that sounds like our sort of gig, good work on that Sammy. Good to see that your research skills aren't getting rusty. So do we have an idea of who this ghost girl might be?"

"No that is the other weird thing, I couldn't find any other deaths that happened there. The building was cleaned up until six months ago when the first bum was found."

"Do we have a cause of death on the homeless guys?"

"Nope, that's part of being the dregs of society, it was assumed that they died of natural causes. There were only three deaths, over the six months, and while that was a bit odd, it wasn't enough to raise any red flags. So, I have no clue, but with the building being abandoned, I have a theory." Sam braced himself ready for the next Dean snark.

"Of course our own Hardly a Boy has a theory."

Sam sighed, boy were things back to normal for the moment. "Dean, I'm not even going to respond to..."

"Because you're rusty, little brother, and need to practice on your come backs!"

"Dean, this is important."

"Yeah, well so is having our lighthearted moments dude. But go ahead and tell me your theory before you burst."

"So, what if a violent crime happened there, but the body was taken somewhere else? I mean, if they died there in a violent manner, that would be enough to want to stay and maybe seek revenge? And the way the teenager died, it could have been of fright or sometimes ghosts have been known to suck energy out of their victims, it's rare but it does happen."

"Yeah, makes sense, but with no body, how are we going to take care of this?" Dean's tone had become serious and Sam was relieved to have his brother in hunting mode.

"Well, the way I figure it, we can use the method Missouri taught us back in Lawrence."

Dean's eyebrows rose up at that statement. "Dude, this is a warehouse not a regular house. Are we sure that placing purifying bags in the four corners of a building that big is going to work?"

Sam shared his brother's skepticism but really hadn't found any other options. "No, I'm not Dean. I called Missouri and she suggested using triple the ingredients. It's worth a try."

"Okay, it is worth a try, but how will we know if it worked?"

"Uh, not sure, hopefully we'll get a reaction like we did at Missouri's minus being attacked."

"Amen to that Brother, Amen to that." Sam had to smile, it was nice having a normal moment with Dean even if it was about a hunt.


They had made it to Texas and the warehouse with little trouble and Dean had to admit it was nice to be on a normal hunt. Dealing with getting out of Hell and a supernaturally powered brother had definitely taken a toll on him. Not to mention dealing with angels and demons, life for the Winchester's had gotten way too complicated.

A normal hunt was a nice break from what had become their lives since his return.

The warehouse loomed before them, but the weird thing was, the building was very well kept considering it was abandoned.

Sam seemed to share his thoughts, as he heard a huh, come from behind him. Dean turned to see his kid brother staring at the building in front of them.

"Nice building for being abandoned for a few years huh?" Dean questioned his brother.

"Yeah, do you want to check things out a bit more before we start this?" Sam gave him a questioning glance.

"Nah, I mean you researched the hell out of this one and the owner wouldn't talk to us, so what more can we do?"

"Yeah, it just feels a bit weird, but the sooner we get this done, the less likely someone else dies." There was a determined set to Sam's face and it made Dean proud.

No matter what had transpired while he had been in hell, his brother had held on to the need to save others. His little brother was still in there and Dean was going to make sure that the evil surrounding them didn't ensnare his little brother.

"Alrighty then, let's do this thing." Dean popped the trunk open, and each brother grabbed cleansing bags and weapons.

Dean hated that they had to split up, but that was the only way to get this done quickly. They were both prepared for attack, just as the spirits had attacked them back in their childhood home in Lawrence.

With the place being haunted by only one spirit, they hoped that they would be able to handle this job separately.

Dean soon realized how wrong he was as he was shoved with great force against a wall. His weapons and bags falling to the floor as he literally flew through the air. Before he could draw in a painful breath he felt a cold hand wrap around his throat. His mind was able to focus just enough to realize that the face in front of him was familiar and that realization sent shivers up his spine.


"Hello Dean, remember me? The witch that you tangled with in Kansas? I granted you your heart's desire, and you almost killed your brother with that brotherly protection." Kira laughed.

"Oh, yeah I remember you bitch. My friends took care of you before I could." Dean spat back.

"Yes, they did. But they did a sloppy job, because here I am causing you grief again. In fact, they did me a huge favor, I'm far more powerful in death than I ever was in life. I was alive long enough to hear from them, how my little spell worked wonders on you, and how poor old Sammy suffered so under your hands. Pity I didn't get to watch it happen, but maybe this time I will have the pleasure." Kira purred into his Dean's ear.

Dean struggled to get free but it was like there was a force shield holding him to the cold metal wall. He just hoped by stalling her with talk, that Sam could complete the cleansing ritual without him.

"Sammy is going to take care of you for good." Dean spat out, baiting the witch.

"Just like the other hunters? Oh I think not. You see Dean, while they were good little hunters and burned my body, they didn't find the source of my magic. My books have bound me here, and they are safely hidden in this building. I had set up shop here for a few days before your friends showed, plenty of time for me to hide my magic." Kira had a smug look on her face.

Dean tried to twist out of her grip, but it only tightened. "Can I ask one thing? Why now?? You've been Casper the friendly ghost for quite some time and then all of the sudden, you're killing bums and scaring teens."

Dean hoped he could keep the woman talking buying his brother sometime.

"Well, I needed time to study my books. To make sense of my new existence. I found out how to steal life energy from humans, and that helped to make me more powerful. Then, I purposefully made myself known hoping to attract a hunter or two so that I could enact some revenge. I was so excited when you entered the building, that was so much better than anyone else I could have wished for."

Dean glared. Energy sucking was so not good. His worry must have shown on his face because Kira clicked her tongue at him.

"Oh Deano, don't worry, I'm not going to suck the energy from your body. Oh no, I have much bigger plans for you."

Dean's stomach clinched in fear. Hurry Sammy, hurry.

"Dinner plans? I'll have to check my calendar." Dean smirked trying to keep his fear in check.

"Cute. Very cute. No, my plans involve making sure your original desire is fulfilled, but this time I plan on getting to watch as you smother your brother to death with your love and protection. I'm so excited at the thought." Kira smiled brightly and Dean's stomach clinched tighter.

"Sorry bitch, it's not going to happen." Dean gritted out.

"Such naughty language. In fact, I've tired of your voice."

Before Dean could reply, Kira snapped her fingers. Silence followed when Dean tried to speak, nothing came out.

Pinned to the wall, Dean glared at Kira, frustrated by the turn of events.

"Like I said Dean, I'm so much more powerful now than I was when I was alive. My spells are powerful, I can think what I need to happen and it happens. Now, where were we, oh yeah, I need to grant you, your heart's desire."

Dean flinched as Kira laid her right hand against his left temple. Her hand felt warm and the warmth spread through his head.

"Interesting, very interesting. You have new concerns when it comes to Sam. The desire to protect him is still there but now, it's different. You are afraid he might turn evil and you feel the need to protect him from others but more importantly – himself. Wow, quite the time of it the two of you have had sense we last met. Well, I'm the demented answer to your prayers." Kira smiled, her eyes full of hate.

Dean squirmed trying to break her hold on him, but he knew it was no use. He just hoped that Sam would make it to him in time.

"Dean, I grant you – your heart's desire. You will now be able to protect Sam without any inhibitions of guilt and morality. You have free rein to take care of Sam." Kira removed her hand and Dean struggled to pull in a breath.

She waved her hand at him, and he found his voice.

"This won't work, I'll tell Sam, we'll stop you." Dean hissed out.

Kira snapped her fingers and Dean let out a silent curse.

"This is fun. Okay, here's the plan. Now that I have touched your mind, you will feel the desire to do as I ask. You are under my control. I want you to bring Sam back here as soon as possible. There is an apartment located next to the offices. It has a bedroom and bath along with a small kitchen and living area. The man that owns this building, I granted him his heart's desire- the wife of his best friend to fall in love with him. I did this before your hunter friends ruined my fun. Anyhoo, the agreement was, Mr. Millionaire dude sets me up here with a hidden apartment with running water and electricity and in return he gets the woman of his dreams. If he reneges on this agreement she will leave him. Unfortunately, I died before I could totally take advantage of my comfy apartment, but he afraid to renege on our deal so the apartment is intact. Waiting for you and your brother to live in and provide my entertainment."

Dean shook his head in denial and Kira just laughed.

"Silly boy, this is happening. So, when I snap my fingers, you will pass out. You will have no memory of our little talk. You will have no idea why your head hurts." At that point she slammed his head into the wall. Dean winced in pain.

"Now you have a reason to be found unconscious." Kira snapped her fingers and everything went black.


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