One Up and One Over

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Summery: For some odd reason Draco and Harry are called upon the headmaster in their 6th year at the same time. They find out that three of the students are staying for the summer holidays. Them two and another Slytherin who was passed out in the hospital wing at the very moment. How will Harry make it through the holidays with the two Slytherins and not to mention his growing feelings toward Draco?


Chapter One: Why is it always me?

Draco woke up to a terrified- or was it pain filled- scream coming from the girls dorm.

"What the hell?" Blaise said groggily, "What time is it?"

Draco looked at his clock. "12:00…12:01. What could those bloody girls be up to now? We have class tomorrow. Not to mention it's the last one till the summer holidays-he was cut off by another scream and some shouting and then Professor Snape walked in.

"Boys," he said tiredly, "There is nothing to worry about. Oh and Draco the head master wants to see you."

"Okay I'll make sure to visit him in the office before class tomorrow"

"No he wishes to see you now. In his office let's go."

"Yes Sr." Draco looked at his friends helplessly and got up yanking on his robe to fallow Professor Snape.


Harry was awoken by Professor McGonagall shaking him. "Professor Dumbledore wants to see you in his office now, Potter" she whispered urgently. Harry jumped up nodding. He grabbed his robe and one the way out of the Gryffindor tower.

Once out of the tower he sprinted to Dumbledore's office passing many complaining portraits. I swear all these stupid paintings do is complain. He thought as he came up to the gargoyle that guarded the entrance to the headmasters office. He stood there for a couple of seconds before a voice scared him.

"Potter why are you out of your rooms? Well guess I'll just let the headmaster deal with you." Snape sneered. "Lemon Berg"

Harry was surprised to see Malfoy step onto the steps with him and Snape. Why is he here... Maybe e got found out as a death eater… but that wouldn't be good… no! no! no! what are you thinking that would be awesome! But then there would be no more Malfoy. So he's your arch enemy besides Voldemort of course. Before Harry could finish his thoughts on the other hand they had reached Dumbledore's door. Snape knocked on it before entering and dragging the two boys behind him.

"Ahhh Severus you're here and right on time too. You may leave." said Dumbledore.

"Yes Sr." Snape said with a confused look on his face and with that left.

"Boys I called both of you here to tell both of you that you will not be going home for the summer holidays-"

"You must be crazy." Draco cut him off.

"No and I assure you that your parents have been alerted of this. Same with your Aunt and Uncle Mr. Potter"

Harry hadn't really been listening since Dumbledore had said that he wouldn't be going back to the Dursly's for the summer holidays. But he did here that they had been informed he was safe. Not that they would care."Sr." he said "May I ask why are we staying?"

"Well I can't tell you until the summer holidays start."

"Why Sr.?"

"Well I can't let the other students very well know so I can't trust either of you until all of them have loaded the train and are off to London. Back to what I was saying before all of this. You two-"

"Could this be related too the girl who was screaming all our bloody ears off earlier?"

"I told you that will have to wait . Anyways," Dumbledore sounded a bit exasperated "You two will be staying here for the holidays. I have set up a room for all three of you-"

"Three of us?" Harry and Draco coursed together.

"Yes, three of you. Another Slytherin will be staying also."


"Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Potter stop asking questions please." He looked at both of them sternly making them both clamp their mouths shut before another question could escape. "I will be setting up a room for the three of you. This room will have three bed rooms, three bathrooms, a study room, a small library, a kitchen and a common room. The location will be in the dungeons, sorry Harry, and the password will be Parseltongue. Got it boys?"

"Yes Sr." they coursed together still feeling slightly scared of the professor stern gaze.

"Then you two had better be off to bed you have your last classes tomorrow. Goodnight"

"Goodnight" and with that both boys filed out of the office.

At the end of the stairs they glared at each other.



And walked back to their dormitories.


Once in his bed Draco mulled over how in the world he was going to survive the holidays with Harry. Since when was he Harry? Oh well I have to spend a whole summer with him better start calling him Harry now. Well at least there will be that other Slytherin. He wondered who it was as he drifted off to sleep.


How could I be so lucky! I get to spend my last summer as a minor in Hogwarts. How could I be so unlucky! I get to spend it with two Slytherins. AWWW Draco isn't that bad. DRACO?!?!?! What is getting into me. Okay maybe I could survive him. The other Slytherin is a girl I picked that much up from what Draco said. What if its Pansy? Ewwwwww I couldn't stand her. What if its Millicent Bulstrode? Id rather have Pansy. Oh what about that one girl that was called after me but I don't know her shes so quiet and never gets called on. And in first year everybody was being so loud I don't think anyone knows her name. But I would be fine with her since she never talks and wont bother me.

While in his thoughts Harry had made it all the way back to his bed and with it decided that he like silent girl the best he drifted off into sleep.


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