One Up and One Over

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Chapter Six: The Lion and The Snake

Harry woke up in his bed. He looked around trying to remember what had happened. Suddenly everything rushed back to him. I'm a vampire. And Draco Malfoy kissed me. He got up and walked into the common room.

Carissa and Draco were talking and when he walked in they stopped. Carissa looked at Harry and smiled while Draco just smirked.

"I need to go see why Carson is calling me. Come Fawn." Carissa motioned to the now hatched and half-grown phoenix. And then left the room.

"So the lion leaves his den." Draco said letting his gaze drift up and down Harry's form

"And the snake leaves his hole." Harry responded then he noticed that the only article of clothing he was wearing was his boxers. He flushed and mumbled something.

"Sorry I didn't catch that."

"How long have I been out?"

"Couple of days. Carissa said you'd be tired still after you woke up…"

"Yeah I am still a little tired"

"Do you want to go back to sleep?"

"Kinda… but… when I woke up just a second ago it felt weird like I shouldn't have been there."

"Would you rather sleep in my bed then?"

Harry shrugged "I'd rather not be alone. I didn't like the feeling of Voldemort in my mind. I felt alone. I don't want to be alone."

"Okay but in my bed. I don't think I could stand the color red all over the place like it is in your room."

"Fine come on then." They walked into Draco's room. Draco took note of Harry still wearing only his boxers. He smirked and started to take off his own shirt. "What are you doing taking off your shirt?"

"Well if I'm going to sleep to I would like to be comfortable." He said taking off his pants leaving himself with only his boxers on.

"Right" Harry's voice was a pitch higher then usual and he couldn't bring himself to say something else. His vampire instincts suddenly took charge and all rational thought was thrown behind. He was going to seduce Draco Malfoy.


Draco saw the look change from confusion to predatorial on Harry's face. That alone made Draco feel slightly aroused. Then Harry strutted forward seductively. Draco knew it was the vampire doing this but damn he was convinced Harry wanted this. The last bit of will Draco had left in him left when Harry pulled him to himself by his waist had pushed his lips down on him. Harry caressed Draco's lips with his tong and Draco granted him leave by opening his mouth. Harry's tong snaked in and explored Draco's mouth. But Draco wanted more than this he pushed his body against Harry's franticly trying to get more skin contact. When he did that his and Harry's arousals brushed against each other. Both boys gasped at the contact and Draco threw his head back. Harry seeing the exposed flesh attacked it. He gently nipped kissed and, licked every part of Draco's neck. Draco then thrust his hips forward needing more contact. Harry responded by pushing his leg up to Draco's crotch putting pressure on his arousal. The boys started thrusting in uncontrollable climax. After they had both cum they leaned against each other to catch his breath.

Once they had their breath under control the walked over to the bed and collapsed onto it. They were passed out in a matter of seconds the lion and the snake curled together and for once had not fought when left alone.


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