Stupid, stupid rain! What was going through my mothers brain when she decided I needed to get in touch with my hometown routes. I haven't been back to this hellhole in over ten years, who remembers things from when they are seven, well almost seven. My seventeenth birthday isn't until next month but it doesn't matter, I am more mature then most twenty year olds.

Well I may as well get this crappy day over with. I dragged myself out of bed and into the tiny shower across the hall. Why cant my father buy a house with two bathrooms so we don't have to share...oh yeah, because he is a stupid police chief in this stupid rainy town! I hate this place, and I hate my mother even more. How can she expect me to go from a mansion to this dump. I hate my life, at least I get to keep my shiny credit cards and my jeep.

Once I was done with my shower I wrapped the towel around my body and headed back to what Charlie calls my room. He seems to think just cause I am being forced to stay here that I should have some claim here. I would love nothing more than to not be associated with this ugly cramped house. I dropped my towel and pulled on a black lace thong and patching push up bra, like I needed it, my boobs, like the rest of me, were great.

I walked into my overflowing closet and grabbed some dark wash skinny jeans and a black with splattered neon paint fitted tank top. Then topped the outfit off with a chain necklace, my leather jacket, some black high top converse, and my electric blue patten leather bag.

Now That I looked even hotter, I left my room, and off to the car I was. I didn't make it to my car after all. Good old dad was waiting for me at the kitchen table. It looked like he had made burnt eggs and bacon, My heart suddenly sweeled, he made it for me, he cared about me. No, stop thinking like that. He doesn't care about you, Men are stupid pigs, he does not know the word care. Plus if he really had tried they wouldn't be burnt. I wasn't in the mood to eat anyways.

"Bella, I made you breakfast!" he exclaimed excited.

"Should I care?" I retorted, storming out of the house.

Have I mentioned how much I loved my jeep, well if not I do. To make the ride to my personal hell more enjoyable I plugged in my Ipod and the sounds of Taking Back Sunday instantly filled the car. On the way to school I made a decision, I was gonna make every guy want me (not that it would be hard) and then reject them like the shit they were. This day would be fun.

When I pulled in I expected to see dozens of car that matched my mood, crappy, and my expectations were filled mostly. In the corner of the lot I saw, a shiny motorcycle, a silver car that looked like it cost more than my fathers house (but most things did), a yellow car that I couldn't see the logo of, and another car. This last car filled my heart with joy. So I parked my car next to this car. As I got out of the car I looked back at my car, a red jeep, parked next to a blue jeep and for the first time since that awful night, a smile played on my face.