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Summery – Carlisle and Esme discuss Edwards's aloneness long before Bella came into his life. – 1954

Never Alone


AngelBabs81 and potterfan2006

Carlisle had just got home from the hospital. The house he lived in with his "family" was out of the suburban neighborhoods, but it was close enough to get to the hospital in emergencies. He parked his brand new 1954 black Ford Victoria in the driveway and walked inside. It was quiet. He heard classical musical coming from Edward's bedroom and then he heard the creak of the back porch swing. Knowing his "wife" was out there, he journeyed his way out the backdoor.

"Hello," he greeted gently as he strolled over to sit next to her. Esme looked amazing, as always, in her blue and white plaid dress. He brushed her Auburn curls away from her face to plant a short, but loving kiss to her temple.

Esme put her book down beside her and turned her head to return a kiss to his cheek. Carlisle wore a grey plaid vest with a white buttoned shirt and beige slacks.

After the kiss Esme put her head on the back of the porch swing and sighed contentedly gently rocking the swing with her legs. "hello, my love," she responded back in contented voice.

Carlisle who had joined her on the swing, wrapped his arm around her shoulders as they swung in silence for a few minutes. "Where are the children?" Carlisle asked finally breaking the silence. "I know Edward is in his bedroom."

"Alice and Jasper are in their room relaxing and Rosalie and Emmett are out walking," Esme responded, enjoying the time with her husband.

Carlisle let out a small chuckle. Alice and Jasper had joined their family a few years ago, but they still kept to themselves a lot of the time. Rosalie and Emmett were inseparable since Rosalie found him nearly dead from a bear attack almost 20 years ago. Pulling Esme closer as a cool breeze ruffled their hair; Carlisle massaged her shoulder and planted a kiss on her head. "And what did you do all day?"

"Not much," Esme said breathing in the air. "I read a book, did some sketching of our family, and did a portrait for each of our children with there companions from memory. They all looked so happy." Esme sighed then "except Edward," she added quietly.

"Did you do one of us?" Carlisle asked. "I can use another picture for my desk at work."

Esme smiled beautifully, "as a matter of fact I did and it's already sitting on your desk upstairs waiting for you," she finished.

"I can't wait to see it," Carlisle pulled her closer, if it were possible. "I love you," he told her.

"I love you too," she breathed back. "But there is something that we need to talk about," she said sounding more serious.

Pulling away to look at her, he frowned. "What is it?" he asked.

"I am worried about my first son... he seems... so unhappy," she paused. "All the rest of our children are so happy. They have this spark in their eyes, something that I have noticed lately is missing from Edward's," she finished looking up at Edward's bedroom window.

Carlisle followed her glance and he still heard the thrumming of the stringed instruments and brass on the record player. "He is alone, isn't he?"

Esme nodded her head. "I worry for him... I worry that when you turned him he was too young to find love. He was only 17 for heaven sakes!" she said voice rising slightly in pitch.

Carlisle remained calm and leaned back against the wooden back of the swing. "I really had no choice," Carlisle told her again. "And I haven't found anyone I thought would be good enough for him."

Esme sighed "I know and I am sorry. I didn't mean to get mad... its just… I worry about him after all he was my first..." she closed her eyes and swallowed, "…living baby boy"

"I know you worry about him," Carlisle assured. "I worry about him as well. But if you ask him, he is content being alone."

"Do you think he will ever find someone to love?" Esme asked as she scooted over, tucking her legs up under her body and cuddled up on Carlisle's chest, laying her head where his quiet heart was.

Carlisle pulled her closer and held her and nodded his head. Because she could not see the action, he answered, "I do. I strongly believe that Edward will find the one girl he wants to be with forever."

Esme sighed contentedly and just enjoyed the feel of his arms around her. "I believe your right, my love. I just have to have more faith." She finished before she let herself completely relax in his arms.

Planting a kiss on the top of her head, Carlisle smiled. He was content holding her. He knew one day Edward would find the one girl to make him want to live or die, just like he found in Esme.

The End