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Summery – Carlisle has a dose of human children and he and Esme have a talk about hopes for their future. – 1990

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Carlisle was utterly exhausted, even though it was unlike him to be so. Today was his day off and the children and Esme were not at home. He had received a phone call after the children left for school, and Esme had gone shopping from his old friend Josh Morgan. He'd thought it might be the hospital. Josh and he had become friends during their surgical rotation, and they had kept in though after leaving medical school.

The reason he had called his old friend, was that his wife was out of town and Josh had been called in to the hospital for an emergency surgery. He was hoping that Carlisle might be willing to watch his two children. One of his daughters, Jenny, was six months old and Jackie was in her terrible twos.

Jenny had been a perfect little angel, sleeping the entire time. Jackie, on the other hand, had givin him an exhausting few hours. Never having been around a child of that age for more than 'hospital visit' he had no idea how rambunctious a healthy two and a half year old could be. He now understood why he had observed some parents putting their children on leashes while in public. After the first hour, he had seriously been considering tying Jackie up. He had managed to restrain himself, by mentally insisting that a man of several hundred years should be able to handle one tiny terror.

When Josh came to pick up his daughters, Carlisle was more disheveled then he had ever seen him. They had been though years of medical school together, exhaustingly unending shifts, plus a few wild celebratory parties, and never had Carlisle looked this exhausted and rumpled, his hair was a mess and he had what appeared to chocolate sauce smeared on his blue shirt. Carlisle was holding Jackie in his arms when he came to the door and the young lady appeared to be busy smearing strawberry jelly on his face.

"Problems, old man?" Josh asked, barely concealing a smirk.

"No! Not at all!" Carlisle stated as he shoved the child into Josh's arms. "However, if you ever ask me to babysit again, I will conveniently forget we were ever friends!"

Moments after Josh had driven off with the girls Carlisle was viewing the disaster that Jackie had made of the living room when Esme walked in. She followed his gaze and saw the mess, laughing she asked, "Did a tornado come though here?"

Her husband spent the next several minutes describing in excruciating detail the devastation little Jackie had caused.

Esme smiled at the look of frustration on his face, "Come on Carlisle, it couldn't have been that bad. I would have loved having kids around that young. It makes me wish we could have some of our own."

Carlisle sighed, wrapping his arm around her gently and pulling her closer to him. "If they were our own, they'd be better behaved."

Sadly, Esme sighed, "Maybe in the future you will find a way for us to have one of our own."

"But would it be wise?" Carlisle asked in a soft voice. "Bringing a child into our environment?"

"The child would be a part of us, a part of this family," she said. "I mean look, and we have raised five teenagers. So how hard could a baby of our own be?"

Carlisle laughed, "Our 'teenagers' as you call them, are actually young adults pretending to be teenagers for the sake of our living environment. With a child of our own, it would be 18 years of raising. If it were possible for us to have one, who knows what the child would be like? He or she would probably be born a Vampire with a damned soul."

"Carlisle, you know I don't believe that for a second," she chided. "Our child would be a precious gift that we would love unquestioningly."

"If you truly feel that way, maybe I should start researching a way for us to have a child."

"Really, Carlisle?" she exclaimed looking up into his eyes. "That would make me incredibly happy!"

"With the advancements in medicine, today, I might be able to find a way to make it happen for us."

"That would be amazing. I may not remember a lot about my human life, but I remember what it felt like when my son moved inside me for the first time," she said the last part with a little hitch in her voice.

"It's a good memory to have," Carlisle smiled. Glancing at the clock on the wall, he said, "You know, we still have a couple hours before our 'teenagers' come home."

"Yes, I know. What would you like to do with that time, my love?"

"Love my wife," he told her, and planted a kiss on her lips.

She kissed him back, and then pulled away abruptly. Getting up she started to run from the room, before calling back playfully, "But you'll have to catch me first."

He laughed, "You can't hide from me!" He found her scent and chased her through the house.

Before he was able to catch her, she scooted out of her first hiding place to find another. "Catch me if you can!" she challenged.

"You know I can and will," Carlisle called back, chasing after her.

Laughter could be heard throughout the house as Carlisle and Esme had a game of 'hide and seek' before they fell into each other's arms and made slow passionate love to each other.

The End