I'm not crazy.

I'm not crazy.

Alex is alive! She's alive! The blast wasn't real…they're just doing this to punish us. He's doing this to punish us! His Rachel is gone and now he doesn't want Alex or me to be happy.

Doctor Silberling stood in the doorway of the sunroom in the mental ward. He watched as Anna sat in a chair next to one of the windows. He shook his head, "How could this have happened?" Anna sat there holding a picture with Rachel's face torn out. "I don't understand, she was better, she was so happy to go home." A young nurse stood next to him, "Dr. Silberling, you can't blame yourself for her mental state." He rubbed his black and slightly gray beard slowly and sighed, "I know." He walked back down the hallway.

How could that have happened? All of it? What if they're telling me the truth…

What if I killed them; mom and Alex. Does that mean I killed Matt?

Anna stood from her chair; she walked over to the younger nurse standing where Silberling was before. "I need to talk to him."

"I'm sorry, Anna, he won't be in his office right now."

Anna pushed past the woman, "I have to!"

When Anna reached his office he opened the door for her and assured the nurse that it was okay. "Anna? What is it you would like to talk about?"

"I want to understand. I'm not crazy. I just need…I just need to understand. Please help me."

"Alright, what is it that you know for certain…about everything that's happened?"

Anna paced around the room, "Well, I know my mother was killed in the explosion. And I know that Rachel is dead."

She fidgeted with her hands and sat down. "But what I don't understand…I don't understand how Alex can just be gone! She was there! She was there! We spoke, laughed, swam together, and we both worked to find out about Rachel. How could she be dead? How could any of this happen?"

"Anna, the stress of loss can do many things to the mind."

"But why me? Now I have no one."

"Your mind created a reality where Alex was alive and Rachel was the villain. Over time your mind will be able to cope and so will you. You only need assistance."

"Because of me four people have died."

Doctor Silberling rubbed his tired eyes, "It wasn't your fault, they were accidents."

"I let Matt die, I stabbed Rachel to death!!! Those are not accidents!!!"

She had jumped up from her sitting position and leered closely over the doctor.

Her voice trembled and tears formed in her eyes. "How could you possibly help me now?"

Silberling wrote on a notepad and looked up at her saddened and angry face, "I think you need a few days of solitude, some medication to calm your nerves for now. Within a week you can return to your normal room and then you'll start group therapy sessions."

Anna's heart jolted. Solitude, medication; they were just going to lock her away and strap her in some room.

"Okay." Her voice had become as empty as her eyes.