Summary: Finally, they decide to do it.

Disc: Rurouni Kenshin belongs to Watsuki-sensei. Me? Nah.. I am nobody but a humble fan of him.

Do it

He looked into her eyes. He was nervous but the younger girl who sat in front of him looked determined. They sat kendo style in the middle of her room and it felt a little awkward when he finally said something.

"Are you sure?" He asked with a frown in his face.

She nodded, "Kenshin, we have talked about it, and you agreed with me that time, remember?"

Kenshin sighed. He loved this girl so much but sometime she was too hardheaded, "Are you… sure, Kaoru-koi?" he rubbed back of his red head, "Why don't we do it after the wedding? It's tomorrow by the way…"

Kaoru frowned, "No. I want it now. No more delay! I want it's settled before the wedding!"

He gulped. He had known her for quite long time now for knowing how scary she could be when she was angry so he decided that he had no choice but to do like what she wanted him to. Kaoru sent him a victorious smile as he did not complain anymore. She crawled to get closer to him.

Kaoru smiled when she felt the man tensed a bit when she touched him, it had been quite long time since the last time he had it, "Are you nervous?"

He nodded shyly, "It has been so long since the last time…"

She giggled, "Just relax… I won't hurt you…" she started to brush his hair with her fingers.

"I know…" he bit his lower lip as Kaoru moved to his back and reached for the abandoned scissor on the floor, "I just…"

"Oh come on, Kenshin…" Kaoru smiled as she started to cut his red hair, "You'll look handsome with new haircut in our wedding day…"


--oops sorry, no lemon here… -- ^_^

This is just a short story that I wrote to refresh my mind before continue doing my "Sword and Ribbon". ^.^ I know it's not much but I hope you enjoy it.