"I'm busy!" Sauron hissed.

Thuringwethil turned on her heel and stomped out of the room. She made her way down the stone stairs spiraling around the center of the tower. She pushed an Orc out of the way and laughed as he tried to regain his footing on the stairs only to fall down the open center of the tower. As she made her way to her rooms, the creature's wailing decrescendo accompanied the clip of her boots.

"I'm busy," she said with as much derision and mockery as she could muster. She shoved the door to her room open, marched in, and slammed it shut behind her.

I remember when the very sight of me would mean the death of whatever foul creature happened to be standing in front of him! Her tongue darted out to moisten her lips. The Dark Lord's Lance of Lustahhlethal!

She threw herself onto the bed, thinking of her last encounter with Lord Sauron. I left him lying in a pool of sweat and drool and this is how he repays me!

"I'm busy!" The words bounced off of the smooth ebony walls and crashed into each other, heightening the sarcasm.

I'll show him busy. She jumped up from the bed, growling as one of her claws hung on the black satin sheets. The sound of ripping fabric eased her vexation somewhat. Adopting a more comfortable guise, she tore apart her trunk, searching for the proper attire to tempt a busy Maia. Leather, steel, iron, all hit the walls and cluttered the flagstone floor. Finally, she pulled out a white scrap of gauze with a bit of lace attached here and there.

He'll never know what hit him!


Sauron leaned over the cringing Captain, relishing the moment of terror before the kill. The thump of the beast's heart—how thrilling. Now, just a cut here and there and

He looked up as a flash of white caught his attention, causing his chin to promptly disregard his direct command to stay firmly in place. The dead Orc slumped down at his feet. Oh bother!

He walked over the inert form, striding determinedly toward the vision of an Elleth dressed in nothing but a few scraps of white material. Innocent! How I love the taste of innocence. Lips wet with anticipation, Sauron reached out to crush the slender form against his chest, but his fist clenched on thin air. The white Valar danced away down the corridor. A chase! Excellent.


Three hours and two rounds of Barad-dûr later, Thuringwethil let out a long sigh and settled back against the shredded sheets. She tuned to see the all-powerful Dark Maia reduced to a puddle of satisfied lust. Just as it should be.

With another small sigh, she rolled onto her side and began planning her next conquest of Lord Sauron. I wonder how he feels about Hobbits?

A/N: Thanks so much to Elea for her quick beta job and for prodding me to try my hand at smut. Thanks to Alassante for the character challenge, and a big thanks to Nancy B for coming up with the whole idea.