An Accidental Affair


Author: L. S. Donovan


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L. S. Donovan


"Hey 'Mione, listen to this," Ron said, holding the book he'd nicked from Malfoy earlier that day, idly twirling his wand in his right hand as the two sat in the Common Room. Hermione looked up from her Potions homework with a slighly annoyed glare. Clearing his throat, Ron began to read:

"After the defeat of Dark Lord Faren at the hands of Lady Cadalia, a half Fae Light Witch, Merlin created a spell that would transport a Witch or Wizard to their destined nonhuman gaurdian, where they will have a choice as to whether become parent and child, teacher and student, or lovers," here he grimaced slightly. "Most often or not, those who found their gaurdians were Soul Mates, and so lovers they became. This spell, called the Gaurdian Summons Spell, was also known to give the person it cast upon the ability to get with child, be they female or male, if their gaurdian was male. If their gaurdian was female, then they were gifted the ability to get the other pregnant, if the gaurdian chose to submit to their charges under sexual circumstances. Blimey that's weird," Ron said, shuddering. "Could you imagine a bloke getting preggers, 'Mione? Bleedin' weird, that." Hermione looked fascinated.

"Does it say any more?" She demanded, putting down her quil and staring at the book he held. Ron pursed his lips.

"Be forewarned, though, that after this spell is cast, the person it is cast upon is taken to where their gaurdian can find them easily. The farther the gaurdian is, the more painful and disorientating the spell can be. The victim is tremendously confused after his or her landing, and often doesn't know if they've landed into trouble or what. Several have been victims of animal maulings, having been transported into the middle of a fight between nonhumans, or, in one case, into the nest of a particularly protective mother dragon. Blimey!" Ron said, then he turned the page, curious.

"Does it say the enchantment?" Hermione demanded, scribbling notes as fast as she could, homework forgotten, temporarily.

"Yeah, its..." He squinted, still twirling his wand. Neither of them saw the Portrait Hole open, or their tired, muddy friend step through. "It's Finch Demis Quazis Gho." Ron said; a bright flash of gold and silver magic erupted from his wand and, as they watched with wide-eyed horror, slammed straight into their startled friends chest. With a confused look, Harry Potter disappeared in a soft plume of black and purple smoke.

"Oh no," Hermione whispered; Ron swallowed and looked down at the page. Paling even more, he read the last line under the spell out loud in a wavering voice.

"This spell cannot be undone once cast. It is permanent and so far, no counter curse has been found. Often enough, the victims do not wish to leave their gaurdians if they're found. Dear Merlin," Ron whispered, horrified as Hermione covered her mouth with her hands, eyes watery. "What have I done?" The fourteen-year-old asked no one in particular, as they sat there, staring at the place their best friend had been not moment before.

Harry was gone, and was not coming back.


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L. S. Donovan