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L. S. Donovan


Ali had cried himself to sleep and was currently on Suions bed, while the others planned for a trip back to the crash site. Fry had seen the Planet Model, and accused Suion of trying to get them killed. Suion had put on his most insane smile.

"I thought you'd like to stay for tea," he'd replied; the others had muttered about his insanity, except for Riddick, Jack, and the holy-man's brood. Imam had slipped into an exhausted sleep next to his youngest, the stress having caught up to the aging man. It had already been decided that Imams brood would stay and watch over them, seeing as how Hassan and Suleiman wouldn't leave Ali or Imam alone in a strange place. Suion had wanted Jack to stay as well, but she had persisted. She stuck close to Riddick, and Suion couldn't make himself say no to her big brown eyes. Riddick just smirked at him knowingly, until he'd swatted his arm with a pout. The growl he got in response made all the right places stand up and take notice, and Suion shivered, delighted.

"Okay, then, we have two, maybe three hours before the Darkness rises and the light hides away," Suion told the other survivors, skittering outside to where Saru laid in the sun, dozing. "Saru, darling!" He cooed, leaping forward when she lifted her head. He threw his arms around her neck and snuggled his cheek against the place where neck and head met. Saru cooed, nuzzling back. The other survivors watched on warily, except for Riddick and Jack.

"What is that, anyways?" Jack asked, moving closer curiously. Riddick stayed back, arms crossed and an amused half-smile on his face. Suion released his hold on Saru's neck, and moved over to Jack, taking her hand and leading her over. He then put her hand on Saru's neck, and dragged it slowly down, making the Scyth Flyer coo and purr, like an extremely large cat. Jack let out a surprised but delighted laugh, and was soon petting the Scyth Flyer with both hands reverently.

"Jack meet Saru. Saru, meet hatchling Jack," Suion said, grinning when Saru licked Jacks bald head, making the girl wrinkle her nose cutely and laugh. Suion smiled softly at the two, before he had to pull Jack away so she could get into the Solar Car, or 'Sand Cat' as Shazza called it. Suion didn't like her very much. She was crass and rude, though not nearly as bad as Johns. So far her only redeeming quality was that she genuinely seemed to care for Jack. Riddick was the last to get on, startling the geeky antique guy half to death. Suion snickered at him, eyes bright with that dark amusement that was becoming a permanent resident of his expressions.

"Question!" Suion suddenly said, before, smiling insanely, he propped his chin on Johns shoulder, making Riddick growl ever-so-slightly. "When the light no longer shines, this car will die a silent death. How do we plan to return to my home?" Everyone looked at each other, realization in their eyes. Riddick remained impassive but for a hint of a smirk. Jack looked scared, so Suion sat next to her and threw an arm around her shoulders, hugging her to his side.

"Fear not, little girl, Suion and Riddick will not allow any harm to befall you," he murmured into her ear; she looked up at him with scared eyes. Grinning, he tapped her gently on the nose with a single finger, winking one darkly amused eye. Riddick chuckled lowly, and Suion stuck his tongue out at him. Instantly, images of what he could do with that tongue flooded Riddicks mind, making him stifle a groan as he grew hard. Suion offered him a knowing smirk, and it was Riddicks turn to murmur,

"Tease," before they reached the Graveyard. Suion made a big show of leaping over the low hanging bone while the others ducked, grinning at Johns when he almost didn't make it. He got and admiring grin from Jack, and he threw an arm around her shoulder again. Together, they watched the moving planets, which shifted a lot faster then any of them were suspecting. Soon, the Sand Cat slowed to a stop, about two-hundred meters from the site. The geeky-man, whose name Suion had never bothered to learn, went straight for the shelter, while the other survivors watched the oncoming eclipse.

Then the smallest spirals were destroyed, and a cyclone of whirling, screaming, screeching, uncontrolled and utterly beautiful hatchlings rose. The survivors began to run. Suion loped behind them all gracefully, keeping an even pace with Riddick, both of them distracted by the beautiful sight and so falling behind. They hit the ditch seconds after Shazza; Riddick on his front and Suion on his back. The nineteen-year-old laughed joyfully, listening to the hatchlings sing, before the air cleared. He made no move to get up, instead folding his arms behind his head to get more comfortable.

"Silly prospector," he murmured as Shazza made her desperate attempt, and Riddick barely managed to flip over in time for the next wave. Suion shifted his head over to breath in his ear as they both watch with interest as Shazza was ripped apart, "You know we never needed the five cells. My power can hold the ship and get it into the air." Riddick turned his head and stared at him.

"Then why are you doing this?" He asked; there was no accusation in his voice; no inflection. Just genuine curiosity. Suion hummed.

"Well, there's not enough room on the ship for every body. I'm going to have to shrink Saru, and she's going to hate that. And I wanted to see the eclipse..." Riddick chuckled as the air finally cleared, and they both got to their feet, idly dusting each other off.

"Oh, and one more little fact," Suion said, looking up into Riddicks goggled eyes with a wicked grin. "I wanted to test you. After all, I can't have a weak mate, now can I?" He said, before darting cheerfully toward the others, leaving Riddick to growl huskily behind him. He made fast work of comforting Jack as soon as he could reach her; the girl latched onto him, sobbing hoarsely.

"Why didn't she just stay down?!" She demanded; Suion hushed her gently.

"She thought it was clear, little one. Her instincts told her, fight or flight. There was nothing to fight, so she chose to flee. It was quick, and that is the best all of us can wish for, when our time comes." She sobbed, burying her face in his chest, and he gave what comfort he could, humming softly and rocking back and forth.

Fry tried to move close and comfort Jack as well but Suion bared his teeth in a snarl, eyes glinting dangerously, and she recoiled from him in shock. Riddick growled low in his throat from behind Suion, and Suion's snarl became an insane grin as he turned his head to watch the bigger spirals fall as total darkness descended, and the older, more experienced Scyth Flyers took to air, graceful and deadly. He flicked a hand over his eyes, and used the now familiar Night Vision spell that he'd been using for years.

"What do you see?" Fry asked; Suion laid an idle kiss on Jacks bald head as she finally started to pull away, albeit reluctantly.

"Like I said," Riddick rumbled, looking at her. "It ain't me you gotta be afraid of." Suion gave him an amused look.

"Though that's still very wise in these times." He said; Riddick smirked at him as they closed the doors. They were searching for lights, and Suion stuck close to Riddick, keeping a firm hand clamped around Jacks. The girl didn't mind though, holding on with equal strength, if not more. Riddick just tilted his head, listening to the odd sounds the Scyth Flyers made, before the three of them found themselves following Fry, Johns and the geeky-guy into a "safer" room, when Johns nearly lost an arm. Of course, this was after geeky-guy, who now reminded Suion of Percy Weasley in a way, decided to try and open the door, saying he'd rather try his luck out there then be locked inside with a 'murderer and his pet psycho'.

Suion had felt an overwhelming amount of smug pride when Jack had decked him, breaking his nose. All they'd need to do was break Fry's nose, and the Scyth Flyers would know which ones they could eat... Now they were using the cutting torch to get into the next room, Johns having, regrettably, killed the hatchlings that had been huddling in a corner. It saddened Suion slightly that they had had to die so soon after their first real flight, but he comforted himself in the knowledge that now at least they weren't being eaten by their own parents...

Jack was starting to shake a bit, and he pulled her closer, giving her a one-armed hug, before conjuring a small ball of light in his hand. She gasped, eyes wide as she stared at it. Suion had to look away, though, and take the Night Vision spell off of his now watering eyes. She reached out and touched it, sucking in a sharp gasp at the warm, liquid feel. Silently, he poured the ball of light into her hands, having her cup them together in order to do so. Riddick disappeared into a darkened room as Fry worked on cutting her way through a wall with the cutting torch, Johns fidgeted with his gun, and geeky-guy whimpered pathetically.

Making sure Jack was sitting down in the middle of the room, playing with her glowing ball of light; Suion slunk into the darkness after Riddick, easily reapplying the Night Vision spell. He found him, frozen in place, facing down two adult Scyth Flyers. Suion bared his teeth and hissed at them.

^Mine! You do not touch!^ he snarled at them; they cringed away, the third, who'd been hiding, did the same.

^We did not know you had laid claim, Elder Suion^ one hissed meekly, and Suion flicked his hands in an annoyed shooing gesture. They were much younger and inexperienced then he had first thought, more like a couple of sixteen-year-olds play adults then anything else.

"Shoo!" He said, hissing wordlessly; they shooed. Fast. Huffing in annoyance, he turned to Riddick, and his breath caught as jade eyes clashed with glowing silver. They stared at each other, before Riddick let out a low growl, grabbed him, and yanked him close. Instantly, their mouths met in a heated battle of tongues and teeth, with many growls on Riddicks side and purrs, keens, and hisses on Suions. But Suion soon needed air, and pulled back, gasping. Note to self, he thought wildly. Parseltongue has very volatile effect on Riddicks libido. Sweet Merlin and all that's Dark* but he can kiss!

"Fucking hot," Riddick growled, attacking the nineteen-year-olds neck with sharp nips and hot, open-mouthed kisses. Suion let out a quiet moan, his body shuddering and pressing closer, rubbing the bulge in the front of his pants against Riddicks, panting.

"Riddick," he purred, suddenly nipping the other mans throat in return, earning a growl/purr of pleasure. Smirking suddenly, he dragged his tongue from the base of Riddicks neck, up to his ear, where he nibbled teasingly on the lobe. It earned him a muffled groan as Riddick bit gently into his shoulder; a warning of sorts. Suion chuckled huskily, before plunging his tongue into the older mans ear and then removing it to lick around the shell. Riddick shuddered, biting down harder.

"Riddick," He husked lowly, his lips brushing the mans ear enticingly.

"Hmm," he rumbled out, almost a purr.

"...You haven't passed your test, yet," he said, before he was suddenly gone, laughing as he ran back to the group, leaving a startled, almost painfully aroused Riddick staring after him.


Silver eyes narrowed dangerously.

Ooh, the little fox was playing with fire, and Riddick would make damn sure he got burned in the most deliciously torturous ways... Grinning wickedly, the Wolf slunk back towards the others slowly, licking his lips at the thought of the chase.


Still grinning, Suion plopped down on the floor next to Jack, watching as Fry cut the last few centimeters. Riddick rejoined the group, wearing his goggles to protect his eyes from the light of the cutting torch. Johns had him look through the hole.

"Looks clear," he growled, voice still affected from his arousal. Johns started in, only to curse and throw himself back as a Scyth Flyer dove through the opening, to land next to Suion, Jacks little Glow Light (as she'd decided to call it) not hurting it in the least. Suion giggled loudly as Johns cursed, jerking up the gun. Riddick moved, though, and tapped his shiv tauntingly against the blond mans inner thigh. One small cut and Johns would bleed out. Eyes narrowing, the merc lowered his gun, the light from the cutting torch casting unflattering shadows across his broken nose, and deepening those on his blacked eyes. Suion never remembered hitting Johns, and, since his knuckles were unharmed, deduced that he'd used the mercs own gun against him when he'd attacked earlier.

"I thought you said it was clear?!" Johns snarled; Riddick looked at him.

"I said it looks clear," he rumbled; Suion could hear Johns grind his teeth.

"Well, what's about now?" He nearly hissed; Riddick obligingly looked in again.

"Looks clear," he replied, dark amusement playing through his voice. Suion and Jack giggled, though Jacks had more to do with nerves then actual amusement, but still... Suion hummed a little, scratching the young adolescent Scyth Flyer on the neck gently as it started to try and gain favor by licking his arm. It gave a throaty purr, and Jack giggled softly, reaching over and petting it as well, before they had to get up and follow the others through the hole, Riddick going last. Suion just thought that this was an excuse to look at his ass, but he far from minded. He was hoping that they'd soon get the time to follow up with what the Furians gorgeous silver eyes were promising, and more.

Hopefully very, very soon…

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