Almost all of the Repo! fan stories I have seen deal with the aftermath of the opera, but what if things had been different from the get go? What if Mag had found out about Shiloh the day before she told Rotti that she was calling it quits? What if Shiloh really did have a blood disease? Things might have been drastically different.


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Things You See in a Graveyard

Chapter 1: Things You See in a Graveyard/Legal Assassin

The years after Marni and Shiloh's death had been torture for Mag. Nathan had shut her out of his life after their deaths and spending almost two decades alone jumping through hoops and singing on command had left her a shell of the woman she used to be. She knew that while her voice had never sounded better, her spirit was shattered and she felt lost within herself. It had been almost five years since she had visited the graves of her best friend and god daughter, and it was time for her to say her goodbyes. Tomorrow she would tell Rotti that she was finished being the Voice of Geneco.

Despite the fact that she was bringing a death sentence onto herself, Mag had never felt so free, a smile present on her face where before there had only been a blank mask. The journey to the graveyard had never been a happy affair, but Mag felt joy as she walked through the gates. Her endless torture would end soon. She had nothing to live for here.

Mag walked through the graveyard in a trance, passing the stone angels that had fallen into disrepair and weaving through the broken gravestones. She made her way to the only grave still in perfect condition, a maintenance price she paid to make sure that Marni and Shiloh rested in peace. As she approached the mausoleum she heard a muffled voice speaking softly. The voice was too low to make out from where she was standing, so Mag stepped closer and peered through the small barred window. From where she was standing now she could make out a young girl sitting in the shadows, her long black hair covering most of her face and almost obscuring the book she was reading aloud from. She pressed her hands against the door just as a sharp metallic voice filled the room.

"Medicine Reminder! Medicine Reminder!" The girl jumped and smacked at the communicator on her wrist, only to answer an incoming call. The voice that filled the little room nearly stopped Mag's heart. The past few years had not taken the ability to recognize Nathan's voice.


At Nathan's question panicked look crossed the young girls face and she hesitantly answered. "Yes Dad?"

"Did you take your medicine?" he demanded.

"Yes." The girl quickly answered back.

Mag couldn't believe her ears! She pressed herself closer to the door, straining to hear the rest of the conversation. Nathan sounded a little worried as he asked if he should come home, Shiloh paled at the suggestion.

"No I'm Fine!" she insisted "Stay at work, your patients need you."

Her father became consoling. "I will come home when I'm done"

Shiloh insisted that he not rush and that she would be fine. Nathan sighed and told her he would be home in an hour and disconnected the call.

Shiloh quickly picked up her book and a mask and ran over to the mural at the back of the room, calling a goodbye over her shoulder to her mother's tomb. To Mag's surprise, a panel opened in the wall and Shiloh dashed through it into the hidden passageway. Mag watched the painting slide back into place and took a step back from the door, bumping into one of the patrolling guards. After a tense moment where the guard waved his gun around, he recognized Mag and she was able to leave the cemetery unharmed. She quickly got into her limo and was driven back to her home, trying to process what had happened.

After all these years, Shiloh was still alive, and that gave Mag hope. She could deal with her gilded cage as long as she had something to live for, and her trip to the cemetery had given her a very good reason. But the thought of Nathan's lie caused a lump to form in her throat. After everything they had been through together, he did not trust her enough to tell her that her godchild was alive.

The home in which Mag lived was a comfortable place, and while the location was undesirable, over the years she had made her small cottage a home. When Mag had first signed her contract she had been given a house on the Largo Estate, and when she gained her eyesight she found the grounds to be beautiful. Over the years the manicured beauty had not diminished, but her perspective on that beauty had. The grounds were now filled with shadows, Rotti's henchmen patrolling the grounds at all hours, and his horrible children fighting over their pathetic little lives sharpened the darkness around the estate.


Shiloh had rushed home as quickly as possible, but still only beat her father home by minutes. She had barely choked down the pills that kept her blood disease under control when her father walked through the front door and called out to her. Shiloh quickly pushed the plastic aside from her bedpost and climbed under the covers just as her father knocked on her bedroom door.

"How are you feeling today sweetheart?" He asked.

"I'm doing just fine" she replied, trying desperately to control her breathing so that her father would not suspect anything. Nathan smiled wearily at his daughter. He was not fooled.

"Shiloh, if you wanted to visit your mother you could have told me. I would have taken you to visit after work."

Shiloh had the decency to look guilty, but she quickly insisted that a girl needed her privacy when speaking to her mother. Nathan made her promise that she would call him if she decided to take a trip to the cemetery while he was out again; he hated knowing that he could lose her at any moment. After their small heart to heart Nathan left Shiloh to make them some dinner.

The long hours Rotti made him work had taken their toll on Nathan; it seemed he had permanent circles under his bloodshot eyes. He pulled off his glasses and cleaned them with his shirt as he walked down the stairs, stopping as always to greet the portrait of his long dead wife.

"She is growing up to look just like you." He whispered as he gazed into the hologram's eyes. Shaking his head slightly, Nathan walked into the kitchen. He pulled out some leftovers and popped them into the oven. His job was highly demanding, Rotti's calls came at all hours of the night and gave him little time to cook, but he always made sure that there would be food in the house if Shiloh got hungry.

After watching Shiloh eat only a portion of her dinner, Nathan was forced once again to realize that he was slowly losing his daughter. Her sickness had forced him to ignore his own needs, and his own health was fading too. He often wondered if it made him a horrible person to wish that his daughter would lose her battle before he did, for there was no one in the world that he trusted to look after his little girl. Shaking the disturbing thoughts from his head he wished his daughter goodnight and locked up the house; the dishes could wait until tomorrow.

Nathan got three hours of sleep before his communicator went off.


Unable to lie staring at her ceiling any longer, Mag pulled herself out of bed around five in the morning. Sleep had eluded her for the better part of the night. Somewhere around 12:00 she has managed to fall asleep for a few moments, and she had dreamed of Nathan and the conversation they had the day Marni died.

The actual conversation eluded her except for the fact that it involved Nathan throwing things and breaking down in her arms. The sorrow she had felt flashed through her mind, but it was quickly replaced by anger at Nathan's deception. It would take a long time for her to get past her anger at him for withholding Shiloh's existence. When she had first climbed into bed her grief had threatened to tear her apart. She had lost everything the night that Marni died, and finding Shiloh had ripped open old wounds.

For the most part, Mag spent the night crying into her pillow and hugging her arms around herself, trying desperately to hold it together. Shaking the nightmares of her past would never be something she could do, but Mag knew she could be there for Shiloh. Maybe, if he would let her, she could be there for Nathan too.

Pulling on her dressing gown, Mag walked out of her bedroom and into the hallway. On her way to the kitchen, she ran her fingers along the ends of the picture frames, and paused to look at one of them.

It was a picture of Marni's ultrasound that was taken the day they found out that Shiloh was a girl. Marni had been so proud and had immediately asked Mag to be the godmother of her unborn child. Stopping short of having Mag sign her promise with her own blood, Mag promised that she would be a part of Shiloh's life. Even though Nathan had kept her out for almost seventeen years, she refused to break her promise.

When Mag reached the kitchen she put on a kettle for tea, hoping that it would calm her down enough so she could try to get a few hours of sleep before her meeting with Rotti.

Rotti Largo was a man never to get involved with. Mag had learned that the hard way once she had the chance to really look over the contract she had signed so foolishly. She had believed his promises so easily. Mag had spent hours looking over the contract for a loophole that would end her torment. Once Marni had passed on, Rotti became the worst sort of monster.

Marni had left Rotti for Nathan after Mag had introduced them, but Rotti never gave up on her and often blamed Mag for Marni's leaving him. He had stalked Marni, fired Nathan, and had even threatened repossession on Mag's eyes to get Marni back. But nothing had worked. So after Marni had left him Rotti had tightened his grip on Mag, and only after breaking down in his office 16 years ago as she told him that Marni and her unborn child had died did he leave her alone. She had spent the past years fulfilling her obligations to Rotti as he chose her music, her friends, and even potential partners. This resulted in her not having any friends, and she had not been on a date in over 13 years because of all the restrictions.

Mag was at a loss as to what she was going to tell Rotti in their meeting. She had told him that she needed to speak with him the day before her discovery of Shiloh, and since she did have a reason to stay alive, she could not tell him what she had been so desperate to scream. Casting about for anything she could say, she spied her sheet music sitting on the piano. Suddenly she was struck with an idea.

Rotti had not chosen the music for the next concert yet, and she had wanted to sing her own material for years. She picked a piece from the folder and played it slowly, running her hands over the ivory keys while closing her eyes and letting the music wash over her. The song was quite dark, too dark for the mood she was in. Mag opened her eyes and looked down at the song she had been playing, feeling the need to make changes to the piece before she went any further. By the time she finished working on it the piece had taken on a new feel, becoming a soft and flowing melody. She gathered the piece up as well as a few others that she wanted to sing and left her cottage, quickly making the long walk from her home to the Main house.

Fortunately for her, Rotti was in a good mood and gamely told her that he would listen to her music and then make his decision. She began with the song she had worked that morning, her voice rising and falling as she sang of an ending love. Rotti listened without expression but Mag was not deterred, she just pulled out the next piece and played the melody on the piano. She played several more pieces before Rotti held up his hand, he had heard enough.

"This music is quite different than anything you have performed in public." The look on Rotti's face made her interrupt him.

"I would, of course, include some classical pieces." She assured him. Rotti looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Alright. You may sing a few of your own compositions, but I am the one who will pick them. But, just to be clear, if the crowd doesn't like them, don't ask me to allow you to do this again."

Mag made the agreement and left his office, her spirits lifted for the first time by the prospect of singing for Geneco.


Nathan watched Mag float past him as he hid in the shadows. He had come to deliver the kidneys to Rotti personally, and while he had been waiting to speak with him, he had been able to hear Mag sing through the doors. Hearing her voice again was like a jolt into his memories, some pleasant, and some not. He didn't like it. Nathan watched Mag walk out the front door and slowly drew in a breath; he could never let her see what he had become.

Rotti became animated once he saw Nathan standing in the hall, feeling a small amount of satisfaction when he noticed the circles under his eyes. Inside Rotti was ecstatic, his torment of Nathan was his favorite pastime.

"How is your little Shiloh?" He asked as he placed himself behind his desk, indicating that Nathan should take the chair in front of him. "She would be 16 years old, correct?"

Nathan grimaced and played his part. Once the pleasantries were over with, Nathan popped the lock on his bag and brought out the kidneys of one of Rotti's personal enemies. A normal repossession would include Nathan dropping the organs with one of the Genterns and heading home, but this was a personal mark and Rotti wanted the satisfaction of holding his enemy's life in his hands.

"Is there anything else I need to do before I head home? Shiloh hasn't been feeling well."

Rotti knew only too well what was making Shiloh sick. He had been watching her for some time while looking for ammunition against Nathan. Despite the fact that Shiloh was Nathan's child, Rotti felt that he should take care of her as if she had been his own. In his mind, if Nathan had never stolen Marni, she would have been. Rotti waved his hand at Nathan and went back to a chart that had been placed on his desk, dismissal obvious in the way he glowered at the paper.

Nathan wasted no time in leaving the office and heading home. Shiloh needed him.

Rotti grew angry as he looked at the papers in the file; his doctor apparently had been right about the liver disease. It was a pity that he had felt the need to get a second opinion, he thought as he pushed the good doctor's kidneys into the garbage chute.


Shiloh sat at her piano absentmindedly plucking her favorite Blind Mag song while she brainstormed the next bridge on the piece she was working on. Her single-minded determination to write a song a day was a constant struggle, and she often tired out after a few hours and had to take a break before she could finish. The piece in question was a song that had started out as a whisper in her dreams and evolved into a swirling whirlwind of music, each note flowing effortlessly into the next. The melody always stirred a response out of anyone who heard it, and the meaning was clear to anyone who really listened. Each piece of music she wrote shared a part of herself that she kept away from the world.

Her musing was interrupted by the sound of a car pulling up in front of the house and she quickly moved from her place at the piano to pull back the curtains and look down at the vehicle parked in front of the gate. Shiloh watched as the rear window lowered, hoping to catch a glimpse of whoever was staring up at the house, but it was too dark in the car to see anything. The widow went back up after a minute and the car pulled away just as her father rounded the corner, the sound of the old engine startling her after the quiet purr of the vehicle before it. Shiloh shook aside the feeling of being watched and pushed her hair out of her eyes, deciding not to mention the stranger staring at the house. Her father had enough to deal with as it was, and worrying about something that could be nothing was not something he needed.


Mag did not know what had possessed her to drive by Nathans home, and now she felt foolish staring up at the house. She shook her head sadly and rolled the car window up. After instructing the driver to drop her off at her studio, she leaned back and thought about what she would say when she finally confronted Nathan. She would do it soon; Mag had spent too many years in the dark and wanted to know everything about her goddaughter.

The day spent in the studio was a productive one; Mag had worked on several new songs and had high hopes that Rotti would like what he heard. Night fell quickly over the city and the bottom-dwellers started to emerge from the shadows, causing it to become sinister and even more dangerous than it had been in the daylight.

The wait for her car to pull around was taking much longer than usual so Mag left the security of the building to check and see what was wrong. Sounds of a struggle in the alleyway next to the building drew Mag's attention and she rushed over. She almost screamed as she realized that she was watching a repossession in progress. The struggle between the Repo Man and her driver quickly ended with a flash of silver and thin red line of blood. Mag made a small noise of shock as the blood splatters hit her arms and neck. Scared to death, she tried to slowly she back away from the scene in front of her. But, the noise drew the attention of the Repo Man from his victim. He had worked quickly, and as he stood up to pursue her not a second later, she saw that he was placing what looked like a bloody lung into his bag.

Mag spun and rushed around the building, praying that she would make it back into the studio before the Repo Man reached her. She pushed past a small crowd of Zydrate zombies in her frantic rush to be inside, and Mag heard him knock over a few of them in his attempt to get at her. The interference had given her the time she needed to get into the building and activate the security shields. She collapsed into a chair in the lobby and gasped, trying not to cry. Repo Men never came after someone unless they were targeted for repossession or had tried to assist the target to escape. Mag had done neither.

Even after all of these years her first instinct was to call Nathan, but reason made her call Rotti and get him to call off his hound. After a brief conversation, Rotti made the call and sent his own personal driver to pick Mag up, promising to have a new driver with no threat of repossession in his future ready for her the next day.

When she arrived home she spent an hour under the spray of her shower scrubbing her body to rid it of all traces of blood. Only once she had climbed into bed did she break down and sob for the man who had died today. Looking back, Mag found that she had spent an awful lot of time crying lately.


Nathan had cornered his mark, completely aware that the man was Mag's driver and friend. Rotti had called him not long after he had gotten home, the harsh quality of his voice making Nathan wince when he realized just who it was that he was going after. The target had put up a fight at first, making enough noise to draw an audience, but Nathan quickly disposed of the man. He heard a soft cry and the sound of someone backing away, but he ignored it until he had taken the dead man's lung.

Once he stood up, he looked at the woman that had stepped into the alley; the first think he noticed was a thin red line where the force of his slice at the dead man's throat had splattered against her arms and neck. His second observation was that this was Mag, and she was terrified. Forgetting that he was a Repo Man for a moment, Nathan took a step towards Mag to comfort her, only to have her spin and run away. Nathan charged after her, but, when he rounded the corner he ran into a herd of drugged up bottom-dwellers and lost sight of her. In his frenzy to get to her, he even knocked over a few. After shaking himself free of the zombie-like addicts, he regained sight of her just as she was disappearing into the studio. He could hear the click of the locks on the doors from where he was standing. Cursing at his stupidity he quickly left the area, making a quick stop at one of the organ facilities to drop off the lung to the Genterns before going home to check on Shiloh.


The next day came upon both Mag and Nathan far sooner than they would have liked, both resisting the call to get out of bed.

Mag had spent most of her night trapped in nightmares of the Repo Man chasing her, but when he cornered her, he somehow morphed into Nathan. She climbed wearily out of bed and got dressed;, deciding that she would make a quick visit to Marni to talk about her nightmares.

They had met years before when they had to share a dorm in the posh boarding school their parents had sent them too (mostly, so they could go on acting like the children they were). The first night in the new dorms had terrified Mag. It was an unfamiliar place where many of the girls had viciously tripped or lead her into things. The stress had taken its toll on her and induced nightmares.

Marni had been her roommate and had calmed her fears; holding her hands and listening to her nightmares. The fact that some of her so called friends would pick on a blind girl enraged Marni, and she promised to always be there when Mag needed her. It didn't take long for Mag to get the hang of things at school, but Marni's friendship had helped more than Marni would ever know.

Mag pulled on her robe and wandered into the bathroom to clean herself up.

'Going to bed with wet hair had definitely been a bad idea.' She thought as she ran her fingers through the crazy curls that went down to her waist. It was a definite change from the usual sleek waves Rotti had decided fit her image. Mag became thoughtful as she tried to tame her hair into a semblance of order; if Rotti hated it curly then that was exactly how she was going to wear it today. She made her way into her bedroom and pulled out a pair of jeans and a faded black t-shirt, Rotti would have a fit!


Nathan had spend most of his night in pain, his worry quickly taking what was left of his health and making him even more aware that he was giving himself an early expiration date. He had put off telling Shiloh about his work for long enough; he would have to find the strength to tell her today.

Nathan put on his housecoat and made his way across the hall to Shiloh's bedroom, knocking softly before entering. Shiloh had been awake and at her piano for hours, the song in her head finally emerging onto the paper before her. Her father leaned over her shoulder and read what she had written down, but the beauty of the piece eluded him until he asked her to play it. She obliged and placed her hands on the keys, closing her eyes before starting her song. Shiloh's timid voice rose above the melody, weaving in and out of it to show her father what was in her heart.

After she finished playing the piece her father decided it was time. He would not hold anything back from her any longer, especially when she mattered the most to him in the whole world. He sat down next to Shiloh and looked at her, her dark hair falling in a wavy curtain between them.

"Shiloh, there is no easy way to tell you this," he told her, taking her thin hands into his own, "and I'm sorry now that I haven't told you before. I thought I could keep this from you, but you've grown up overnight, and I can't keep the truth from you anymore." He said as he squeezed her hands gently between his.

Shiloh looked up at him in disbelief, noticing for the first time how thin her father had become. Shiloh swallowed the lump in her throat

"What is it?"

"I am the reason your mother is dead." He said closing his eyes.

Shiloh's breath hitched as her eyes filled with tears.

"Your mother was sick. She had caught a cold during one of our evening walks and she couldn't shake it. I gave her medicine for it but she didn't get any better. She spent the last month of her pregnancy in bed." He paused for a moment before continuing. "The day you were born she spent a few hours with her best friend Maggie. I had been working and didn't like leaving your mother home by herself when it was that close. Maggie had left the house to go to work, and I got the call while I was in the middle of surgery. I rushed home as soon as I was finished but by the time I got home it was too late. Your mother was fading fast and I had to make the choice. I saved you that day, but I killed your mother."

Tears streamed down his face and his voice turned rough.

"Rotti Largo dropped by just after I had delivered you, he walked into the house and found Marni dead and you crying in my arms. He had been engaged to your mother for a while before she broke it off with him and he never let it go. When he saw your mother's dead body and the blood covering me he offered me a choice. I could either go to jail for murder and leave you to be given away, or I could work for him. For the last 16 years I have been a Repo Man on his request. He said that if I could butcher my wife I could use that talent to serve the man who kept my family together."

Shiloh jerked her hands from his and stood up, betrayal in her eyes and unshed tears twinkling in the light. She backed up and ran into her bedroom door, clenching her fists she watched as her father looked sadly at the piano keys.

"You look just like her."

Shiloh's nails dug into her palms, most of what she knew of her mother had been written in her journal.

"Why now?! Why are you telling me this?" Shiloh demanded, feeling a sharp pain as her nails broke into her skin.

"You don't have much time; I didn't want you to die before I told you everything." He whispered. Shiloh looked at him in horror and ran out of her bedroom, adrenalin assisting her as she sprinted down the stairs and ran out the front door.

"Shiloh!" Nathan yelled as he ran after her, but by the time he managed to get to the front door, Shiloh had made it through the gate and down the street.


The walk to the graveyard had been uneventful for Mag. The only bit of trouble she had was when she nearly tripped over a vandalized grave. She enjoyed the walk, breathing in the fresh air that the purifiers struggled to put out, and thinking about her almost encounter with Shiloh. Her thoughts turned dark though, and she found herself thinking about the way that the Repo Man had come towards her the night before.

Feeling brave that morning, she had replayed the encounter with her digital corneas. Forcing herself to watch, she noticed that the Repo Man had not come at her in anger. His eyes had been caring as he had walked towards her, almost as if he wanted to comfort her. She had seen the same look on Nathan's face after Rotti had threatened her with repossession.

Her thoughts became a tangled mess when she thought of Nathan. She remembered how hard her heart had been pounding when she saw the look on his face when she came back to the house that day. His words slurred together as he fought to speak clearly through his drunken rage. He had yelled the news at the top of his lungs, telling her that Marni was dead and then collapsing into her arms sobbing. Something had changed though when she asked about the baby. He had become very rough with her, grabbing her arms and almost literally throwing her out. Mag could not blame him for his anger, but when he spat out "Shiloh is dead!" as he slammed the door in her face, she had walked away and not tried to contact him again.

Mag had been at the mausoleum for a few minutes when she heard someone running in her direction. She jerked her head up and was shocked to see Shiloh with tears in her eyes. The path the girl was taking would take her right over the scattered pieces of a tombstone, the same pieces that Mag had nearly tripped over when she had entered the graveyard. Mag quickly stood up from her seat on the steps and caught the girl as she tripped over a piece of rubble, softening the landing as the force of her fall knocked them both onto their knees. Shiloh wiped her eyes on her sleeve and apologized for into running into her, wincing as Mag helped her to her feet.

"I am so sorry." She apologized as she brushed dirt off of her knees, keeping her gaze on the ground. Mag stared at the girl, her heart aching as she looked upon the one person who would have made the last 16 years different. Shiloh shuffled her feet and apologized again, keeping her tear stained face pointed towards the ground, her dark hair acting as a shield between them.

Realizing that she had been staring Mag quickly replied, "It's okay, really," she said, closely studying the girl for injury "are you hurt?" Shiloh's eyes snapped up to meet Mag's.

"I'm fine"she insisted, and took a step towards her mother's grave. Mag turned towards the mausoleum and then looked back at Shiloh. The girl looked as if she were about to take off at any second. "Did you know her?" Shiloh asked, waving her hand towards the tomb. "Marni Wallace, I mean."

Mag sighed and walked forward to place a lily at the door. "I did." She replied. Shiloh opened her mouth as if to say something else when sounds of running clattered across the graveyard and Nathan came into view. Shiloh balked at his approach, and Mag could practically feel the girl's feelings of distrust and anger radiating from Shiloh's body.

Shiloh didn't know how she would ever be able to trust her father again.

Mag stepped forward and took Nathan's attention from Shiloh, forcing him to acknowledge her for the first time in over a decade and a half.

"Maggie?" He asked, taking in her crazy curls and blue jeans. She looked much like the blind young woman who had stolen his heart so long ago, even before Marni had. His encounter with Mag last night had awakened even more memories for him, many of which he felt ashamed of. Most of them made him feel as if he were betraying his wife.

Memories of their youth flashed through his head; the nights spent laying in the field behind his house talking about nothing, swimming together in the lake and sharing their first kiss while celebrating Nathan's acceptance into medical school. Their relationship had fizzled out halfway through her senior year; he had been halfway through medical school when they decided to call it quits. Two years later Mag had introduced him to Marni, wishing them the best while she recuperated from her surgery.

Nathan shook his head and forced the memories away, making himself say something to her. "Get out of the way Maggie, this doesn't concern you" he growled.

"Maggie?" Shiloh whispered. "Are you the same Maggie that was my mom's friend?"

Mag turned back to the girl, about to say something, but Shiloh cut her off.

"Why don't I know you?" Shiloh questioned in a broken voice. Nathan grew angry and stepped forward.

"Stay away from her" he hissed. Mag ignored Nathan's demand and glared at him, her eyes flashing as she snapped.

"You told me Shiloh died." She spat at him. Nathan could not believe that this was happening, he had not had the chance to tell Shiloh anything about the woman before him and he knew that this conversation had just gone from bad to worse. "How could you lie to me?" She asked, anger coloring her tone.

"I did what was necessary to keep her safe." He said and pushed past Mag to grab Shiloh's arm and not-so-gently tugging her away from Mag and in the direction of the house.

"Dad let go!" Shiloh yelped as she struggled against him. "Please don't make me leave!" Nathan ignored her protests and pulled her out of the graveyard, only stopping to push the gate open with his free hand.

"Nathan let her go!" Mag called as she rushed after them, her anger giving her the strength to pull Shiloh out of his grip. Shiloh ducked behind Mag and cradled her arm to her chest; her father's grip had hurt more than she thought it would. Shiloh started to panic as she watched her father step forward again, her communicator blaring to life with a warning she had heard several times before.

"Blood Pressure Warning! Medicate Immediately".

Nathan paled and jerked forward, but Mag was closer and was able to catch the girl as she blacked out. The last thing Shiloh remembered was begging Mag not to leave.


Nathan stepped forward and gently took his daughter into his arms, she was hardly breathing.

"Help me get her home." He said to Mag as he started walking down the street. Mag hurried to follow and pushed open the gate to the front yard, pausing as she held it open and then running ahead of him to open the front door. Finding it locked she cursed and looked at Nathan.

"It's above the door." He grunted as he shifted Shiloh, slight as she was it was still dead weight. Mag stood on her tiptoes and reached above the door jam, catching the key as she knocked it down from its place. She pushed open the door and held it open for Nathan to pass through, following him up the stairs and into a bedroom. Nathan gently set Shiloh down on her bed and turned to the table next to it, reaching into a drawer and pulling out a syringe.

"She must have forgotten to take her medicine this morning. She forgets things when she is composing. She reminds me of you that way." He said, carefully injecting the drugs into Shiloh's arm. "She could go all day without eating and not realize it until after she has finished her music."

Mag watched from her place by the door as Nathan covered Shiloh with a worn quilt and pulled the drapes closed on her windows, silently observing him. He waved her out of the room as he pulled the door closed behind him, leading her silently down the stairs and into the sitting room.

Author Note: The songs in this chapter are, in Mag's case, the title track from Sarah Brightman's album Symphony. The song that Shiloh sang for her father was 'Slow Me Down' by Emmy Rossum.