It was a Sunday night at my house, I was relaxing on my bed switching between channels when an ad caught my eye, in it, a very muscular man with a chainsaw was standing in the middle of a wrestling ring with an announcer at his side, "People of the world, do you have what it takes to be King of the Ring? To be Champion? Do you have what it takes to beat the master basher, The Chainsaw? Then put yourself to the test, take on AWE's Champion Chainsaw's challenge in a Falls-count-Anywhere!" the announcer yelled, Chainsaw then pushed him out of the way and planted his face in the camera "ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!" he threatened, he stepped back to let the announcer in "Tomorrow night, at the Mega dome" the announcer finished. I turned off the TV and went to bed, I had watched wrestling, particularly WWE, since I don't know when. What I would give to be part of a match.

The next day, I went to the Megadome to see how long the line was, surprisingly, there weren't many people willing to take Chainsaw's Challenge, The Eds, Duncan (TDI), Tyler (TDI), and Naruto were the only guys signing up, I went over to say hello, Duncan, Tyler and Naruto gave me some High-fives, Double-D gave me a handshake, but Ed and Eddy were fighting for some reason.

"Salutations my good friend, what brings you here?" Double-D asked, I wanted to answer, but my attention was caught on the fight between the other Eds "Don't mind them, Eddy wants Ed to enter the Contest in hopes of retrieving a money award for triumphing over the Chainsaw" Double-D explained, the fight stopped after Ed held Eddy up by the legs, "Let me go you big dolt! You're entering the match and winning me the money!" Eddy screamed, Ed, as usual, ignored Eddy and just dropped him. Eddy stood up and rubbed his head, he signed in Ed's name without him knowing and moved along so the others can sign. "I take a crack at it, I watched a lot of wrestling and I know quite a lot from it" I said and signed my name.

Later that Night at the Megadome, it was a sell-out for the AWE Event, the crowd was raring to see the show. A few matches were in place with the Main Event, Chainsaw's Challenge, set last. Tensions were certainly building backstage, we were placed in one of the vacant Locker rooms since the Superstars of AWE already had a Locker room of their own. Ed was dressed in his wrestling attire when the Eds tried to create their own wrestling ring, Eddy was wearing his trainers outfit, having one of those encouragement speeches with Ed, Double-D was in his usual clothing but with a yellow tie, signifying that he was Ed's Manager. Naruto was throwing some punches and kicks at a Punching Bag, they had banned the use of ninja weapons, and chakras, but that didn't stop him. Duncan and Tyler were warming up, stretching and practicing moves with each other. I, however, was dressed normal, I had a black cloak over a black shirt and jeans, with black boots, my usual attire, I had a manager enforce my 'Dark' appearance but he wasn't able to make it. The Make-up Artist painted two big tear drop rolling down my cheeks. A knock came at the door and a referee came in with a clipboard "The Main Event is up next, whose Ed?" he asked, Eddy rubbed his hands together in excitement and pushed Ed forward "Go Get' em Big Guy" Eddy cheered as he and Double-D followed Ed.

From now, on, the story will be featured in a different mode.

In the Ring, Chainsaw was standing, waiting, ready for the match to start

Announcer : This following match is Chainsaw's Challenge where Chainsaw will face 5 opponents in a gauntlet match, introducing first, he is the AWE Champion, The…CHAINSAAAAAW!!!! (Crowd Boos) In this match, if the Chainsaw is pinned or submitted, then the challenger who gains the win will become AWE Champion

Ed, Edd, n Eddy's theme song starts as the Eds walk down the ramp.

Announcer: …And his first opponent, from Peach Creek, he is one-third of the Erupting Eds, ED!!!!!!! (Crowd Cheers)

Ed makes his way into the ring and stands there as the ref starts the match. Ed, however, just stood there, he had no idea what to do, so he turned towards Eddy, Eddy smacked his head and pulled Ed from out of the ring to, once again, tell Ed what he was supposed to do. Unfortunately, Chainsaw wasn't known for his patience as he grabbed the duo and pulled them back into the ring, Double-D jumped in to negotiate with Chainsaw but he didn't care as he grabbed Double-D and tossed the Eds out of the ring. The ref immediately calls for the bell.

Announcer: Here is your winner as a result of a K.O…The CHAINSAW!!!! (Crowd boos)