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"Hey, Vinnie! Vince! VINCENT VALENTINE!"

"Yuffie... I'm busy." he gestured to the gun he was cleaning.

"But you have to see this!"

"I'm sure it can wait."

"But you're my boyfriend, and you're supposed to be a gentleman! What happened to chivalry?"

He inwardly sighed, and chose to ignore her.

"Vince, please! You won't just look? It's pretty... important!" She was met with no response. She huffed and slumped in her chair. "Well then, I guess I will go and... bake a cake!" she backed slowly toward the kitchen, evil smile plastered to her face.

He stiffened, and was about to turn around, but went back to cleaning his gun. "I don't think that's a good idea. Don't you remember last time?"

"I-I... vaguely remember... an... explosion..... VAGUELY." she stuttered out, trying to maintain her pride.

He finished cleaning his gun, and Yuffie thought he was going to finally pay attention to her. "Finally! I have to show you--" she stopped mid-sentence. He had started cleaning another gun. "Vincent!"

"Yes?" he replied without looking away from the gun.

"Fine! You want to play this game? You'll see! I will get you to see what I have to show you!" She ran over to the radio and put in a Wutain pop CD on full blast. She started screaming the lyrics off key with the singer, dancing around the room. Then she ran over to Vincent, grabbed a chunk of his hair, braided it, then started chewing a wad of bubble gum very loudly with her mouth open, which she knew he hated. She then proceded in blowing a huge bubble that burst and got stuck in his hair.

She looked at Vincent but he hadn't even glanced up. She saw his cape next to him on the couch. Her mind screamed at her not to do it, but she had to win this! She snuck behind him, and plucked the cape off the couch without him noticing. She put it on, and jumped on the coffee table in front of him.

"Hahaha! I've got your cape! What are you going to do now Broody? I'm not scared of you." secretly, she was just a little frightened to find out what he'd do. No one's ever stolen The Cape before. To her surprise, he said, "I didn't think that would fit you." She almost fell over.

She sighed, exasperated. Then she got another idea. She crept over to him, grabbed both sides of his face and turned it upwards. He looked at her surprised. She smirked and pressed her lips to his. He tried to resist but gave in after a few seconds. When she pulled away, he slowly opened his eyes and looked at her once more. Then he went back to cleaning his gun. She sighed again. She reached into her pocket and held something out to him. "Fine, you win. This is what I wanted to show you." He looked up at her, smirked triumphantly, then looked at what she was holding. His eyes grew to the size of dinner plates "Pretty soon, even your cape won't be able to hide my stomach." she shrugged. She looked at him, and he was swaying. "Vinnie? You okay?"

"Wh-wha... w-w-we... you're..."

"Vinnie, maybe you should lie down." but he was already lying down. On the ground, passed out cold, for in his hand, was Yuffie's positive pregnancy test.

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