Prologue: New Beginnings

In the land of the pages, deep within the lore of old, there exists a world. This world acts as a bridge, connecting all stories that have ever been written, ever been published, ever been thought of. In this land the stories come to life, they have personalities, feelings, actions. The characters in these books interact with each other but also with a species that is only known to exist in this world.

The books are able to communicate and socialize just as a human being does, they are able to express themselves and have emotions. When books are born they take upon them the genre and quality of there parents. Books that share a single genre and quality (hardback or paperback) are referred to as Clean Bounds. These books take up about three fourths of the population and are never looked down upon. They are the judges, the rulers, the teachers, the politicians, in a sense.

A smaller subset of books, known as the Satires, take up the rest of the space, and that is exactly what most think they do. Satires are the lowest of the low, the dirt under the dirt. They are the slaves to the Clean Bounds, completing any task given to them without hesitation for if they even thought about a rebellion, that book would be recycled immediately. Satires are only kept around for the sake of having someone to kick.

For many years, this world was ruled by one who is known only as The Pagemaster, one who is keeper and caretaker of the books. He watched over the books, making sure that no outside forces interfered with their way of life. He would clean and polish the books, making sure that stories and their characters would never overstep their bounds and intrude into the land of another story. Truly, all was well in the world of the books, that is until one boy came along.

In the world of the books there are often visitors, boys and girls, men and women who are transported into the world to seek a companion book, one which they will read over and over without growing tired of it. One such moment, a boy named Blaine was brought into the world of the books. In his search for an exit (and little to his knowledge a partner) he stumbled upon a source not known by any books which granted him unlimited power over the element of fire.

With this new found power, Blaine sought to take the throne from The Pagemaster, wishing to be able to shift and destroy stories at his command. Sadly, the victory was all too easy to achieve, and after razing the former ruler, he took his place upon his seat of power. With the books at his command he began to notice just how disgusting the entire prospect of having control over something with its own will was.

Seeking the one who gave him the power over the flames, Blaine persuaded the person to allow him power over the other elements. Being The Pagemaster, it was impossible to be refused this request, however, the source only obliged to an extent because, as they said, "That much power alone would collapse the body in on itself, but with the power of The Pagemaster already residing in your body, it may spell the end for our world."

With this Blaine decided to create a new race of books. Taking the dead, withering, sick, and worn out books and infusing them partially with his power over fire and his newly received power over the shadows, he created a race of winged books that acted as his personal army. These "Lectros", as he called them, were more powerful than any book previously known to the world. Although they had no elemental power, as did their master, they were much tougher than ever thought of before, their spines connected with the dark powers.

The Lectros captured and imprisoned all the Clean Bounds, locking them away in the dungeons of the Castle of the Pagemaster. The Clean Bounds were tortured, beaten, starved, and in some cases, killed in order for Blaine to prove that they were no longer under their own rule with a helpful guardian to watch over them, they were now his slaves and his alone.

Deciding that they were of no threat, seeing as how their spirits had already been broken by their previous masters and the fact that he also considered them less of worth than the Clean Bounds, Blaine decided against imprisoning the Satires, figuring that it would be helpful to have them keep the land in shape while their wildest dreams of what would happen to their masters was being played out.

Since the time Blaine became The Pagemaster, the world has summoned many others in an attempt to receive a new ruler. Although all of those chosen have tried with all of their might, mind, and zeal, they all have failed, even with the help of their companions. Blaine has ruled over the land for many years, now being a young adult. The world is crumbling away at his feet and it is in dire need of someone to come and rescue it and its inhabitants from their wretched king, and the time for this person to appear and relinquish Blaine's rule is fast approaching!

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